Bank Of The Universe Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Gues From Barbarian Race

The watch that Li Xiandao gave him wouldnt let him enter the Bank of the Universe to trade.

He would shatter the watch and Li Xiandao would sense it and then find him.

With the cause and effect truly planted, he acquired the wood flame and they also discussed the dao for seven days to allow him to break through to stage two.

This trip out was really beneficial for him.

The only thing was that he hadnt seen Seven for days. The moment he thought about it, Li Xiandao returned to the Bank of the Universe right away.

The Bank of the Universe was as per normal. Everyone worked hard to cultivate and improve themselves.

Li Xiandao looked around. His men had mostly entered Emperor Realm, but there were some who were considering entering Destiny Realm.

Heaven Heart, Old priest, Lucifer, Northern Region Lord, etc

All of them reached peak emperor and had their own skills. Their talents were shocking, so they constantly improved themselves.

Now, they werent to be underestimated.

Li Xiandao was really satisfied. With all these people improving, he wouldnt need to chip in so much.

But when he looked at the four demon god pillars, Li Xiandao pouted. They were an eyesore. Now, he lacked one stone flame.

Water flame and wood flame were already obtained. Moreover, they were sparks that could give rise to endless flames.

He lacked one stone flame.

Li Xiandao returned. Seven stood in front of the door and smiled.

"How many have you got?" Seven asked.

"Water flame, wood flame, I am just missing one stone flame." Li Xiandao passed the two of them to Seven.

"I told the watch to prioritize people with stone flames. I think we will get news soon." Seven consoled Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao didnt care, "I am not in a rush. Now that the demon god pillars, water flame, and wood flame are in my hands, I am not in a hurry at all."

Seven nodded, "Good that you know. If you are anxious, you wont be able to get anything."

Li Xiandao nodded his head in satisfaction and looked at Sevens perfect face.

He reached out and wanted to hug it.

Sevens face turned red and she rejected him.

"No one else is looking." Li Xiandao looked around.

"Not that, I just received news that there is a guest." Seven was really shy and didnt dare to look at Li Xiandaos blazing gaze.

"What guest? Tell him to wait." Li Xiandao was annoyed.

"Someone regarding the stone flame." Seven added.

"Send him in right away, I will go change." Li Xiandao let go of Seven without hesitation. He disappeared to change. In less than five seconds, he stood in the main hall and waited for the guest to arrive.

"Quick, let the guest enter." Li Xiandao shouted towards Seven.

Seven blinked and muttered, "Didnt you say that you werent in a rush?"

In Great Sky, there were many races. The human race was the main one but the other races had their strengths.

Amongst them, there was the barbarian race that inherited the legacy of the ancient barbarian god. They lived in tribes and farmed. But most of them continued to hunt.

Of course, once they cultivated well and broke free of their tendencies to feed off flesh and blood, they would become stronger.

The barbarian race had rituals, they had the Barbarian God Hall which was in charge of developing the next generation. The legacy passed like that and as such, the barbarian race didnt fall off.

Until now, the barbarian rac and Barbarian God Hall were closely linked to each other.

There were over 900 tribes in the Barbarian Race and the largest one had hundreds of thousands of people. As for the smallest, there were less than 1,000. They built cities, setting up their own cultures, and were developing well in Great Sky.

But today, the Barbarian Race was in trouble. Ruins appeared within the barbarian race land and the largest city was destroyed. Numerous factions rushed over wanting to open the ruin to obtain the treasures within.

Obviously, the barbarian race didnt consent to this. Their city was wiped out and numerous people had died. They suffered such heavy losses which could be helped out by the ruins, so why would they agree to give it to an outsider?

But there were too many factions and the barbarian race couldnt defend against all of them alone.

So, the Barbarian God Hall priest thought about the Bank of the Universe.

He held a blood red watch and his expression was one of nervousness. He didnt know how high a price he had to pay after entering the Bank of the Universe.

But if he didnt go, the barbarian race could only hand the treasure over and split it with those wolf-like factions.

This was something that they couldnt accept.


Thinking about it, he still decided to smash the watch. He then slowly saw his body dim and disappear.

Bank of the Universe, Trading Hall.

The Barbarian God Hall priest appeared here and looked around in disbelief. A moment ago, he was still in the Barbarian God Hall and now he was in this mysterious place.

In the Trading Hall, he saw Li Xiandao and Seven.

He wore a mask. The mysterious Li Xiandao and also a fairy-like Seven.

"Are you from the Bank of the Universe?" Barbarian God Hall asked hesitantly.

"Welcome guest into the Bank of the Universe, I am the Master. You can trade anything here but the prerequisite is that you must be able to afford it." Li Xiandao said calmly.

"All this is actually true." Barbarian God Hall muttered in disbelief. Before this, he had his qualms about the Bank of the Universe and now he believed it.

"I want to invite Bank of the Universe to help the barbarian race tide through this crisis." Barbarian God Hall said emotionally.

"Sit down and calm down. Speak slowly, what crisis are you talking about?" Li Xiandao said slowly to make the priest calm down.

"My barbarian race was having a peaceful life and we guarded our land. We didnt disturb anyone else but seven days ago, ruins appeared in our biggest city. A few thousand people died and many were injured." Barbarian God Hall priest said.

Li Xiandao listened on calmly.

"I have settled the people down and was prepared to investigate the ruins but many factions came and said that who found the treasure would keep it. Of course, we didnt agree so we were at a standstill. During these few days, more and more factions have come wanting to split it up and we cant hold them off." Barbarian God Hall priest was furious.

Li Xiandao understood and said, "So do you want the Bank of the Universe to help you fend them off?"

"Right." Barbarian God Hall priest looked at Li Xiandao with hope.

Li Xiandao looked at him calmly. What he was thinking about now was actually that this mission had nothing to do with the stone flame.

"What are the ruins about?" Li Xiandao suddenly asked. If he was to say that anything was related to the stone flame, then these ruins were the only thing.

"It is a stone city that is really bright. Although there is a defensive barrier, we just need to study it and we will be able to enter." Barbarian God Hall priest said.

Li Xiandao knew it. The stone flame was in this stone city.

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