My Husband Is The Emperor: I Woke Up With A Husband Book 1 Chapter 367

Volume 1 Chapter 367 348: Caution Ii

"You made a good choice, Li Lian, we could use the rumor to our advantage," Li Jun Wei, who had wore his sleeping clothes came to her side and his hand went to take her hair, tangling it with his hand to feel it falling back slowly. "I heard about the news that you would create your own song."

"About that," started Li Lian and her brows pulled, "it's Wei Tsui Lan's doing. At the time where he told me about rumors of Hue Lin, he said he would like a repayment."

"This is the repayment?" Li Jun Wei raised his brows, inquiring to see Li Lian nodded and he had the same thought as Li Lian. The repayment sounds too good to be one. "I should search what's going on with the movie, a new employee work under me now, he is known for being a very skilled hacker when it come to search of informations. We could expect to find many of our answers soon."

Li Lian didn't know who the new employee was and thought that it was good news the person work for them so they would be able to find many answers they needed to solve their problem.

Li Jun Wei slipped his hand from her hair, letting it fall to then sit beside her, "Xiao Chen told me you saw the album picture, what did you find?"

"You," was Li Lian simple answer before she turned to sigh, "Why can't I remember you at all? And you can't tell me because it is my promise?"

"You were a person who hate loosing in the past and now." A chuckle broke to Li Jun Wei's lips and he seemed to be remembering a very fond memory.

It was clear from the way Li Jun Wei speak, he knew many about her. Li Lian wondered how far they have talked about each other and why could she forgot of such an important event? If they met at the time where the schools festival was hold, she was sure it would leave to a deeper impression. But memory that happened years ago as expected wasn't clear by the time Li Lian tried to remember.

"I want to remember more about you," Li Lian whispered and she hope that she could remember it again. "How is your work for the international conference? You must be busy."

"It's not too much but I miss my time with you, talking like this, but we don't have much time," said Li Jun Wei looking at the clock that showed it had passed midnight. "We should sleep," and when the light was turned off, Li Lian turned her face to where Li Jun Wei was sleeping.

"Jun Wei, do you think Linyue would be alright?" Li Lian questioned, she couldn't get away from the thought of how Linyue was suffering without knowing it herself.

"With her husband cheating I don't see why she would be alright," came the clear answer from Li Jun Wei who then rubbed his hand on her cheeks, the yellow lamp only emit small lights where it could show only a little of Li Jun Wei's expression ad the rest was covered by shadows. "But she doesn't know it, for now, she must think she is happy. Are you afraid that you will ruin her marriage?"

Li Lian brows furrowed, "Yes but I think it is necessary."Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/my-husband-is-the-emperor-i-woke-up-with-a-husband_14001462106962005/chapter-348-caution-ii_51071078528772670 for visiting.

"I feel the same as you," Li Jun Wei said, his thumb sliding down to her chin. "No matter how beautiful a house that was built with straws look like, in the end of the day, it was a house of straw when a wind blew it would destroy the house. Linyue's marriage may seem perfect but everything that are begin with mistakes will soon collapse. Her divorce will come sooner and later, we are only lending the wind."

Li Lian agreed that soon their marriage would break. No matter how smart or clever Jin Suzheng was to hide his hidden affairs, by time Linyue would find his lies soon. It was better to know it faster so Linyue could build her new happiness then to waste her life with Jin Suzheng.

"You know, I'm happy that I met you in college," Li Lian said, her words soft to his ears as she breathed the words in whispers. "even though I don't remember you now , but that day I'm sure the stars were on my side that you found me. If that day you and I didn't meet, would we be here?"

"We will, you being you, I'm sure we will meet even if it was in a different circ.u.mstances," on his reply, he felt Li Lian's breaths slowly turning smoother as her eyes which opened blink trying to close but she was fighting not to sleep as if wanting to spend a longer time with him when she was feeling very sleepy, "Goodnight," he whispered for Li Lian's eyes to close, falling deep to her dream.

In Japan, the Old Master walked out of his house to where the meeting room was while followed by Kei behind him, following his every move. "Master, you should take rest a little longer the doctor," Kei began only to be interjected by the Old Master with a sigh.

"I know stop bothering me. Will sleep or rest help me at this point?" The Old Master's words turn sharp which had Kei's head to hang low. Seeing his head low, the Old Master exhaled, "I'm not dead yet. There are still many matters we have to take care before I fall to my grave. Are Shin and Shun doing what I told them to?"

"Yes they have been quiet, following the rule not to make any racket," replied Kei who walked behind the Old Master to stop at the maple tree where the red leaves fell. to the wooden floor.

"It feel like a miracle, that they are quiet," the Old Master chuckled, "It's almost rare that they would follow my words. Unlike Soma, they are hard headed, wanting to follow nothing but themself."

"Yes, but Master will we keep this until Haruhi came again? He only gave us four months to bring Li Lian back to Japan. If we don't, he would undoubtedly came to attack maple house." and that they should kill him first, though Kei silently in his mind.

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