The Wife Of A Powerful Family: Huo Shao How Dare You Flirt With Me Chapter 1787

Chapter 1787: Chapter 1772, breakfast

"then let's find a random bar and go to the bar that you guys often go to. I heard you and Gu Yinshu talking just now. It should be the bar that you guys often go to. "

"That's true. We are regular customers of that bar. If you want to go, I can take you with me. " When Zhou Tao said this, a slightly evil smile appeared on his lips, but it was not annoying at all.

"Then after breakfast, we will go together. " Cai Jingjing decided to indulge herself. She did not want to think about certain things rationally anymore.

He didn't even want to think about that person for the time being.

After a while, the group of them went down to have breakfast. There were many breakfast shops at the school gate, but the only one that was truly delicious was the noodle shop.

However, Gu Yinshu obviously wouldn't let them disturb his and freewill's breakfast alone time.

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As friends, they were very happy when they watched the sunrise together, but Gu Yinshu wouldn't be too happy if they were interrupted.

"Let's go over there and have breakfast. I think that shop is also good. Since freewill and Yin Shu want to eat noodle, we won't accompany them. I'm not too happy to eat noodle. "

Zhou Tao was the one who knew how to read people's eyes. His evil eyes slightly raised as he pulled the people beside him to the other breakfast restaurants.

"Yin Shu, we'll be leaving first. " Cai Jingjing turned around and greeted Xin.

Chen Shuxin and Song Yan were also a little hungry. They went to a steamed Bun restaurant because Chen Shuxin said she wanted to eat fried dough sticks and drink soy milk.

The few of them scattered just like that.

Cai Jingjing followed Zhou Tao to another breakfast restaurant. Zhou Tao let her sit there first while he ran over to order all kinds of breakfast for her.

This was the first time that a boy would order breakfast for her. She just needed to sit here and drink some soy milk and wait. This feeling of being taken care of and being cared for felt strange and warm.

In the past, she often ordered breakfast for that person. When it was really delivered to him, she realized that he didn't like it very much. He just coldly pushed her breakfast aside.

Actually, she was very hurt at this time, but she still pretended to be indifferent and giggled at her.

"I don't know what you like to eat, so I ordered everything for you. Do you think it's good? "

Cai Jingjing looked at the many breakfast dishes on the table and felt a little embarrassed. "actually, I can't eat so much. You ordered too much. It's a waste of money, right? "

"It's not much money. You can eat. "

Zhou Tao didn't say much. Perhaps because he was a little hungry, he ate at the side.

Cai Jingjing suddenly had an appetite and began to eat the fried dumplings on the table.

"Zhou Tao, do you have a girl that you like? Why do I feel that your group of people seem to have a girlfriend. Aren't you going to find one? "

Actually, Cai Jingjing had interacted with this group of people. Perhaps it was because of that person, so she was more familiar with them. The circle of boys was usually narrower, especially on campus.

The boy next to Zhou Tao already had a girlfriend. Didn't he feel awkward if he didn't find one himself?

Especially when he saw the couple next to him all showing off their affection. It was especially awkward if they were sandwiched in the middle.

"With my looks, I don't need to especially like anyone. They will all pounce on me. "

Although Zhou Tao said this more narcissistic, but it is the truth.

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