Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping Chapter 1091

Chapter 1105 Good Night Sick Big Brother Part 30

Chapter 1105: Good night, sick big brother (Part 30)

"Youre going alone?" Du Jiu Sheng looked at her with tightly knit brows, clearly not planning on letting her go alone.





"Du Jiu Sheng." She said in a coquettish voice, "Big brother, be assured! I never do things Im not certain off."

She didnt have the system or powers, she didnt have exchange points, she didnt have anything.

But to deal with Mu Xi Nian, she just had to spend some time and the result wouldnt change.

Du Jiu Sheng narrowed his eyes. He wanted to reject her, but seeing her firm eyes, he felt like trusting her.

After all, he couldnt help trusting her unconditionally…

"Alright! Xiao Nan and Xiao Bei will go with you."

Xiao Nan and Xiao Bei were bodyguards of the Du Family. They were strong and weren’t small at all.

"No need." Luo QIng Chen shook her head, "Its not interesting with peoples help."

"But Im worried, dont you know!" Du Jiu Sheng tightly knit his brows as his eyes filled with worry.

He was very contradictory. He wanted to believe her, but his heart was stuck in his throat.

This feeling, he had never felt it before.

This was his first time feeling that he was different from others, yet he felt helpless.

"Big brother, Im just going to scout. Ill wait for you and as for slapping face..Oh, thats wrong, Ill wait for you to make a decision!" Luo Qing Chen made a face as her lips curled slightly!

Damn, she almost said everything in her heart.

In the end, Du Jiu Sheng could only compromise.

He really spoiled her to no end, he would rather have his own heart hang than to go against what she wanted to do.

So liking someone could reach this point, he never thought of this.

He felt that he was a male lead, but now he found that anything was fine as long as she was happy.

"Just hide outside and take a look, your phone will send your location." Du Jiu Sheng picked her up from the chair and gave her a serious kiss, "Wait for me before doing anything."

"Ok!" She gave an ok sign. She already couldnt restrain the power in her, she wanted to fight!

But everything had their means.

When she was at the gate of the abandoned factory, she was already considering the physical condition of her body.

It wasnt considered very good, but it wasnt very bad. Her physique being maxed was a bit of a bug, since when she actually used it, there wasnt the joy of having infinite strength.

But it was a bit worth the hundred points.

Her body was very light, it took her quite a bit of energy to jump over the wall before,

But she didnt use that much strength to jump over this time.

There was sleet in the air and she was holding a pair of high tech binoculars as she looked into the factory.

Dai Xiao Pang was locked on the fourth floor and Mu Xi Nian was very confident, only bringing four large followers with her.

She pressed the red button on the binoculars and changed to weapon scanning mode.

She didnt see any guns and there were only large blades that were blunt, which wouldnt be used to kill.

It wasnt hard to deal with them, but Dai Xiao Pangs situation didnt seem good.

She narrowed her eyes and pressed the blue button before scanning Dai Xiao Pang.

There were many bruises all over her, with a bit of concussion and a bit of hemorrhagic shock, so the situation wasnt good.

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