My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 501

Chapter 501: Disfigured

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However, she could not process so much right now. At this moment, she only felt terrified; she could not understand how she got disfigured.

After calling out for a long time with no one answering her, she saw a cellphone beside the wall on the ground. Hence, Ou Mingxi mustered a lot of courage before turning herself over on the wooden board.

Ou Mingxi’s legs gave way as she landed, so she fell to the ground. She had not expected to fall, so she landed directly on her face, the pain of which caused Ou Mingxi to scream again.

“What time is it already? Why are you playing outside all night again? Do you still care about your health?”

“Ah Dad, help! Dad… Boo hoo… Dad… Help…”

Ou Mingxi’s cry for help awakened Ou Chenghe and his wife at the same time, and they instantly sat up.

“Mingxi, where are you? What’s the matter? Don’t scare your mother, daughter. My dear daughter, what happened to you?” Madam Ou immediately started to cry in shock when she heard her daughter’s voice.

“Mom… I… Will I die… Boo hoo… Will I die? I don’t want to die… Dad save me… Save me!”

“Mingxi, don’t cry! Quick, tell Dad where you are!”

“I don’t know where I am, boo hoo… Dad, I’ve been disfigured. Ah I want to kill Zhong Nuannuan! I must kill Zhong Nuannuan!” Ou Mingxi screamed hysterically on the other end of the phone.

“Okay, don’t be afraid, don’t hang up, Dad will have someone locate you right away.”

After that, he handed the phone to Ou Mingxi’s mother while he used his house phone to quickly call the police. He forced them to locate Ou Mingxi as fast as possible.

To be honest, although Ou Chenghe was a sensible person, he was a slave to his daughter.

He only had one daughter, and all his struggles and hard work now was all done to pave the way for his daughter.

Therefore, although he was willing to teach Ou Mingxi a lesson, and even scold Ou Mingxi when she tried to confront Zhong Nuannuan, but if Ou Mingxi was ever in any real danger, he was definitely the kind of person who would sacrifice his life for her.

The police learned of Ou Mingxi’s whereabouts and reported it to Ou Chenghe, and when Ou Chenghe and his wife rushed to the scene of the incident, they saw an embarrassed police officer.

Ou Chenghe’s face sank and asked, “What’s going on? What happened?”

“Where is Mingxi? Where is Mingxi?” Madam Ou asked anxiously.

All the police on the scene were males, and they all looked embarrassed. When they heard the question, their eyes flickered. “Report, Deputy Governor Ou, your daughter is inside. The ambulance will arrive in three minutes.”

Ou Chenghe and his wife hurriedly ran to the abandoned tin house and opened the door. When they saw Ou Mingxi naked, her hair messy, and bloody face slashed to pieces, Madam Ou immediately passed out. Even Ou Chenghe’s legs weakened, as the huge blow from the sight caused him to fall to his knees.

Looking at his daughter’s face, which had flesh hanging from it and the whites of her skull exposed, Ou Chenghe knew that the daughter he had once been so proud of had been completely destroyed.


Early the next morning, Zhong Nuannuan received a call from Zhong Kuijun.

“Nuannuan, let me ask you, who is that person called Selina? Why did you let her bully your sister, let her threaten the Gu Family, and let her disrupt the Gu Family’s business? Nuannuan, I know you don’t like Qianqian because of your mother, but she’s still your biological sister, and the Gu Family are her future in-laws. If you allow people to harm the Gu Family like this, forget your sister’s troubles in the Gu Family, even our Zhong Family will be too embarrassed to see anyone.”

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