The Immortal Player Book 3 Chapter 187

Volume 3: The Beginnings Of The Strongest Human Forces Chapter 187 Player Death.. A Hacker?

Three Hours later, Neerak Axutar and the three village soldiers had fallen into deep sleepbehind Pedro. Neerak Axutar was even drooling like a child, probably due to extreme exhaustion earlier. On the other hand, Pedro sat casually with his legs crossed while his pen-knife roamed around the cave, killing every Baby Ira Spider that had newly hatched.

His Faithpursuer Katana laid on top of his legs, while his hands continued to navigate through his player interface. Of course, he would often glance to the cave in order to ensure that no spider would be able to sneak away from his sight and attack them by surprise.

"My Kill Count is already around Two Hundred Sixty-Four Thousand" He chuckled to himself. "And so does my Base Attack Damage! If this continued for several hours, I wonder if my damage would become as strong as Senior Alivia's bare handed punch?"

He can't help but shook his head, remembering his first encounter with Alivia and how he almost died in her fists. He forced out a smile and said, "Those three NPCs are terrifying They must be ranked amongst the top officers in BHO. They must have been level 90 or above to have such damage."

He took a deep breath and shifted his interface from the Continental Quest tab to his Player Information tab, and said to himself, "My attack damage had even gone past through the attack damage of the strongest player in my past life. If I am right The American Player from the Joe Corporation named Persistence had an attack damage of a hundred and eighty thousand. That's considering that she was about to reach level 80 and that she had equipped an evolve weapon and artifact which was as strong as level 90 weapons."

He stole a glance to the newly hatched spider eggs, before he glanced to his Faithpursuer Katana and said, "I can raise the level of this Katana to a hundred if continue farming these spiders. But I need to go to the Tarala Kingdom as soon as possible."

Then, he stole a glance towards the four sleeping NPCs and thought, 'I already used rest as a reason for us to camp in this hole. These NPCs would eventually become suspicious if we wouldn't leave by the time they wake up. At the same time I can't use my demonic eyes to forcefully keep them asleep! There's a chance that the transporter spiders and the spider queen, herself, would also fall asleep.'

'The best thing to do is leave this dungeon and finish the matters regarding the Tarala Kingdom as fast as we can.' He thought, 'The Axutar Village and the Baliu Village were almost an hour of travel away from here. I doubt that these monsters would be able to spread that far in just a matter of days. In fact, they would probably focus in hunting monsters and adventurers around this area to increase their population before heading towards the further areas.'

"Then, it's settled!" Pedro chuckled, "We'll stay here for six to eight more hours. After that, we'll rush to the Baliu Village and use the teleportation platform to go to the Tarala Kingdom. It might cost me a few silver coins but It's better than walking our way to the said Kingdom."

Since Pedro and the four NPCs would spend a little bit more time inside the dungeon, Pedro gave Mathew and Sabrina an instruction to meet ahead, somewhere near Baliu Village. This way, Sabrina would have the opportunity to rest, even log off the game and stretch a bit or eat something, while Mathew is guarding her character and, at the same time, the werewolf.

On the other hand, All the players around the world erupted as the ranked one player in the Continental Quest was hundreds of thousands away from the second ranked player. Contrary to the relaxed state of Pedro, Sabrina, and the four other NPCs, the forum and world chat erupted as Pedro's kill count continues to rise.

M3ch4n1cSh00terXX01X:Wtf! Wtf! Wtf! 200,000 Kills! 200,000! If this playerDeath, is not hacking! Then, he might be in some kind of helicopterkilling monsters non-stop with a machine gun!

B0zz Mo Mangga:Machine gun my ass! This player might have a necromancer skill of some sort and is controlling thousands of undead!

WuuJin01:Necromancer? I doubt that there's someone who's able to obtain such skill yet! I think that Death is someone who summons somethinglike a shadow, and commands them to attack the monsters on his stead!

Anonymous:Non-sense! Non-sense! This player is definitely using hack! Based on his name, it is possible that every monster's death in the game would be included in his/her kill count! Cheater!

