Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1222

Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Volume 3 Chapter 1222 The Story Of Ling And Heng 485

Boss Li, Boss Li!

They were about to meet their idol! How exciting!

However, after looking for a long time, they did not see anyone. The group of people turned their heads to look in other directions.

The twenty members of Team One looked around nervously, thinking that they had a chance to see Boss Li

Li Nanheng, who was sitting on the stairs next to Team One, raised his eyebrows indifferently and glanced at Ah Feng who was deliberately stirring up trouble.

Feng Ling also stood still, but her eyes were calm as she looked at Team One. Because she was standing far away, she could see Li Nanheng and those people's eyes.

This day would have come sooner or later. Today was indeed the most suitable day.

She just didn't know if the twenty idiots under her would be able to take this stimulus. After all, a few days ago, these people had scolded their boss behind his back in unison. They secretly hated him for being too ruthless, too harsh, and too cold. They believed he didn't give them any face at all.

She saw that Li Nanheng was still sitting there and didn't seem to want to steal the limelight from these newbies. The base needed new blood every few years, and the future XI Base would only become stronger.

"Yes, he is the deputy drillmaster of Team One and Team Two." At this moment, Ah Feng looked at the man sitting on the stairs and said with a smile, "Boss Li, you seem to be reluctant to leave your identity as the deputy drillmaster, don't you? Why don't we wait for this batch of newbies to finish their training before we recruit more for you to train in person, so that you won't have to hide your identity and become the deputy drillmaster."

In order to ensure that their identities wouldn't be exposed in the future, Li Nanheng took the time to visit Team Two a few times, which was equivalent to being their deputy drillmaster.

Before Ah Feng finished his words, the eyes of the two teams of newbies instantly turned to the man sitting in the most inconspicuous position. Almost in an instant, everyone looked at Li Nanheng with shock, disbelief, fear, regret, and even more strange looks.

Li Nanheng glanced at them coldly, got up, and walked down the stairs. When he was about to reach Ah Feng's position, he passed by Feng Ling intentionally or unintentionally. Of course, the seniors in the base all knew that he did it intentionally, so the newcomers didn't understand.

As he walked past Feng Ling, he glanced at her. Feng Ling also looked at him silently. Even if it was just a glance, he could understand the joy and calmness in her heart. She was happy that her hard work paid off. In the end, she won. What was great was that the two teams of newbies were the most important newbies in the base. Winning or losing was just a game. She wouldn't be proud of such a narrow victory.

"I've been working in the hospital for several days and just came back today. Can't you let me have a good rest?" Li Nanheng took the microphone from Ah Feng and glanced at him unkindly.

Ah Feng chuckled. "It's just a matter of a few words. Boss, one word from you is more than ten words from us. You're better at boosting morale than me."

"Encourage the people?" Li Nanheng sneered. He picked up the microphone and said expressionlessly, "A few seconds ago, the person in charge of the base hall, who is also the second-in-command of XI Base, asked me to say a few words to boost morale. Morale? Do you have it?"

Ah Feng: " "

Everyone: " "

"Although the results of today's assessment were out, I won't comment on everyone's performance, nor do I want to recall those horrible assessment standards, especially the members of Team Two. They could clearly display a better advantage to fight, but they didn't even show 70% of their abilities. Why? Do you think coming to XI Base is playing house? Do you think you can put on a formal uniform with just a few gestures?"

The whole place was silent. There were almost a hundred people, including the drillmasters and newbies in charge of the base, but it was so quiet that they could hear a pin drop.

Li Nanheng's gaze was as cold as ice as he scanned the new members of the two teams who were still frozen in shock and didn't dare to move or speak. "Recently, I wasn't in the base, and I didn't supervise the training of the two teams. What I can't believe is that after so many days outside, I finally managed to come back today, but I didn't see any improvements in any of them. Instead, I saw you all regress. If I were the referee today, not only would the two teams have additional slots, but if I were you, I wouldn't even have a single slot!"

"Do you know why XI Base is called XI Base? X represents perfection in sociology, but in numbers, it represents the unknown. I represents impregnablean indestructible base! Impregnable is the base's goal. Every member of the base must have the ability to act on their own. This spot is not a place where any coward can easily stand! But even if everyone is strong, they have to bear the responsibility. At any time, they will face unknown dangers in a mission. If they make any mistakes or are lacking in hand speed, they will give the enemy an opportunity to kill them."

"Why did you enter XI Base? Is it because the people who leave this place can gain a foothold in the military and the police's sphere of influence? Or is it because having the title of XI Base on your head will make you superior to others no matter where you go? Or is it because you just want to find a place to stay for a few years? Where do you think this is? A university? A kindergarten? Or do you think that the reputation of XI Base is just a rumor and that a bunch of hooligans can easily fool their way in here?"

"I don't have anything to cheer you up. I only have one thing to say. Open your eyes and see how different this place is from the outside. Don't wait for you to pay with your life and blood before you regret it. Those with ability, stay, those without ability, scram."

The entire hall was still silent, but no one showed any dissatisfaction, including Ah Feng, who had only wanted Boss Li to support him. He no longer had a joking expression and stood solemnly by the side.

Feng Ling listened quietly.

Li Nanheng never spoiled anyone. Even though he said that he had been paying attention to her when she first entered the base, he had never been soft-hearted towards her. If they wanted to stay in the base, they had to become stronger. This way, they wouldn't give the enemy an opportunity to take advantage of them. What the base needed was fresh blood, not some branded goods hanging in front of the base hall. What they needed was a comrade who could fight bravely, not a burden who would die on the battlefield.

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