Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Floating Island Plan

The Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons was too powerful and Jiang Feng could not handle it.

If Xuanyuan Qi and the others could attract the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons aggro, he could use that chance to steal the treasures and escape, and then leave.

He continued to remain hidden and hid behind a golden statue by the side.

Xuanyuan Qi and his group had quickly reached the castles gate and entered by pushing open the main gate. They did not expect that Jiang Feng would be behind them at all.

Once they were within the castle, they noticed that its decoration was not that luxurious. Instead, it was quite old.

"Trespassers who trespass into Mechanus, die!"

As soon as they entered the castle, all the Mechanica guards in the castles main hall all attacked them.

Bang! Bang!

Dozens of Mechanica Guards had cannons installed on their arms, and they fired toward them.

When Jiang Feng saw this, he frowned and quickly headed toward the corner and hid there.

Once they started fighting, they would definitely use area-of-effect skills. And once he had been affected by any of the area-of-effect skills, his invisibility would be broken.

And once Xuanyuan Qi and his group discovered him, they would no doubt focus all their attacks on him. Then he would be in great danger.

Jiang Feng, who hid at the corners, glanced at Xuanyuan Qi and his group that fought against the Mechanica Guards. He stood close to the walls, and quietly headed toward the back of the castle.

Sacred Stealth would make him invisible to everyone other than the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon.

He had encountered many Golems, but none of them had discovered him. He successfully entered the next floor of the castle.

Boom! Boom!

As soon as he entered the next floor, he could hear the explosions from the upper floors.

"Looks like the battle above has reached the most exciting part!"

When Jiang Feng heard the explosions, he knew that someone must have used their ultimate skills. Those Mechanica Guards would not be able to stop them.

At this time, Ling Luos voice entered his ears. "Shifter Emperor, a large group of people is arriving. The Infernals, the Fallens, The Nine-Elementals, The Spirits, all of them are heading toward Mechanica!"

"What?! So many people? What kind of a plan is that? Why would it attract so many people?!" Jiang Feng was shocked when he heard of Ling Luos words.

"Yes, you better be careful. The castles made of metal, theres nothing I can do to support you!" Ling Luo reminded Jiang Feng and then said in her mind, A plan There seems to be another setting in Silvermoon. What is it? Oh no, Ive forgotten about it, but it is quite important!


"Looks like the plan is much more important than I think it is! Jiang Feng fell into a deep contemplation after he closed the team voice chat. He was thinking about what could attract so many inheritors to come over, and how did they know the importance of the plan.

Beep! Beep!

At this time, Jiang Fengs friend panel began to blink. A friend wished to speak to him.

He opened it and saw that it was from Ling Feiyu.

While Ling Feiyu had already reached level 150, she did not choose to go to Silvermoon but stayed in Divine Dominion Continent, protecting the Humans.

There were very few Humans on Silvermoon, and they could become very powerful when fully grown. So Ling Feiyu, Xiao Yatou, and a group of his followers had stayed behind to stop the Humans from being killed.

He clicked on accept voice chat, and Ling Feiyus voice entered his ear, "I have just received a piece of important news from an NPC. There is a city called Mechanus near Hanshuang City on Silvermoon, and there is a Floating Island Schema hidden somewhere in there. Its said that whoever gets the Floating Island Schema would be able to find the Floating Island and unlock the Floating Island."

Jiang Feng then asked, "Feiyu, what kind of a place is that?"

Ling Feiyu then said, "The Floating Island is an ancient ruin. But no one knows which races ruins it is. I heard that there are 12 rinds and an order tablet. Those who manage to get these things would become more powerful and will have a greater advantage in conquering Silvermoon!"

Jiang Feng heaved a long and heavy sigh, then said, "I see. I am in Mechanus, and I am going to snatch that Floating Island Schema. The other races are also on their way here."

Ling Feiyu then said with a smile, "Hehe, my guess is that the Nirvana Auction House would be betting on you. I will go and bet on it. Honey, work hard!"

Jiang Feng said with a smile, "Alright!"

After turning off the voice chat, he could only smile bitterly.

It was not because he was the slowest in receiving that news, but it was because he had been addicted to finding the Ruins Map Fragments. He also did not spend much time in the cities and accepted very little quests, naturally, he would be getting less information like this.

"When the Shifter Nation has been built, I must interact more with the NPCs and accept more quests!" He said to himself quietly and did not continue down the next level.

Because if he went straight down, he might get attacked by the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon. He did not even dare to use his Blazing Golden Eyes, afraid that he would once again see into the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons icy eyes.

He looked for a safe place to hide in the basement of the castle and waited for the war to begin.


Just as he was waiting for the war to begin, many other races were all heading toward Mechanus.

Many players knew about the news, and all had followed the giant groups formed of various races to watch how things unfold. Perhaps they might even be able to get a few advantages of their own.

"Oh my, I didnt expect to see a city like this in Silvermoon. Its completely mechanical! This is so cool!"

"Look, they are already fighting inside! A large group of elites has also entered! There must be some good things inside the city! If were late, were going to miss everything!"

"Hm? Why arent there any monsters from the Shifter faction? Is the Shifter Emperor not here?"


Other than those races and some unaffiliated players, many of the guilds had also made their way here.

Ling Yun was leading some of his elites toward Lingyun Pavillion, and they were riding on their steeds on a snow-covered mountain range.

"Boss, what do you think those Inheritors are looking for?" Ba Ge asked Ling Yun.

"No matter what it is, if it can attract so many inheritors to grab them, then it must be something very valuable. Later on, be extra cautious. Once they start fighting, we can go and search for whatever they are looking for!" Ling Yun said.

"Understood!" Ba Ge and the rest answered.


Xuanyuan Qi and his group had just cleared out all the monsters within the castle in Mechanus when they saw a frowning Qiu Si run in from the outside.

"Qiu Si, what happened?" When Xuanyuan Qi saw Qiu Sis expression, he asked curiously.

Qiu Si then answered with a deep frown, "The news about Mechanus has spread. Other inheritors must have also received the information about the plan. Now, all the inheritors from various other races are rushing here, as well as many of the guilds!"

"What?!" Johns, Kitazawa Hinata, Adam, and the others all went pale.

If the Inheritors of the other main races and the players from the guilds all made their way here, the ownership of the Floating Island Schema would become uncertain. Originally, it was theirs. But now, it might fall into the hands of other Inheritors. It would be strange if they were not pressured by it.

"Alright, lets stop messing around. We have to find the Floating Island Schema as soon as possible!" Xuanyuan Qi said with a deep frown, then headed straight to the back of the castle.

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