My Mr. Song Is Extremely Protective Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772: Chapter 1852[ deleted ] the death of Zhou Ah Hu 2[1852]

When Zhou Ah Hu heard Li Hongjiao's words, the anger in his heart rose. The desire that had just been dispelled was revived once again.

Seeing that Li Hongjiao was about to walk out of the room, he immediately went forward and grabbed her from behind. Then, he carried her and threw her back onto the bed.

He unbuckled his pants and prepared to do it again. Could it be that he had the opportunity today? How could he not enjoy himself.

When Li Hongjiao saw Zhou Ah Hu, she took off her pants again. "Are you crazy?

Didn't you just finish I have to go home. I can't continue."

Zhou Ahu snorted coldly and took off his pants.

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"young master isn't going home today. You have to stay here today. Can't you let me have a good time? "

After saying that, he started to tear Li Hongjiao's clothes.

Li Hongjiao was in despair. She felt that the life she was living now was really not a life for humans.

"Zhou Ahu, I remember that I talked to you the last time. I will give you 1,000 yuan and give you a wife.

Then we'll end our relationship. Have you thought about it?"Li Hongjiao wanted to end the relationship.

"NO WAY! " "I won't get married in my life. I just want to be with you.

If we can't do it openly, then we'll be like this. Isn't that good?

Besides, don't we have a son?

I'm trying my best. You're giving birth to a daughter. What do you think?"

At this moment, Li Hongjiao's eyes turned completely cold.

She originally thought that Zhou Ahu was a rag. When she wanted to throw it away, she could just throw it away.

Now she knew that Zhou Ahu had his own plans.

He actually wanted her to give birth to another daughter for him. He was dreaming.

Whose son was that?

Li Hongjiao still didn't know. It was because she had been with too many men during that period of time?

Looking at the man who was pressing on her, a vicious thought suddenly arose in Li Hongjiao's heart.

It was better to solve him now than to solve it later.

Thinking of this, Li Hongjiao softened her expression and said in a coquettish voice, "you're so annoying. You always make me so tired.

"Alright, I promise you that I'll stay tonight. ".

"But you also promise me that you won't touch me again after this. ".

"If my lower body is torn too badly, he'll find out. "

"Okay! " Zhou Ahu was satisfied. Although he was ugly and didn't have any skills, his current life wasn't something that anyone could enjoy?

After a long time, Zhou Ahu finally ended this love affair.

Li Hongjiao struggled to sit up from the bed and looked at the sky outside.

"So soon? It's already dark. I'll cook tonight. Can I cook for you? "

"Sure! " Zhou Ahu was overjoyed because he had never eaten anything made by Li Hongjiao personally.

Li Hongjiao tidied up her clothes and went to the kitchen.

Did he deserve to cook for him personally?

However, as the last meal of his life, cooking for him personally could be considered as sending him off.

Li Hongjiao touched the necklace on her body. Inside the pendant was a lethal poison.

She had kept it for Self-defense. She didn't expect it to be used today.

She went to the kitchen and made three simple dishes and a soup. She put the poison in her fingernail but did not put it into the dish.

In just a moment, she would think of a way to get her fingernail and stir it in the dish. It was a success. She had thought of all the steps. She had to be ruthless. In order to have a beautiful tomorrow, she could only take his life.

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