Trapped In Her Heart Book 3 Chapter 222

Volume 3: Challenges Chapter 222 In Laws

"What if they ask you not to go?" When Melissa and Ellie gave him a weird look, he shrugged his shoulder, "What? Don't give me that look, I am just trying to be practical."

"You are not being practical but you are jixing it, seriously Noah if something like this happens then I am going to kill you," Sebastian snapped.

Tightening her grip around Sebastian's arm, Ellie sighed, "Why on earth will they not let me go? Stop overthinking honey, everything is going to run smoothly."

"El, are you going to tell uncle and aunty about your relationship?" When she nodded her head, Melissa added, "That is great, I am sure aunt Judi will be happy. I am not sure about uncle Harry though."

"Hey Seb, do you remember how badly he snapped at you when we were at the hospital? Damn, that was quite depressing," Noah sighed.

Hitting Boah with the magazine, Melissa narrowed her eyes, "Can you at least say something good? Why are you being so pessimistic today?"

"Just stating the fact babe, our Seb has to be ready to face all the mishaps and challenges that Ellie's dad will throw at him." Without waiting for her reply, Noah added, "Remember how I made your father love me?"

"Melissa's father loves you?" When Noah grinned and pridly nodded his head, Sebastian scrunched his brows and started sulking. How could Noah share a very nice relationship with his father-in-law but here he was still trying to figure out how he could make things decent with Ellie's father?

Seeing through his sulky expression, Ellie gave him a peck on his cheeks and smiled, "Relax, when the right time comes dad is going to love you. In fact, you both have a lot of things in common."

"Really?" When she nodded her head, he excitedly inquired, "What kind of common things are we talking about?"

Thinking and hesitating for a while, she answered, "Well, dad loves his work and you love work too."

"Okay, what else?"

"Hmm dad loves me and you love me too, obviously in a very different way but at least both of you love me." Without waiting for his reply, she continued, "You care for me and fold my clothes, dad does that too."

Thinking about all the so-called common things that she had stated, he scrunched his brows, "Are you trying to make fun of me babe?"

"Fun? When did I make fun of you? I am just trying to state the real facts," she chuckled.

Before Sebastian could say anything, Noah stated, "Flight time people, let's fly to our in-laws. Oh God this is actually so cool, after I marry Mel and you marry Ellie then Seattle will be our second home."



Harry and Judith's place.

Placing the plates on the table, Judith frowned, "Will you at least come and help me out with the plates?"

"Do you want me to break the plate in which that boss is supposed to eat me?"

"Do you want me to break the plate in which you are supposed to eat?" she retorted.

Left with no other choice, he turned off the television and made his way towards the dining table. "I am doing this only because I don't want you to take the pressure all by yourself. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I like that boss or anything."

"Will you stop calling him boss? He has a very nice name, Sebastian," Judith snapped.

"Yeah whatever and who names their kid Sebastian? Such a boring name," he scoffed.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang.

"I think they are here." Taking her apron off, Judith made her way towards the door. "Harry come down, Ellie and Senbastian are here."

Without wasting any time, she quickly opened the door.

"Mom," Ellie beamed before giving her mom a tight hug.

"Ah my baby, I missed you so much," Judith remarked.

"I missed you and dad alot too."

"Why didn't you visit us before then?" she inquired.

Hesitating for a while, Ellie answered, "There is too much work in the office and I couldn't leave Seb alone."

Pulling away, Judith smiled, "Of course honey, Sebastian needs your company."

"Hello Mrs Miller, it's a pleasure to meet you again," Sebastian awkwardly yet very politely greeted Judith.

"It's pleasure to meet you too Sebastian but you don't have to be so formal, everyone is family here," she smiled.

"Mom, you have no idea how stressed Seb has been since yesterday night, he also brought so many gifts for you and dad," Ellie chuckled.

Giving her the bags, he smiled, "It's just a small gift."

"Ah you didn't have to, you are too sweet," Judith sighed before taking it from his hand.

"I told him the same thing but he never listens to me," Ellie added.

Raising his brows, Sebastian retorted, "Never? I never listen to you?"

Sticking her tongue out, she chuckled, "Well, not never but sometimes you don't."

"When was the last time I didn't?" he curiously inquired.

Thinking for a couple of seconds, she answered, "Yesterday night when I told you not to buy gifts for my parents, you ignored me and kept buying things."

"Alright kids, why don't you both save your cute argument and continue after we have lunch?" Judith chuckled.


Inside the house.

"Here comes my pumpkin," Harry exclaimed before giving Ellie a warm hug.

"I missed you so much dad," she smiled.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he smiled, "I missed you too honey."

Pulling away, she grabbed Sebastian's hand and pulled him towards them. "Dad, you remember Sebastian, right?"

"Yeah I remember you boss," Harry answered.

Awkwardly clearing her throat, she added, "Yes but Sebastian is not just my boss, he is my"

Cutting her off, Harry stated, "Friend? I know that he is your"

"Boyfriend" Pausing for a while, she continued, "Seb and I have been dating for months now."

"And they have also adopted a dog, right kids?" Judith inquired.

"Two dogs actually, Bojo and Boji," she added.


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