Entertainment Game System Chapter 854

Chapter 854: The Ferocious Guanyin

This caused Wang Zheng and the five of them to have a little interest in an alien being chasing behind. Could it be that this alien is still some kind of powerful existence?

However, they waited outside for a while, and after that person had run out of the door, they still didn't see any alien creatures chasing them towards their side.

It's like the person who ran out just now, no one was chasing him, it was just what he had imagined.

"Didn't this person have hallucinations, right? You really have little courage." Assi said with a mockery.

"It shouldn't be. This person is injured. It should be because of some amazing alien creatures." Kato guessed. Kato's night vision ability is also pretty good, so you can still see the blood on the person who ran out just now.

Even if you can't see it, you can still smell it. The blood smell is so strong that it was already obvious when the person just ran past.

But if this is the case, that alien creature shouldnt have been chased out yet, shouldnt an alien creature want to kill this person directly?

Just when Wang Zheng and the others were puzzled about this, some noise came from inside at this moment, as if something had been hit on the ground.

This kind of voice made Wang Zheng and the others more certain. There must be an alien creature in it, and the reason that the alien creature did not chase it out was probably dealing with another person. Thinking of this, Wang Zheng hurried in.

Following the direction of the sound, Wang Zheng came to a small room. This small room looked like a utility room. The piled up here was not the antiques in the museum, but some insignificant things. Or some appreciation items that have been damaged and lost here.

But after Wang Zheng entered, he immediately saw the man who fell on the ground, who turned out to be the new man who appeared in this mission, the monk.

However, the monk no longer had any anger now, he had turned into a dead man and fell to the ground, and Xue Xue was already covered with his robes.

Wang Zheng didnt know what to say about this monk. When this monk first came here, Kato had already told him that he had to change into combat uniforms. Only by doing missions could he be guaranteed. It's safe, but now it seems that this monk hasn't put on a combat uniform, otherwise, maybe he can be like the one who ran away just now, and stay alive.

Although the set of robes he wore proved his belief in Buddhism, I am afraid that even the Buddha could not bless him at this time.

Kishimoto and the others also arrived after this. Kishimoto, who was originally a woman, couldn't help nausea after seeing the dead monk.

Because Wang Zheng had already turned on the light in this room, and let them see the situation here, this monk died extremely disgustingly.

It was as if he had been stabbed many times, and every knife went deep into the bone, which made the monk look like he was chopped into meatloaf, but his head was not injured.

I don't know what alien creatures can do such a disgusting thing, even if people see it, they can't stand it.

After Wang Zheng glanced at this monk, he no longer paid attention to him. The poor man must be hateful. Although this monk died, although he was pitiful, it was his own business that he did not put on the combat uniform.

And now, Wang Zheng wants to look at the other things in this room. This monk is dead, naturally it is not a natural death, but the alien creature that killed him is probably still in this room now. .

Although this room is small, it's just what it looks like, because this room is filled with a lot of sundries. Even if this room is originally big, it will appear a little small because of it. Among the debris, Wang Zheng focused on the strange-looking things.

Soon Wang Zheng noticed the abnormality. In this room, there were originally some broken things, but there was actually a Guanyin statue. And this Guanyin statue is still intact, so it shouldn't be placed here.

And this Guanyin statue is really weird, it doesn't look kind at all, and even looks a bit hideous on the face.

In addition, this Guanyin has countless hands, and these hands are not made into the shape of orchid fingers. They have weapons on each hand, and they have various weapons, and they have everything, but there is no doubt The thing is that these weapons are lethal, not just for viewing.

It's just a very weird Guanyin statue, I'm afraid, this is the alien creature that killed the monk.

I didn't expect that a Buddhist monk would be killed by a Guanyin. Thinking about it, it makes people laugh and laugh!

Because he was aware of the abnormality of this Guanyin statue, when Wang Zheng was observing this Guanyin statue, he quickly discovered that the weapons held on the Guanyin statue were still stained with blood. The blood is still there. It's obvious that it didn't do it. The blood just got on it.

There is no doubt that this is the murderer.

And this Guanyin statue also seems to have discovered that Wang Zheng is paying attention to him. I dont know if Wang Zhengs entry has disturbed him again. He just killed this monk, preparing to restore peace, and pretending again. After the Guanyin statue became quiet, this Guanyin statue planned to kill again.

You must know that all the sinners disturbed him. His favorite thing was quietness. If anyone disturbed him, then he would most likely change from a benevolent Guanyin to a hideous Guanyin.

Therefore, after being irritable, Guanyin danced quickly, his countless hands and weapons on his hands stabbed towards Wang Zheng and the others.

The others could not bear it because of the monk's death, and felt uncomfortable all over, but at this moment, they suddenly felt something dangerous approaching them.

This is simply unexpected. Who would have thought that in this room, the kind Guanyin representing the kindness, would even commit murder?

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