The Goblin Nation Chapter 140

138 The King

Hearst walked out the factory floor with a bundle of paperwork waiting for the King's approval. He walked across the city's underbelly until he reached a large elevator underneath the city castle. He stood on the metal platform, big enough to carry a dozen cows with room to spare.

The elevator took him to the surface in a matter of seconds. Hearst stepped out the metal floor onto the cold stone, paving the path towards the castle's entrance. "MAKE WAY FOR YOUR BISHOP!" He yelled as he opens the large door. Two large pawns were standing at the top of the staircase leading to the throne room. When they heard Hearst's bombastic voice, they hurried to open the sliding doors. These red conquerors were chosen for their size and strength to guard the King's home. And to open and close the doors made of iron slabs that are so heavy they tear the floor beneath them every time the pawns moved the doors. Hearst always wondered which of the two pawns will replace Rook if he ever died.


He entered eagerly to present to the King the profit they had made. The King was sitting on his throne, hidden behind the workbench that sat in front of him. He was the mastermind behind the weapons the Church desperate to obtain, and he is the genius who continued to pump out new and frightening inventions. Standing next to him was Knight.

Hearst loves to but heads with Knight due to his strictness and arrogance. "KNIGHT, MY LOVE I LOVE WHAT YOU DID TO YOUR HAIR. IT LOOKS LIKE MY CROTCH!"

"Go fuck yourself, Bishop." Knight retaliated, but the comment did its damage. Knight glanced over the mirror on the walls, wondering if Hearst was right about his feathers.

Hearts walked over to the King, removed his egg-shaped hat, and kneeled to him. He handed the documents to the King. Then he left the room, giving Knight a final taunt before he departed back to the factory chambers underground.

The King reviewed the contents and was astonished by the numbers. "Knight," He called out behind the tower of paperwork and miniature wooden models. "I need you to go to the mines near Garnet City, then head to the Zackons tribe and collect their tribute."

"Now? We haven't collected anything from them or the Lev for two years."

"It because they have our payment," The King coughed, "Go get them. And be sure to let my Queen know you're leaving the city under my orders. I don't want another case of her refusing to make her ice ships."

"Yes sir," Knight walked up to the king and grabbed his seal to present to the Queen, "I will return in a week."

But a week passed, and Knight did not return. Instead, his pawn came back. Astor was his name, and he brought a message to the King from another true goblin. Astor kneeled before the King as he read the letter behind a thin white veil. The King was stunned at the letter's content. The handwriting was clean and perfect, and the words were coherent with the intent behind the pen.

The King stood up from his chair and crumbled the paper into a ball. "Gather my pieces," He said, "We must prepare for the worst."

Astor ran outside the castle, and he returned soon after with eight pawns and three true goblins that held the titles of Rook, Bishop, and Queen. They submitted their will to the King, bowing before him, except for one. Whitfield Queen, the King's first and only lover. She's Bishop's twin sister, and she shares his soft pink skin. But the rest of her person was the complete opposite of her brother's being. Queen's hair and the feather were sleek and black, and she was soft-spoken. Her brother's bombastic nature only reflected on her through her clothing. She wore revealing garments to tease her tribesmen. But her body was only for the King to touch, and those who wish to break the self-imposed rule would die by her hands. She crossed the thin veil dividing the King and his loyal subjects and leaned to his chest and asked him the reason behind his call.

Rook glared at Queen. He did not like how intimate she was with the King. He believed she was a distraction and that she must behave herself in front of the King. And Rook's strictness and large imposing body made him the perfect guard and law enforcer of the city. His tribe kept the city in order, and the small goblins feared him even if they were innocent. But he only donned the title of the King's iron fist because it was the greatest honor for Rook to serve the King.

The King did not mind Queen's affection. In fact, he welcomed it because her gentleness made the grey, dull throne room beautiful for him. And her sweet nature made it easier for the King to tell them that an unknown enemy captured Knight and they are looking for a ransom.

"A ransom!" The Rook was shocked, "Is it those werewolves that wish to kill you! I'll hunt them down."


"They don't know that. No one in this world knows that." The King said, "Those werewolves merely wanted to take the title bestowed to me by the superpowers. This one is different. A personal matter, in fact."

"Personal?" Queen whispered, "Is it that Pagasa person you once mentioned."

"Maybe, but I am not too sure." Their King stood up and hovered his hand behind the veil, "Prepare the city. The enemy not only wanted a ransom, but they also threatened us and our city."

"WHAT?" Hearst screamed, "IMPOSSIBLE!"

"Rook, send me the candidates for the position of pawn."

"Yes, sir," Rook ran out of the room.

"My Queen," The King gently troked her black silky hair. "Fetch me the trumpet."

Queen left without a word through the backdoor. She returned moments later, with a red trumpet decorated in jewels and feathers. Rook soon followed with twenty goblins behind him. The goblins dropped to the ground and prostrated to the King.

The present pawns shivered in fear. They thought they would be replaced due to Astor and his peers' failure to aid Knight in his mission. But no, the King wished to expand the numbers of his forces. The King remained hidden behind the curtain, playing the trumpet. A jazzy melody filled the room, and the green goblins combust into flames. And when the flames died, their new bodies were born.

The new pawns praised their King for the gift of power and promised to conquer his enemies. The King was pleased to hear their devotion. "Rook, take our new recruits to the shooting range. Teach them how to use the rifles. And my Queen, I have a very delicate task for you."

"What is it, my love?"

"But first, fetch me my sword. I am going to kill this aggressor and rescue our Knight."

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