The Immortal Player Book 3 Chapter 186

Volume 3: The Beginnings Of The Strongest Human Forces Chapter 186 The Path To Infinite Attack Damage?

For some reason, his gaze was locked upon his kill count for almost a minute. It is at this point that something sunk into his mind.

"Twenty thousand kills" He mumbled whilst forcing out a smile. His hands trembled whilst navigating through his player interface to check his attributes. "Don't tell me"

[Player Information]

Name: Death (Player)

Level: 54

HP: 7750/7750

MP: 3570/7700

Stamina: 745/1480

Attack Damage: 37,574 +50 +203

Magic Damage: 3425


Str +520

Int +370

Vit +540

Dex +320

Crit +280

Agi +480

Special Attribute:

Luck +45

Charisma +25

Instinct +40


Pedro can't help but gasp after seeing the additional 37,574 base attack damage of his character. He knows that his base attack damage should be around 3,000similar or close to the value of his base magic damage.

The reason why his base attack damage had skyrocketed to five figures was because of his skill [Earnest A] that permanently increases his damage for every kill that he makes, regardless of whether it is a monster, a fellow player, or even an NPC.

Thus, gaining control over the continental quest, he could even increase his attack damage to six figures with the use of the skill. He can't help but chuckle in excitement and said, "Who would have thought that this skill would be overpowered when used properly. Well My Attack Damage is already as high as the damage of an adventurer who is at level sixty and has a complete set of level sixty weapons, accessories, and other equipment. It would probably increase even further if I equip a level fifty weapon!"

Unfortunately, before he could fantasize on such possibilities even further, Neerak Axutar stood together with the three village soldiers and approached him.

"Sir Aron! It's been five minutes." Neerak Axutar said.

Pedro simply nodded to him in response as he closed his Player Interface, and said, "Let's go! It's too rude to prolong the agony of the monsters in this dungeon. We shall give them the eternal rest that they deserve!"

The four NPCs could only force out a smile as they closely followed behind Pedro. Fortunately, the cave becomes widerwide and big enough to fit a carriage inside. That said, the runic formation written in the walls had started to become larger as they get deeper into the cave.

At this moment, there were spider webs that could be seen at the ceiling and the walls beside themmaking Pedro and the four NPCs to walk in a straight line despite the wider cave. In fact, Pedro even needed to cut through some of the spider webs just so they could pass through and move deeper into the cave.

At the center of the spider webs were spherical balls made of spider silk that resembled a giant roll of white yarn. Since the majority of it was located near the walls, Pedro did not bother to destroy them and check what was inside. He simply walked a straight pathswinging his sword from side to side, non-stop.

He was like a lawnmower that destroys humongous spider webs covering most of the path. Thankfully, the spider webs were weaved by thin layers of spider silkallowing the light from the runic formations to illuminate the cave and, at the least, guide Pedro at their path.

On the other hand, the four NPCs simply kept quiet as they increased their vigilance to its maximum. Two of the village soldiers walked beside Neerak Axutar, while one of them walked behind, creating a triangle defensive formation to protect the young man.

Their advance had been smooth and they had not encountered a single monster yet. However, it ended after a few minutes, when the runic formations in the wall had seemingly suddenly ended. The surroundings had become dark againhindering everyone, even Pedro, to see anything but the luxurious glow of his golden Katana.

At this moment, Pedro already had an ominous feeling. So, he abruptly haltedmaking Neerak Axutar and the three village soldiers hit on his back.

"Ah!" Neerak Axutar cried, consequently making several blood-red circles appear in front of them.

"KRARARARAK!" Something cried that made the four NPCs froze in place.

On the other hand, Pedro could not help but force out a smile as a slimy liquid sprayed into his face. That said, he simply wiped the gooey liquid in his face as his eyebrows furrowed and his teeth grittedseething in anger. Then, he gripped the handle of his Katana as tight as he can and swung it downwards with his two hands at full force.

Due to the light coming from the golden arc that was made from his strike, the innards of the head of the gigantic spider became visible to Pedro and the four NPCsinstantly killing the said spider. Then, he constantly swung his golden sword from side to side, to create golden arcs that illuminate the dark cave.

