Wife Is Fierce Don't Mess With Her Chapter 631

Chapter 631: Stark Contrast Under Comparison

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Finally, Gu Qingjiu and her familyexcluding Gu Hongleft.

Gu He shot Judith a look for her to bring the few kids out, including Ella.

Gu Shouyan’s husband brought Gu Xiaoxi out.

Now, only the three Gu family members were left.

After everyone had gone out, Gu Shouyan said, “Last time it was you who asked your older brother to go to America, and you even kept it from me. Now, tell me, what exactly is the deal with this Ella?”

Gu He let out a sigh and said, “Back then, I really shouldn’t have adopted Ella.”

In a weak voice, Gu Hong said, “When Third Brother asked me to go to America previously, it was because of Ella’s matter. Third Brother asked me to help find Ella’s biological parents. Or her family members. He wishes to send Ella back.”

She had felt that Ella’s temperament was a little unruly earlier. Upon hearing these words, Gu Shouyan frowned. “You’ve raised her for so many years. Why would you want to send her back now?”

“Big Sister, you have no idea. We don’t know how to discipline Ella in hand. You know how troublesome the laws in America are. A mild lecturing and they would accuse you of abusing the child. All the more, we don’t dare to hit her. Judith and I have no other solutions.”

“She’s only 16, and she hangs out with the hooligans in the US. She would also bully her two younger brothers at home all the time. And this is secondary. Last time, we found out she was smoking marijuana! Although this is common in the States, it is still drugs! If we hadn’t discovered in time, we can’t imagine the consequences.”

“She’s getting more and more out of hand these days. She even stole money from home. No matter how much effort I put into teaching her since she was young, she was defiant by nature. I suspect what people her biological parents are.”

Although these were words said in spite, it was also clear from his tone that Gu He was helpless about the situation.

“We thought we would raise her properly when we picked her up when she was little. When we found out we were having twin boys, we also wanted a little girl. But Judith could no longer give birth. We hadn’t expected things to turn out like this, Big Sister.”

Gu Shouyan now realized the severity of the matter.

It wasn’t as if Gu Shouyan didn’t know what her brothers were like in terms of family.

Gu He, Gu Hong, and Gu Li were all elites, and their wives weren’t too bad. The children they brought up were quite sensible and capable.

Even the little ones were courteous.

There weren’t any significant issues with the way they raised their children.

But as for Ella, it involved something else.

After some hesitation, she asked Gu Hong, “Did you find out anything for our brother?”

Gu Hong shook his head. “Although we have Ella’s DNA, we picked Ella up in the US. I only found out that Ella’s parents should be Chinese. But this is too wide a range. It’s like fishing a needle out of the sea.”

Gu He could only sigh. “I guess we can only try our best. If nothing else works, I can only send Ella to some local organization in the US for rehabilitation.”

“Actually, by bringing her up to the country this time, I have thoughts of letting her continue her studies here in China. See if she’ll undergo any changes in an unfamiliar environment.”

“Well then, who are you planning to ask to help you take care of the child here? With your situation, don’t blame Big Sister for being merciless. We can fork out the money, but I absolutely will not allow her to live with my children.”

Gu He: “”

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