Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 15741

Chapter 992: 939

When he returned to his residence, Fang Qingyang opened the door and went in. No one was found in the living room. He still found someone in the bedroom of the two. Rong Yin was sitting on the dressing table and looking in the mirror.

Speaking of it, Fang Qingyang found that Rong Yin had a habit of looking in the mirror when the two were together for a few days. When he opened his eyes early in the morning, he saw that Rong Yin was already sitting on the dressing table looking for a mirror. Sometimes before going to bed, he liked it at night. Sit at the dressing table and look in the mirror.

Fang Qingyang didnt think much about it, but Rong Yin looks pretty, and its not a bad thing to like to look in the mirror. Seeing Rong Yin sitting still and staring at the mirror is good, he strode over to surround people behind him and shouted softly. A cry: "Rong Yin! I'm back!"

Shen Rongyin had seen Fang Qingyang long ago through the mirror. Her gaze fell on the blood vessels in the opponent's neck, her throat rolled subconsciously, and her expressionless face quickly showed a gentle smile, affectionately holding Fang Qingyang's hand, relying on Fang Qingyang: "Qingyang, it's fine if you come back, was I still thinking of you just now?"

Fang Qingyang was very affectionate and dependent on Shen Rongyin. Thinking of Chi Lingyan's expression today, Fang Qingyang thought he should have stimulated the other party. He was in a good mood and couldn't help but bow his head and kiss Shen Rongyin's lips.

This kiss, kissed evil fire, Shen Rongyin took the initiative to embrace Fang Qingyang's neck.

Fang Qingyang looked at Shen Rongyin's 40-something but 18-year-old charming face, the evil fire in his heart swelled up, and he didn't care about the daylight, suddenly picked up the person and walked onto the big bed.

Before long, the bed crunched and swayed from the room. At the time of climax, Fang Qingyang suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck again. He subconsciously broke away and reached out to touch the wound on his neck, with blood in his hands.

Before Fang Qingyang could speak, Shen Rongyin gently held Fang Qingyangs hand with his face gently licked clean. The blood in his hand was still buried in the wound on his neck. He kept licking, his eyebrows were amazingly erotic, plus Shen Rongyins beautiful appearance, Fang Qingyang Regardless of the pain, he looked straight.

Shen Rongyin licked a few mouthfuls, raised his eyes, looked at Fang Qingyang with watery and gentle eyes, and said with a distressed look: "Qingyang? Does it hurt?"

To be honest, Fang Qingyang was suddenly bitten by Shen Rongyin on the first night of their bed. It is presumably because of the same bite caused by the corpse poison. Fang Qingyang was quite frightened and frightened.

Later, he found out that he was not poisoned by corpses. He guessed that Rong Yin might regard biting people as the fun of two people in bed, and Rong Yin not only likes to bite him, but also likes to lick his wounds. He is gentle and affectionate. Fang Qingyang looks sweet and sweet, only occasionally. Somewhat infiltrating.

However, it is said that the peony flower is dead and ghosts are also romantic, which man would not like such a beautiful and beautiful wife, so now see Rong Yin immersed in his neck wound, Fang Qingyang enjoyed it very much, bowed his head and kissed Shen Rongyins cheek, and flirted. "It doesn't hurt, this little thing is not a big problem. Rong Yin, you can bite anywhere!"

Fang Qingyang said while leaning close to Shen Rongyin's ear and whispered something, opening Shen Rongyin's eyebrows and smiling.

"Okay, I'm going to take a shower first! There are still some things in the afternoon!" Fang Qingyang looked at the time and wanted to take a shower when he got out of bed, but when he got out of bed, his eyes suddenly turned dark and his legs were a little soft.

Shen Rongyin looked worried and cared: "Qingyang, are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

Fang Qingyang is a person who has no ability but is arrogant. He resolutely refuses to admit that he has failed in any aspect. Seeing Shen Rongyin's look caring about his appearance, he satisfied his machismo vanity, bowed his head and kissed Shen Rongyin's face. He said: "Rong Yin, I'm fine, don't worry!"

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