Life In Dxd Book 1 Chapter 287

Volume 1: Volume 1 Chapter 287 Start Of The Battle

Tatsuya came out of the room he was in earlier and soon came where the other members of his team were and nodded seeing that they were prepared in their battle gear.

Tatsuya looked at them and said, "You can go all out bit make sure to not get the allies get involved in your attacks."

All of them nodded and soon a magic circle appeared under their feet and they teleported to the dimensional gap.

As soon as they appeared Ruyaa waves her hand and said, "I will get the shell that I left behind." and then teleported away.

Tatsuya who saw the old Lucifer still monologuing once again tried to read his mind but immediately felt something blocking it. But this time he didn't stop and instead broke through the mental defense of the Lucifer and said, "...So that's how you did that you ass hole."

Feeling that someone just r.a.p.ed his mind Rizevim looked towards the newcomers and said, "Ara Ara, Tatsuya Shiba. It's not good to look into other people's mind like that you know? I feel violated."

Hearing him say that both Vali and Tatsuya frowned and decided to just forget what happened just now.

Tatsuya and the others then came beside people who were involved in the assault at the Tepes faction and Vali said, "I don't know whether am I lucky or unlucky? On one hand I get to kill this ass hole twice, but on the other hand why the hell do I have to kill this ass hole twice?!"

Tatsuya looked at him for a while before shifting his gaze towards Arthur and asked, "Please give us the summary of his monologue that he must be giving on for quite some time."

Arthur nodded his head and said, "Hmm...the simplest way to say that is, he had a way to make a clone of Ophis using some of her power but that failed because of your intervention. And later he used that power of himself and the rest of his subordinates, only this time the energy he used was that of the vampires from the Tepes faction but still have them the memory to that point and then hid himself with his army here in the dimensional gap since somehow that assistant of his hypothesized that you can read minds and prepared a barrier for that on his and his leader's minds.....after that he gave a brief run down of his plan and all about going to other world and how powerless we all are in front of that....ummm creature thingy...He calls it Trihexa or something."

Tatsuya nodded his head and looked at Euclid who smirked seeing his gaze and showed him a middle finger.

Seeing that Tatsuya smiled and said, "Hey V.i.r.g.i.n brother-in-law, do you wanna know what happened to your body double?"

Hearing him being called like that Euclid frowned but all of a sudden his face started to turn pale as Tatsuya started sending what all happened to the other Euclid from Euclid's own prospective.

Once all the info was transferred Euclid had his head in hands and had a lifeless look in his eyes.

Rizevim who was beside Euclid stared at him for a while and said, "...You were still a v.i.r.g.i.n?.....Damn....." He then looked at Tatsuya and said, "You must have done something way intense to the other Euclid-kun..... Aren't you a naught kid?" and looked at him with a playful smile and wiggled his eye brows.

Tatsuya looked at Vali and asked, "Hey Vali? Do you mind if I kill him this time, for some reason my hand is really itching."

Vali stared at Tatsuya for a while and said, "....No..."

Tatsuya nodded and said, "Ok...I am not guaranteeing that he will not die because of a misfire...."

Vali Immediately equipped his balance breaker armour and said, "A race to see who wins, it is then..." and smirked behind his helmet.

Rizevim looked towards his grandson and Tatsuya and then asked, "I don't mind you both playing something seeing that you two are very young and can still play but.....do you mind telling me why is there a barrier around us....we are in dimensional gap so I don't think there is a need for a barrier to prevent damage to the surroundings?"

Tatsuya smiled and said, "Who that's not a protection barrier...that's a time dilation barrier." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/life-in-dxd_15421532606437105/start-of-the-battle_51045578485852138 for visiting.

Hearing that all of the looked at him with a confused look on their faces not understanding why he would use a time dilation barrier, but all of a sudden Rizevim's eyes widened and he said, "You are one crazy mother fu*king son of a bitch aren't you?"

Just as he said that Tatsuya fired a blast of magic energy towards him destroying his right arm in an instant and immediately both Arthur and Tatsuya said in unison, "LANGUAGE!!!!" while both of them covered Lay Fay's ears.

Rizevim looked at his right side seeing he had one arm less and said, "Aww, that was my favorite arm." but soon a blob started to bubble up near the injured area and soon his arm came back.

He then gave his arms a few practice swings and said, "Hmm....good as new, good job Euclid-kun." said Rizevim patting a lifeless Euclid.

Soon various magic circles started surrounding them and people from different faction started appearing on there.

Seeing that the fight had still not started most of them were surprised but Azazel looked around and said, "So the time dilation idea really worked huh, Sometimes I think how the hell did I became such a badass genius." with a smug look on his face.

"Ah, so it was your plan, uncle Azazel." said Rizevim.

"Ah, if it ain't my nephew, wanna give your uncle a hug. I have chocolates for you." said Azazel while opening his arms for a hug.

Everyone of them all together decided to ignore the two idiots and Sirzechs came forward and said, "Rizevim.....as a devil and the current Lucifer, I will ask you to kindly surrender."

Rizevim looked towards Siezechs and said in mocking tone, "Ah, if it isn't the fak-"

"Ok, you will not surrender, I understand." said Siezechs and went back to his spot earning several confused glances towards him.

"Hey, what the hell was that Sirzech-chan? Not cool at all!" said Serafall with slight angry expression on her face.

"Shut up, I don't want to be anywhere near that demon queen." said Siezechs with a straight face trying his best to hide his scared expression.(If you forgot, reread Ch 257 & 258)

All of them looked at the spot where Sirzechs was earlier and saw.....Asia, standing there humming a tune. Seeing that everyone was looking at her she smiled and waved her hand, "Hi"

All of them stood at their spots without saying anything and then looked at Siezechs not knowing why he was scared of such a sweet girl.

Seeing how Siezechs was being looked at, those who already knew the reason of Sirzechs's dear were barely able to hold back from laughing.

"Don't get decieved by her outer appearance.....you will regret it.....YOU WILL SURELY REGRET IT!!!" said Sirzechs making other think that the maou was being crazy and decided to leave it at that.

"....Well I didn't get to say what I was going to.....but yes, I am not surrendering so...shall we begin?"


Suddenly the beast behind Rizevim roared and immediately all the people became serious and ready to fight against the Khaos Brigade.

Rizevim just smirked and said, "Oh, looks like the show is about to begin soon, eh?"

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