First Marriage Then Love: Wife Never Divorce Chapter 1787

Chapter 1787: Chapter 1787. Cai Wei was blind

Du Caiwei did not expect that the usually elegant Fang Xiao would actually hit her. She was stunned for a moment before she reacted. Then, Meng retaliated. She raised her fist and quickly rushed toward Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao did not expect to fight with Du Caiwei. Moreover, she did not have any experience in fighting. Moreover, Du Caiwei's attack was so Meng that she was not prepared. Therefore, she was at a disadvantage.

Fang Chen had seen this woman arguing with his sister. Because he did not understand what they were arguing about, he had been standing to the side and watching.

When du Caiwei and his sister fought, even though he was only a four-year-old child, he knew that he had to help his sister, so he looked around and wanted to find a weapon.

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He saw that the warriors in cartoons had weapons when they fought, but there was nothing around them. There was only a pile of white ash and cement used to powder the outer walls.

He remembered that his teacher had said that white things were clean, and black things were dirty, so he, who loved cleanliness, grabbed a handful of white ash and threw it at du Caiwei's face.

"Ah! " Du Caiwei shouted and immediately let go of Fang Xiao's hand. Seeing that her move worked, Fang Chen could not help but be happy, so he threw the handful of white ash in his other hand forcefully at Du Caiwei's face.

"Chen Chen, don't sprinkle anymore. " Fang Xiao immediately pulled Fang Chen, who was still trying to grab the White Ash. Looking at Du Caiwei rolling on the ground, she could not help but become anxious. Looking at the people around them, she could not help but use her trembling hand to take out her phone to call 120 emergency.

Qiu Yitang woke up in Du Caiwei's apartment. When he woke up, the room was pitch black, so he instinctively got up from the bed and fumbled to turn on the lights.

He instinctively went to get his phone. Only then did he realize that his phone was charging. He could not help but frown. He remembered that his phone seemed to have a battery. Why did it run out of battery now?

He picked up the phone and realized that it was turned off, so he quickly turned it on. Only then did he realize that it was eight o'clock in the evening. He remembered that he had also invited Fang Xiao to go to the Yangmei pit to have a barbecue and spend Christmas Eve with the siblings.

Today was Christmas Eve, so he left the night to the Fang Siblings. Because he wanted to conquer Fang Xiao's heart earlier, he could only spend Christmas Eve with Du Caiwei at noon.

Therefore, he came to du Caiwei's place after work in the afternoon. As expected, she had prepared a sumptuous lunch and exquisite snacks, all of which he liked to eat.

Of course, since it was the new year for foreigners, it was inevitable to drink red wine. And for the sake of the climate, she had even drawn all the shades, made the room into a night atmosphere, and even lit candles.

He remembered that he did not drink much, but he was drunk. Cai Wei took the opportunity to slip into his arms, and then she took the initiative. The long-suppressed desire in his body was finally aroused by her, and then he rolled onto the sofa with her.

He remembered that when he and Du Caiwei were on the Sofa, their minds were still thinking about the barbecue at night, but later on, they gradually became addicted. Perhaps they were too tired, and finally they actually fell asleep.

He only felt uncomfortable, thinking that he had to quickly send Du Caiwei abroad. So, he quickly went to the bathroom to wash up and change his clothes. When he went out, he immediately called Fang Xiao, wanting to ask if she was still waiting at the beach of Yangmei pit.

The phone rang for a few seconds before it was picked up. Just as he said 'hello' , Fang Xiao's voice came with a sobbing tone, "Yi Tang, not good, Caiwei's eyes... CAIWEI's eyes might be blind... "

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