Factory Inc. Book 2 Chapter 248

Volume 2: Volume Ii Chapter 248 245 Downfall Iv

V.43 Downfall IV

When Dianna and Oda find out that most of the forces under GFA and The Coalition are still on standby waiting for orders, they know something is wrong. Dianna has also tried to call Elder Markos, but Elder Markos Communications are out of reach.

Which doesn't make sense, even if he was in an important meeting, turning his communication off is not how Elder Markos work. In other words, it's very out of character for him to do so. Especially now that the war is in critical situations.

Unfortunately, GT can't just barge in the Elders conclaves to check. That would be the same as declaring war.

It's also the reason Oda was forced to send 2 fleets as reinforcements.

So GT did the next best thing. They broadcast the war live. So that everyone will know the situations on the front line.

This will help the Admirals and Captains who were still waiting for order to make decisions fast.

But make no mistake the situation is very serious, serious enough that Oda ordered Legion to prepare just in case the Ganesh was able to pass through the defensive line.

(A few hours ago.)

"Enemy warping out. 3,2,1"

Ziip!! *Sounds of ship warping out* the first sh.i.p.s of the Ganesh Forces arrives.

"Jones!!, are you seeing this?"

"Bro, I'm right beside you, of course, I can see it"

"Shit, man! This is going to be bad!"

"Relax man! it's not like this is your first combat."

"F.u.c.k, I know man, I just have a bad feeling about this"

Jones didn't reply. Like he said this is not their first battle. Being a GFA assault squad, He and his team have been through a lot. But this may be the first they are fighting in a massive War.

Most of the time He and his team were being sent as a rescue team or backup, and most of those were small fights.

But now is different, they were the first to respond to requests for reinforcement. When they lost The Crossing.

"Jones!, Jones are you there!?"

"Shut the f.u.c.k up man! and concentrate this may be our last fight, so be sure to give it your best"

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g Shit!!"

"Luna, Fenrir, pull your men behind us as soon as the battle starts," Mariel Ordered looking serious, this is the biggest test for her so far.

In all the battles she participated in, many of them they have a huge advantage in technology and the superiority of soldiers.

But in the battle today they are the underdog.

GT only has Two Fleet, despite their superior technology, two fleets can barely make any difference.

This is a big test for her, after all, it's not farfetched to say that the fate of the Galaxy is riding on this battle.

The Ganesh didn't waste any time, as soon as their first sh.i.p.s arrived they immediately launched an attack.

Shield drones are the newest additions to GT's Drones Series.

They were deployed mostly to prevent any sneak attack, or to protect from the sudden long-range bombardment.

This can also help, give time for them to better prepare.

And just like Mariel anticipated, The Ganesh immediately sent long-range volley after volley of attacks as soon as they arrived.

"Deactivate the shield, pull back behind the minefield, and send the first batch of Combat drones" As soon as Ganesh unleashed several attacks She pulled the shield Drones back, to bait the Ganesh to get close into the minefield.

"Deactivating Shield Drones, sending Combat Drones hives 1-20,"

Each hive consistent of 30,000 drones,

"Enter autonomous mode."

(Autonomous mode), is a special mode to give the drones AI total control in battle.

But this time, Gaia would be taking over. Mariel has no knowledge of the real Gaia and Legion.

She only knew Gaia as a support smart interface, but not as a Super AI.


As soon as (AM) was activated Gaia immediately took over! These are commercial Drones that GT sells to other organizations. Not the one being used by GT forces.

After all, Commercial Drones and exclusive Drones Grand Army are using, are very different in quality, the only thing they share is appearance.

Instantly the movements of the drones changed, as soon as Gaia took over.

"I didn't know, drones can move like that," said one of the Officers looking very shocked at what he was seeing.

And he wasn't alone, everyone watching was shocked.

"What did GT do?" Said one of the Admirals who was watching the drones in amazement.

"They look like they are"


"Yeah how come they never move like that when we use it," said one of the officers who were responsible for coordinating the drones, when they are in the manual mode they can only use pre-program formation, and base on that they can switch formation based on the battles.

"GT must have been using some powerful and very advanced algorithms to coordinate them," answered another officer.

"We too have been developing some algorithms to better control them, but they are not even close to what GT is using."

They all nodded in wonder, but they never took their eyes off the drones.

When they are using the Drones they make the Drones move in formations depending on the situation on the battlefield.

But when GT is using it, they see no formations but at the same time they are moving as one, but each individual is like they are alive, they dodge, counter, bait the enemy, it's like each individual drones have a pilot controlling it.

Even Mariel is surprised by the sudden flexibility of the drones.

But her surprise only lasted a few seconds.

"Shield drones reach second destinations"

"Activate them" ordered Mariel.





"Activation complete"

Behind the minefield, several hundred miles behind the first defensive line of drones the Shield was activated. Protecting the rest of the forces, but at the same time isolating the first line of Drones.

The Admirals and commanders are only watching, they all agreed to give Mariel the Authority as Supreme Commander on every ship on the defensive line.

At first, they were a bit worried when the two commanders sent by GT recommended a young woman as Supreme Commander to have total command of every soldier they have, but in the end, they agreed after Mariel told them of her plan.

They all agreed Mariel's plan is a lot better than what they have, and besides having GT lead the fight, would prevent any misgivings and opposition from other soldiers.

The soldiers in the front line are all shocked when they see the Drones, moved and how the Drones are being used.

But this is just the beginning, one after another the Ganesh forces keep arriving.

"Open shield, in area 47, 89, 307, and 550."

Even though the soldiers are confused by the order they still follow it.

"Opening... Shield open"

"Send Unmanned Mechs Squad, 16,20 " Mariel continuously gives orders, some orders are weird, some are shocking, but the soldiers followed them without delay.

"Charge all particle cannons"

"Charging all particle cannons "

A few seconds later. "Charge complete"

Mariel looking at the battlefield she didn't give the order to fire yet.

Drones and Unmanned mechs. Are still engaged in battle, autonomous Mechs are not as fast as drones but their firepower is stronger. Seeing the Drones and autonomous Mechs working so well gives everyone watching a different perspective on how to better use the drones and autonomous Mechs in the future.

Mariel looks at her watch.

"Aim all particles cannons ln in eara xx."

"Aiming... Aiming complete"

"Fire in 10 seconds, start the countdown now!"

"Firing in ten!"




Everyone is looking at sector XX but there's nothing there; it is several hundred miles away from the battlefield and the Ganesh.



Everyone is confused, but no one is brave enough to speak up.




The soldiers and everyone watching are holding their breath.

"1, FIRE!!"

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