My Mr. Song Is Extremely Protective Chapter 1773

Chapter 1773: Chapter 1853 the death of Zhou Ahu 3[1853]

After a long time.

Li Hongjiao struggled to get up from the bed and looked at the sky outside.

"It's already dark. I'll cook for you tonight? "

"Sure! " Zhou Ahu was overjoyed because he had never eaten anything made by Li Hongjiao.

Li Hongjiao tidied up her clothes and went to the kitchen.

Did he deserve to cook for him personally?

However, as the last meal of his life, cooking for him personally could be considered as sending him off.

Li Hongjiao touched the necklace on her body. Inside the pendant, there was a lethal poison.

This was something she had kept for self-defense. She didn't expect to finally use it today.

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She went to the kitchen and made three simple dishes, one soup. She put the poison in her fingernail, but didn't put it into the dish.

In just a moment, she would think of a way to take her fingernail and stir it in the dish. She had thought of all the steps. She had to be ruthless. For the sake of a beautiful tomorrow, she could only take his life.

After Li Hongjiao entered the room, she placed the three dishes and soup on the table. Then, she walked to the bed and was about to wake up. It was Zhou Ahu who was sleeping.

"Ahu, wake up! My food is ready. "

Zhou Ahu slept without any image. The saliva in his mouth flowed down the corner of his mouth onto the pillow.

The bed emitted a pungent smell. Li Hongjiao felt nauseous. She lowered her head and vomited.

"URGH... "

Zhou Ahu was half-asleep. When he heard the sound of a woman vomiting, he slowly woke up. After he saw the scene in front of him clearly.

"Jiaojiao, are you not feeling well?

Why did you vomit Do you need it I'll take you to the hospital to have a look."

Li Hongjiao threw up all the acid in her stomach onto the ground before she felt comfortable. She raised her head and waved her hand. "There's no need to go to the hospital. I'm probably hungry. It's just nausea. "

Zhou Ahu nodded and got up to get a glass of water from the table. He brought it to Li Hongjiao.

"drink some water to moisten your throat. It'll be fine once you flush out the smell. "

Li Hongjiao took the glass of water and drank all the water. She felt much better.

Why did she suddenly feel nauseous?

Was it really because the smell on the bed was too bad?

As she thought about it, her heart suddenly thumped. Could it be that she was pregnant again?

She had just given birth a few months ago. Every time she did something, she would remember to take birth control pills. How could she be pregnant?

Seeing that Li Hongjiao's expression was not right, Zhou Ahu thought that she was still not feeling well, so he went up to her and asked with concern, "if you're not feeling well, I'll go to the hospital immediately. Don't delay the treatment. "

"It's okay, I'm much better now. HURRY UP AND EAT! "

"Mm, I've never eaten your dishes before. I only heard young master provide it in the past, and he said that your dishes were especially delicious. "

Li Hongjiao came to the table and sat down. She picked up the wine pot and poured a glass of wine, then placed it in front of Zhou Ahu.

"then you should try it. These three dishes and one soup were meticulously prepared by me! "

Zhou Ahu nodded and picked up a mouthful of fish with his chopsticks. After thinking for a moment, he directly placed it into Li Hongjiao's bowl.

"Eat more. You've cooked a few times today. You must be exhausted. You should eat more to replenish your energy. ".

"Also, during the day, I didn't sound right. Please don't TAKE IT TO HEART!

"As you know, I only speak recklessly when my sperm is in my brain. "

Li Hongjiao didn't speak and picked up her chopsticks. She picked up the fish in the bowl and ate it.

When Zhou Ahu saw that the fish was eaten, he knew that the fish on the table could be eaten without worry. He immediately picked up his chopsticks and ate the fish.

Li Hongjiao watched him eat the fish and immediately understood that the stinky man should be afraid of her poisoning him.

As she watched Zhou Ahu, she picked up another piece of fish meat.

"Aiyo, what's that on top?

Let me take a look. Is it because the fish hasn't been cleaned up yet?"after saying that, her hand was very natural. She reached over and used the fingernail of her little finger to pick up the fish soup.

Zhou Ahu was shocked and the fish meat directly fell into the plate.

Li Hongjiao gently waved twice in the soup and retracted her hand.

"I was wrong. I thought there was a dirty thing inside. I looked at it for a long time.


After knowing that there was nothing dirty in the fish, Zhou Ahu picked up his chopsticks and started eating again. He had been tired all day, and his stomach was already hungry.

Li Hongjiao looked at Zhou Ahu from the side. From time to time, she picked up her chopsticks and ate the food beside her. She was very patient, waiting for the moment when the drug would take effect.

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