Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping Chapter 1090

Chapter 1104 Good Night Sick Big Brother Part 29

Chapter 1104: Good night, sick big brother (Part 29)

As soon as her voice fell, she hung up and there was the sound of a WeChat notification.

There were pictures that came from Dai Xiao Pangs WeChat. She had a swollen face in the picture and her right eye was red from being beaten.

Her face was as swollen as a pigs head, she should have been beaten.

Looking through the pictures, she finally saw a sentence from Mu Xi Nian: If you want to save her, come to the abandoned factory in the Southern Suburb Parks north side. If youre not here in an hour, she might not even keep this swollen face.

The Mu Family was in the light and the dark. Du Jiu Sheng and Mu Lan Feng were already at ends, so it wasnt impossible for them to do anything illegal.

"Go, Ill come with you."


"Ding ling." There was another phone call.

This time it didnt come from Luo Qing Chens phone, but rather Du Jiu Shengs.

It was from an unknown number. He narrowed his eyes and felt that something bad was happening.

There was a rough mans voice that came from the other end.

This voice was a bit familiar, no…it was very familiar.

"Du Jiu Sheng, hello!" Mu Lan Feng gave a cold laugh, "It seems like your beautiful little sister has received an invitation from our familys little sister. If..I didnt invite you as well, wouldnt our Mu Family not have any bearing at all?"

"Un humph?" Du Jiu Shengs eyes turned cold and there was a dangerous look in those deep eyes. His lips curled as he said, "Are you worthy of having bearing?"

"Du Jiu Sheng, Im telling you, dont be too arrogant. I have your dad and your dads woman in my hands, with an order from me, theyll be sent to see the king of hell, understand?" Mu Lan Feng was clearly a bit angry, as a bit of anger appeared in his voice.

It seems like Du Jie and Xie Wan came back early. They went abroad for a vacation, but it was also for a big deal.

Worth a billion…

The boss of this deal wanted to work with the Mu Group, but they deviated this time and worked with the Du Group instead.

Mu San was filled with rage, so much that he fell into a sick bed.

Mu Lan Feng was very angry about this and had investigated when the Du Familys head would be back, so he went to the airport to bring them away.

"Then I have to thank you" Du Jiu Sheng narrowed his eyes and a dangerous look appeared as he said in a cold voice, "After all, I have wanted to inherit the Du Group for a long time."

He wasn’t lying about this, everyone in the business world knew that Du Jiu Sheng and Du Jies relationship wasnt good.

Adding in the fact that his little sister had died in an accident, all the criticisms were aimed at Du Jies new wifes daughter.

In this situation, the relationship between him and Du Jie should have been frozen.

But now things were different…

"You…Good…Du Jiu Sheng! You just wait!" Mu Lan Feng angrily hung up the call.

He casually sent a few pictures to Du Jiu Shengs WeChat. Mu Lan Feng wasnt as fierce, he didnt beat them like Mu Xi Nian beat Dai Xiao Pang.

They were just tied together and placed under a killing blade while there was a time bomb beside them.

The location was in the opposite direction of where Dai Xiao Pang was held, it seemed like they were prepared.

"Ill have Yan Si take care of Xiao Pang" Du Jiu Sheng narrowed his eyes and said, "Come with me to north ridge."

"Leng Yan Si.." Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and shook her head in an unsettled manner, "Forget it, he might not be able to stop himself from being caught."

She didnt underestimate Leng Yan Si, since she had seen his reaction while in danger.

Falling off a cliff and getting impaled in the leg…

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