The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Kneel And Beg Its My Young Lady

The person was Si Yi while the two men behind him were none other than Ya Dang and Mo Sen who were constantly following him around.

Once the three of them made their appearance, they stirred up a commotion. All three of them were drop-dead gorgeous but in comparison, Si Yi was even more mesmerizing than the other two men.

Those around them were enthralled.

Initially, Long Youcheng was considerably more handsome and stood out the most among the crowd. Now that the three men came into sightit was not even Si Yi, but the two men beside him were already charismatic enough to make one forget Long Youchengs presence. Si Yi who was standing in the center? No words could even describe how stunning he looked.

However, currently, everyone was panicking about what Si Yi just said.

Kill Long Youcheng and wipe out the Green Tiger Gang?

All of them felt their heart lurching but they calmed down swiftly. So what if Si Yi shot Long Youchengs palm once he came in? This was the Green Tiger Gang they were talking about.

The top mafia in the northern region, the Green Tiger Gang!

It was not a mob that could be annihilated just because one wanted to.

"Yes, young master," Mo Sen who stood on Si Yis left answered, as he fished out his phone to dial a number.

"Whowho are you! How dare you speak so audaciously and say that you want to kill me and abolish the Green Tiger Gang!" Long Youchengs face was contorted as he spoke through the pain with one hand pressing on the palm that was penetrated by the bullet, taking two steps forward to stand right in front of Si Yi.

"You arent worthy to be informed of our young masters identity. Hah, as for a mere the Green Tiger Gang, how could the An Hun Group not be able to uproot it!" Ya Dang, the ever hot-tempered one, sprang to scoff at Long Youcheng.

An Hun Group? The An Hun Group!

An Hun was that infamous assassin organization that had trained countless international elites! Even the secret agent who was ranked top in the charts, the one who took the world by storm and petrified countless magnates, politicians, and international mafias alike, Slaying God, was from An Hun!

Here, these men were also from An Hun!

Once Ya Dang spoke, Long Youchengs already pale face from his gunshot wound blanched further like a colorless sheet. He froze on the spot.

An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries were parallel presences, each taking the title of the top assassin organization and the top mercenary organization! Someone had once said that one would be mere steps away from death once you offended anyone from An Hun Group.

It was just that Long Youcheng did not expect someone from An Hun to be here at his tiny tea party!

With a bullet shot through his palm, Long Youcheng could care less about the piercing throb as he kneeled down, already crawling his way to Si Yi.

"Please have mercy, pardon my gang! I dont know how I angered you guys but please be forgiving! Pardon me this once!" Long Youcheng was shaking, his words too, trembling.

God! An Hun membershe, Long Youcheng, infuriated someone from An Hun!

Forget about the Green Tiger Gang, even rounding all the mafia groups here in the tea party would not be enough to graze the edge of An Hun Group. This was the disparity of their capabilities.

"Dont know how you angered our young master? Psh, you challenged our young lady in public and you said you didnt offend our young master?" Ya Dang paced to the front of Long Youcheng and mercilessly landed his foot on the back of Long Youchengs hand as he spoke word by word.

While he did so, Si Yi was already walking towards Yun Jian.

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