Salty01666789:Cheater! +1

Cheater! +1

Cheater! +1

Cheater! +1

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At this moment, Outside the game, an office somewhere in China was filled with rings of phones to the point that it seemed like the fire alarm has sounded. Inside, the employees were scrambling all over the place as the once quiet and peaceful office had seemingly became a battlefield like a crowded public market.

"Good afternoon, Sir! If this is related to the game, rest assured that our management is doing our best regarding this matter. We have forwarded this issue to our management team and are currently discussing the actions to take regarding everyone's concern. We would kindly request for you to patiently wait for an announcement once we got to the bottom of this issue. Thanks for your patience and we hope for your kind understanding."

These are the words that the employees were saying regardless whether the people on the other line was speaking or not. Then, they would drop the call afterwards and would then get another call from a different person.

At the highest room in that office, the Chairman of the game developer of Bearth Online was on a conference call with the Presidents of different countries all over the world, saying, "Rest assured, respected leaders, that the game has no hack or cheat on any form. By now, all of you know that the server could not be hacked even by the best hackers in the world This 'case' is a hundred percent legitimate. However, how this player was able to achieve this impossible feat is still unknown to our team. For now Kindly give us some more time to investigate and we'll inform about the details as soon as we are able to know the cause of this 'case'. Thank you and good day!"

The Chairman bowed slightly as he disconnected to the call. Then, he glanced towards his secretary and said, "How's our customer service doing?"

"Not good, sir!" The lady said, "Anonymous people from all over the world are calling non-stop for the very same reason. Unfortunately, we are yet to receive a call from someone who knows a thing or two about this player."

"Is that so" The Chairman frowned whilst rubbing his chin. After almost a minute, he glanced to his secretary once again and said, "Shut down the customer service function and simply post an announcement about this issue. Let's take the investigation about this 'case' on our own."

"Yes, Chairman." The lady bowed towards the Chairman before using her tablet. Afterward, she glanced to the Chairman and asked, "Uhm Chairman, the management head asked if we should close the game servers until this issue was resolved?"

"Is he dumb?" The Chairman shouted, "Does he want to destroy the game?! Tell him clearly that the game servers should NEVER be closed! And that he should be packing his things by now after asking such a stupid question!"

"E-Eh?" The secretary's face went pale. She can't help but stare towards the Chairman out of fear.

"Didn't you hear what I said?!" The Chairman shouted in anger.

"I-I did Chairman. I-I did!" She said, anxiously, while typing into her tabletrepeating what the Chairman said. At this moment, her heart beat raced faster while her fingers were crossed deep insidehoping that she won't be fired next to the Management Head of the game company.

Seeing the anxious demeanor and the scared look of his secretary, the Chairman can't help but sigh to calm himself and said, "Never mind! Just tell that dumb ass to keep the servers running. And Tell him to simply pack his things up, if he asks the same question again."

"Y-Yes, Chairman!" The secretary said whilst forcing out a smile. Fortunately, she was yet to send her response to the management head of the company that she initially made. At the same time, the change of mood of the Chairman had somehow eased the worries that she felt inside.

'This is a disaster!' The Chairman thought as he watched Pedro's kill count increase non-stop. 'Who would have thought that there is a crafty player that would be able to do this in the game. I wonder what method this player is using Even I, nor the game masters were not able to achieve such feat!'


Back to the game, Talia can't help but shout in anger, saying, "Shit! Shit! Shit!"

She commanded her ant army to even furiously attack every single monsters coming from Woba Mountain and the southfrom the Great Western Forest. This was because she ranked first three hours ago, beating Pedro for almost a hundred of kills.

However, for some reason, Pedro's kill count had suddenly increased to the point that Talia became second before she could even brag to his brother. Thus, this unconsciously triggered her inner competitive self, trying to catch up with Pedro with her kill count at 50,000 mark.

"Expert Bro I don't know what tricks you are up to, but Me and my army won't go down without a fight!" She grumbled, "We'll catch up to your kill count soon! Just you wait!"

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