Factory Inc. Book 2 Chapter 249

Volume 2: Volume Ii Chapter 249 246 Downfall V

V.44 Downfall V


Everyone watches as all the particle cannons fire at the empty space, all their eyes are following the beams.

"Did she make a mistake?"

Said one of the Admirals in his mind.

"What's going on!?" Asked one of the pilots.

"Why!? Are we firing at the empt.." His eyes grew big, in shock.

The moment before the beam reaches the target space, they saw a ripple in space indicating something is about to warp out.

Boom!, Boom!.. "Holy shit!!" shouted one of the pilots.

As soon as the Ganesh ship exited warp, the particle beam was only a few meters from them.

The result was devastating for the Ganesh instantly several battlesh.i.p.s exploded and those that were not hit were hit by the exploding ship in front of them.

To all who witness it, they all have the same question "How?" How the hell did she know the Ganesh would warp there.

"Is she? An Oracle? can she see the future?" Asked one of the communication officers.

"There's no such thing as Oracle you idiot." Answered the person beside him.

"She must have intel beforehand," said another.

Yes, that's right Mariel received intel from HQ that the second forces of Ganesh would arrive at the specific time and coordinates.

Oda received the intel from Legion because some of his Drones have managed to attach themselves to the Ganesh Sh.i.p.s.

And Oda passes that information to Mariel.

And therefore Mariel made good use of that intelligence.

Now, no one is doubting her ability, all their misgivings have disappeared after this performance.

Everyone is celebrating the successful attack.

Mariel on the other hand, have no emotions on her face she continued to watch and gives orders it was like nothing has happened.

After the initial success of the attack, she immediately ordered to activate the shield, like before many are confused as to why they are not continuing the bombardment. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/factory-inc._15511610705706605/246-downfall-v_50918820042308651 for visiting.

But of course, despite their many questions they still obeyed the orders.

And soon enough, their questions have been answered. The Ganesh despite receiving initial heavy damages launched a counterattack.

Some of the Ganesh sh.i.p.s exploded for trying to counterattack despite the heavy damage they received. But it's like nothing has ever happened the Ganesh like a zombie continues to advance despite losing many sh.i.p.s.

The soldiers watched in worry as the Ganesh lunch volley after volley of attacks, they were all praying for the shield to hold.

"Activate the second shield!"

"Activating... activating complete"

Mariel put three sets of the defensive shields in place just in case the Ganesh broke to the first and second before they needed to recharge after launching a massive attack.

Everyone is holding their breath, when Ganesh broke the first defensive shield they can feel their heart being squeezed a little.

"Second shield, 57% integrity."

"Prepare the second set of attack drones. Have them ready on my mark." Said Mariel who never once shifted her eyes away from the battlefield.

"20%" the operator continues to give the countdown.




"Deactivate the shield!! launch the combat drones now!" As soon as the last volley of attack ended Mariel immediately launched her own counterattack.

What Mariel is waiting for is for the Ganesh to enter recovery mode after launching attacks, that's the problems with energy-based weapons they entered a long period of charging after being used for some time. Of course, the more advanced they are the longer they can operate and the shorter the cooldowns.

Base on that information Mariel can guess when was the best time to attack.

And as soon as she ordered an Attack millions of Drones were unleashed. Soon small sh.i.p.s and mechs joined the fray.

Only the battlesh.i.p.s remain on standby.

The whole Galaxy watched as the Alliance of several Organization battles the Ganesh.

Many are left speechless.

"You! How was it with contacting the Elders?" Said one of the Captains who were on standby.

"Sir, still nothing."

"Goddammit, what the hell are they doing? Prepare to warp, we're going there I can't standby any longer." He was very angry and frustrated.

"But sir!"

"I will take full responsibility. Launch now before it's too late."

"YES SIR!" the soldiers smiled. He too was tired of waiting and watching as his fellow soldiers who are fighting for their lives.

And they were not the only ones.

"Warp sequence initiated."

"Good let me know if those geezers decided to respond to all our messages."

"Yes, Admiral."

"Let's just hope we get there on time. I should have listened to Sheila."

He was one of the admirals Sheila Jones contacted before she went to reinforce the front line.

"Connect me to all GFA forces on standby!"

"Yes sir... sir you're connected"

"Ehem, this is Admiral David Fealer of 99th fleet, I'm reinforcing the defensive line I give this message to all Admirals and Captains who are still waiting for orders. We are now in very critical situations our very lives our future, our descendant's future is at stake. Decide now before it is too late. Over and out"

"Sir we can warp anytime!"

"Warp now!"

"Warping in 3,2,1"

Ziiip, (sounds of warping)

The other admirals and captains watch the transmission of Admiral David. The decision to leave their post is not an easy one. But the consequences of not leaving are much heavier if they lost the last defensive line their very world their colony would be vulnerable to the Ganesh forces.

"This is Admiral Jacob Chu, my forces are very far from the defensive line but I can divide my forces to reinforce the post you left behind, and if you decided to leave I will reinforce those places. This is all I can do for now."

Another transmission was sent just after Admiral David. And this one would be the news many of them are waiting for. For many, the only thing that's keeping them from mobilizing is that if they leave their post the place they are protecting will be defenseless, but now that Admiral David Chu who will act as their replacements many of them immediately send their coordinates to David and left soon after.

But in fact, they have nothing to worry about. Oda already anticipated this kind of thing. So he sent several squads to look for any potential problems that may take advantage of the situation.

GT may have lacked battlesh.i.p.s but they never lacked drones.

They have billions of drones on their storage waiting to be sold, and Oda is using almost all of it.

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