Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 748-2

Chapter 748.2 Ways Part Two

"Chief, nothing," a subordinate came over and said to Ran Jing.

"Hear that, nothing. Dont always treat us like criminals, please have a better attitude," the driver said.

Ran Jing walked to the back of the van and picked up a dead fish as she said, "The South Gate is the key food plaza in Shangcheng, and youre treating the customers to this kind of dead fish?"

The Driver: "Thats not part of your job, right? That matter belongs to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce."

"Yo, you know a lot eh." Ran Jing sneered. "Then should I call my comrades from there to temporarily shut down the place and investigate it?"

"You!" The drivers face instantly changed. He overestimated himself and underestimated Ran Jing.

"If you dont want to be shut down and go into investigation, then come with us and tell us why youre here loading the dead fish," Ran Jing said.

The drivers face changed instantly; he didnt look good.

Ran Jing did not give him a choice as she waved her hand. "Take him away!"

The driver still wanted to resist, but the police officers detained him and brought him into the police car, quickly leaving the scene.

As soon as they left, some staff members immediately made phone calls to their superior.

"Hello? Brother Jiang, Brother Mao was taken away. A police car came just now, they didnt find anything but Im guessing Brother Mao angered them so he was taken away."

"Thats all right, theyve been on our tail for a long time and they couldnt wait any longer to attack. However, since they didnt find anything, its normal for that Chief Ran to get anxious. Shes been involved in the case for several years, and if she cant manage to solve the case in the next few months, she probably wont be able to keep her position. Therefore, its normal that dogs will even jump over the wall when they are anxious. Our brothers in the jail will tell Mao what to do next. As long as he doesnt say anything, he will be able to get out."

"Okay, got it."

"The police are probably done today. Tell those anglers that they can get working."


After the call ended, the staff member made another call and simply said, "Time to work."

The next lead was at the river.

The river was divided into upstream and downstream. It was noon time, and along the upstream, several motorcycles came by one after another after receiving a call and all of them had their fishing gear on.

That was when they saw a middle-aged man in his thirties fishing at their spot.

They stared at him for a while and in order not to attract attention, they also sat down around there to fish.

When they threw the bait into the river, they quickly got a result.

The middle-aged man in his thirties found it strange and was curious as he asked those anglers. "Ive been fishing for a while, how come when you guys came, the fish all come here to eat your bait and not mine?"

The few anglers all laughed out loud.


The middle-aged man stood up and walked over to them, "Let me try in your area too."

The gang didnt stop him.

Their bait were eaten one after another and the middle-aged mans hook didnt even move.

He looked at this gang of anglers who came here by motorcycles for a while.

After a while, he noticed something strange: all their fish maw were in unison, and it was a kind of fish maw that wasnt found on the market.

Could that be a secret code?

The middle-aged man also found another problem, the fish didnt seem to struggle a lot when they got pulled up by the hook, and this group of people always quickly put the fish into the bucket.

"How about you guys sell me some bait, maybe its the bait Im using," he said.

The men all laughed and were polite enough to share a little bait with him, but the middle-aged man noticed that it didnt change much of the result, so he was even more sure that the fish were not so much caught by them, but more like fed to them.

That was when the man pretended to look frustrated as he said, "What am I here to fish for? Trying to have some fun during the weekend and not even one fish comes to bite my bait, now my wife is going to laugh at me when I go back. Oh guys, how about you sell me some of your fish? Ill pay you double so I could use them to trick my wife."

Those mens expressions instantly turned stiff.

"See, we arent short of money. How about you buy some from the fish market? We just crave these raw river fishes, and its not a matter of money."

The middle-aged man laughed awkwardly with embarrassment. "True, then Ive said the wrong thing. How about you give me two?"

"Fishing takes patience. If you want us to give you it, why dont you just go to the market and buy it, or maybe try again and see."

With all that talk, these men were playing just going in circles with him because they simply didnt want to give out their fish.

So there must be a problem!

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