My Mr. Song Is Extremely Protective Chapter 1774

Chapter 1774: Chapter 1854[ deleted ] Zhou Ahu's death 4[1854]

Zhou Ahu was in a good mood. He felt that life was like this, what more could he ask for?

He picked up the wine glass and drank a mouthful of wine. Suddenly, he felt a surge of blood in his chest, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

Li Hongjiao watched Zhou Ahu's situation from the side. No, she immediately stood up from the chair and hid far away.

In the case of a person's death, who could guarantee what he would do?

Zhou Ahu was not a fool. He knew that he had fallen today from Li Hongjiao's action of hiding far away.

He had been very careful when he had eaten the fish, and he had let Li Hongjiao taste it. Why did something happen to him?

Could it be?

Zhou Ahu felt a sharp pain in his chest, and blood rushed out from his throat. A large amount of blood immediately flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Zhou Ahu spat on the ground and pointed at Li Hongjiao far away. "B * Tch, is it you? "

"Haha! " Li Hongjiao laughed wildly. She took a few steps on the ground and looked at Zhou Ahu. "The poison I personally developed, isn't it very good?

"Zhou Ahu, you didn't have to die. who asked you to ask more of me? "?

"You're just a smelly driver. You're nothing in my eyes. If it wasn't for that time, my body would have been in trouble.

"Do you think that I would fall in love with you? "

"YOU'RE SO POISONOUS! " Zhou Ahu felt that he was losing strength. He squeezed out a bit of strength from between his teeth. "Li Hongjiao, don't think that you'll be free just because I'm dead.

"I've already told you about us, my best brother.

"As long as I'm dead, the secret you want to hide will be exposed to the public.

"For example, your son isn't young master's at all.

"If young master finds out that the child isn't his, what will happen to you? "

Li Hongjiao's face turned pale. She didn't think that there would be a day when a fool would still be smart. She immediately rushed forward.

She grabbed Zhou Ahu's shoulders with both hands. "Who did you tell about us?

"Tell me quickly! "

Zhou Ahu had been waiting for this opportunity. After Li Hongjiao ran over, she raised both her hands and forcefully pinched the woman's neck.

Li Hongjiao did not expect the man to do this to her. Before she could defend herself, her neck was grabbed by him.

Li Hongjiao waved both of her hands and kept hitting the man's head, trying to get him to let go of her.

However, the man's hands were getting stronger and stronger. Seeing that she was about to be strangled to death, Li Hongjiao gave up on hitting him. Her hands reached behind her and touched a rice bowl. She immediately took it and smashed it at the man's head.

Zhou Ahu did not have the time or even the strength to dodge. His head was hit hard.

His natural reaction was to let go of his hands. His body fell backward and fell to the ground.

Li Hongjiao coughed violently. She had almost been strangled to death just now. If it were not for her quick thinking,.

She would have been an ice-cold corpse by now.

Zhou Ahu was breathing less and more in his mouth. The scene in his eyes had begun to fade, and the woman's shadow was slowly becoming indistinct.

"Li Hongjiao, I curse you to die a horrible death.

You are a bitch that thousands of people ride on. Sooner or later, your end will be worse than mine."

Li Hongjiao heard the man's curse and sneered. She walked to the man step by step and used the tip of her high heels to step on the man's palm.

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"Zhou Ahu, go in peace!

"Oh right, there's something I didn't tell you. The child I gave birth to has nothing to do with you.

"He's not your son at all. Even I don't know whose son he is?

"But no matter whose son he is, as long as Zhao Jiaming thinks that his son is his, isn't that enough? "

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