At the same time, Pedro's Pen-knife revolves around them as fast as it canmaking a ring around them. It acted like a grinder, cutting through the stone walls of the cave or through the flesh of the other gigantic spiders as if they were paper.

At this moment, the player interface popped up, showing a notification about the monster that he has just killed.

[System Notification!]

[You have killed an A.d.u.l.t Ira Spider!]

[A.d.u.l.t Ira Spider]

Rating: Silver-rated Monster

Level: 28

HP: 12,000


Attack Damage: 1000

Attack Interval: 4 seconds

Defense: 120

Movement speed: 2 m/s


1)~Poisonous Sting~

Effect: Inflict poison to the bitten targets. Deal 20 HP Loss per second.

Cooldown: No Cooldown.

2)~Spider's Screech~

Effect: Inflict Petrify to targets lower than the user's level. Stun targets for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 Minutes

[The Protectors of the Ira Spider Queen!]

[You have killed an A.d.u.l.t Ira Spider!]

[You have killed an A.d.u.l.t Ira Spider!]

With his Pen-knife dealing the killing blow to the monsters, and his Faithpursuer Katana simply cutting them into small pieceswhich illuminated their surroundings whilst allowing Pedro to loot the chopped pieces of monsters, their party advanced forward. It was slow and dirty progress, but They were advancing inch by inch, at the least.

Soon, the cave had suddenly expanded ten foldsboth in width and height. Pedro's Pen-knife had stopped grinding to the walls as spider eggs continuously dropped from above.

"This" Pedro can't help but be at loss for words after glancing up to the ceiling of the 'seemingly' widest part of the cave.

Above them was a twenty-foot-tall spider, whose long legs were even embedded to the rock wall as if it was cemented on it. While around the giant non-stop egg-laying spider was tons of runic formation that barely had light coming out from it.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/the-immortal-player_13510347106112805/the-path-to-infinite-attack-damage_51010309556596002 for visiting.

There were odd-looking spiders that were 'transporting' the spheres made out of spider's silkthe one looking like a ball of yarn and was found at the center of the spider webs. They transported the spider silk spheres from the spider webs scatter all over the place, to the mouth of the twenty feet high spider.

"It must be the queen!" Pedro mumbled as he watched the twenty feet high spiderthat covered the ceiling of the largest and widest room in that cave, eat the 'delivered' spider silk spheres and, in turn, lay eggs.

As the spider eggs hit the ground, it breaks and a new smaller Ira Spider comes out of it and charges straight towards Pedro and the four NPCs. This cycle repeated non-stop, keeping Pedro and the four NPCs in place.

Fortunately, the pen-knife was enough to handle any spider that would be able to get close to them, thus keeping the four NPCs safe. However, due to the endless amount of spiders, they were eventually forced to hide into a holeconsequently forcing the spiders to simply attack to their front.

"This would soon end" Pedro chuckled as he noticed that there were only a few spider silk spheres left.

However, before he could rejoice even further, something unexpected happened. The odd-looking spiders had started to gather the dead bodies of both a.d.u.l.t and baby spiders, and eventually delivering them towards the Ira Spider Queencontinuing the non-stop cycle of eating and laying eggs.

"Tch!" Pedro can't help but frown in response. But after a few seconds, the muscle on his face relaxed as his lips curved slightly upward.

Whilst swinging his Katana with one hand, Pedro used his other hand to navigate through his player interface and check if his 'Kill Count' in the event was also increasing.

[Quest: Protect the Aquari Continent!]

Rating: A-rated

Mission: Kill the monsters that start to dominate the Aquari Continent! Each monster killed will have an equivalent point that can be exchanged for items after the event.

Your Kill count: 21,509

Your Kill count: 21,514

Your Kill count: 21,519

[You have killed an A.d.u.l.t Ira Spider!]

[You have killed an A.d.u.l.t Ira Spider!]

[You have killed an Baby Ira Spider!]

'Who would have thought that this would be a good farming area after all?!' He chuckled deep inside as he happily swung his Katana. At this moment, he stopped collecting the dead bodies of the spiders and simply 'offered' it to the Ira Spider Queen for it to lay more eggs and bring more attack damage and kill count to Pedro easily.

"Infinite Attack Damage, Here I go!" Pedro chuckled, before he burst into laughter like a mad man.

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