Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 978

Chapter 978 Taotie Blessing

In the void above the Fallen Abyss.

The Law Domain stage experts gazed intently at the huge light mirror where two bright lotus flowers were slowly blooming. Wu Yao and Su Youwei were frozen within the lotus flowers, and a hideous scar had torn their bodies and caused chaos to their Genesis Qi.

"Reversal Art..."

Studying the lotus flower that appeared below the two women, the Law Domain experts wore a strange expression on their faces. Jin Zhong of the Wushen Region and Lu Xuangang of the Zixiao Region visibly tensed up.

They knew it was the Reversal Art.

It was an extremely mysterious and bizarre Little Saint Genesis Art from the Wushen Region. Once mastered, it was said to be able to pass on fatal injuries to ones attacker.

It was just that...they had never heard that the Reversal Art could freeze and seal space.

They could tell that the Sacred Lotus was incredibly mysterious and that it vaguely exuded the energy of the Law Domain. It was no wonder that it could freeze both Su Youwei and Wu Yao like a seal.

Lu Xuangang swept a glance over Zhao Xuansun. "The Wanzu Regions Reversal Art is famous but is known to be extremely difficult to practice. I have never heard of anybody beneath the Nascent Source stage who has mastered this technique."

Zhao Xiansun smiled, saying, "Zhao Mushen has outstanding talent. It isnt surprising that he could master this technique."

Jin Zhong further inquired, "But I have never heard that the Wanzu Regions Reversal Art also has the power of the Sacred Lotus Seal."

The Reversal Art performed by Zhao Mushen was very special. It possessed the power of the Sacred Lotus Seal and even healed his fatal injuries.

The technique was simply in defiance of the natural order. Not only did it reverse fatal injury onto the opponent, but it could also heal wounds, which differed hugely to the normal Reversal Art!

Zhao Xiansun smiled. "This is Zhao Mushens blessing, and it isnt convenient for me to say anything."

Jin Zhong snorted and couldn't say anything.

He exchanged a glance with Lu Xuangang, and they scrunched their bows. It was obvious that the situation didnt look good for their regions.


In the deep pit, Zhao Mushen looked up at the two beautiful figures bound by the two lotuses. With a smile, he gradually rose into the sky and arrived before them.

"In the end, I am still better," Zhao Mushen said softly.

Wu Yaos and Su Youweis eyes flickered up at him. Everybody could tell that they were using all their strength to get rid of the Sacred Lotus Seal.

Zhao Mushens gaze shifted to Wu Yao, staring at her stunning face with deep admiration. "Wu Yao, did you know that what I really coveted in the nine regions tournament wasnt the number one position of the nine regions, but...you?"

Although Wu Yao couldnt move an inch in the sacred lotus, her eyes released endless chilling intent.

Zhao Mushen shook his head. "Don't misunderstand. I dont covet you. To be precise, it's the Blessing inside your body."

Wu Yaos pupils shrank.

What exactly did Zhao Mushen want to do? Did he want to take her Blessing? But this was impossible because Blessings couldnt be taken away so easily. Her father was only able to extract the Blessing from Zhou Yuan and instill it into her and Wu Huangs bodies because they were born on the same day. Also, their bodies matched the Blessings requirements!

But Zhao Mushen wasnt born on the same day as her!

"It's weird, isn't it?" Zhao Mushen laughed. "I dont meet the conditions to take away your Blessing. But unfortunately for you...there are a lot of things in this world that don't follow the rules."

The lotus flower mark at the center of his eyebrows suddenly glowed, and vaguely, a mysterious aura gushed out. Even the universe Genesis Qi was faintly showing strange movements.

Everybody was stunned to see an illusory silhouette emerge behind Zhao Mushen.

The silhouette seemed to be that of a mysterious giant monster. It lifted its head and roared skywards. Its large and deep mouth was like the mouth of a giant abyss.

Wu Yaos heart trembled when she saw the mysterious silhouette forming behind Zhao Mushen. Its some sort of Blessing?!

Zhao Mushen also possesses a Blessing!

But Wu Yao was unable to identify what being Zhao Mushens Blessing came from.

As though he had read Wu Yaos mind, Zhao Mushen said with a smile, "The Blessing I possess is called the Taotie (a mythological Chinese creature) Blessing. Since the dawn of time, a sacred beast has existed. Its called the Ancestral Taotie.

"The Taotie Blessing is weak when born, but it possesses a special ability that other Blessings dont have...and that is the ability to devour other Blessings."

Wu Yaos pupils suddenly shrank. She had never expected Zhao Mushen to possess such a special Blessing! It was no wonder that he had said what he really coveted in the nine regions tournament was the Blessing in her body. He wanted to swallow her Blessing!

Zhao Mushen looked at Wu Yao and said softly, "Wu Yao, do you think I was always this outstanding? Youre wrong. In truth, my talent was extremely ordinary when I set foot on the cultivation path. I was just a stepping stone for other people.

"It was the Taotie Blessing that got me to where I am today. Im about to break through to the Heavenly Sun stage. If I devour your Blessing, Im certain it will make my breakthrough perfect." He smiled. "So...excuse me."


Behind him, the blurry Taotie Blessing unleashed a soundless roar, and black light spread out of its mouth like fog and surrounded Wu Yao.

Zhao Mushen had long been preparing to devour her Blessing.


Outside the Fallen Abyss.

Anger bubbled up inside Jin Zhong when he saw this scene. He fixed a fierce look at Zhao Xiansun and said, "How dare Zhao Mushen swallow Wu Yaos Blessing?!"

Blessings were indeed quite mysterious in that they could directly affect ones cultivation talent. Adding to this, it was extremely beneficial to Genesis techniques and breakthroughs. Generally speaking, those who possessed Blessings would progress further along the cultivation path compared to ordinary people.

Wu Yaos future would be destroyed if Zhao Mushen successfully devoured her Blessing!

Zhao Xiansuns eyes slightly drooped. "Mister Jin Zhong shouldnt be so angry. I will scold him when the nine regions tournament ends."

Jin Zhongs face grew even more livid. Wait until the nine regions tournament finishes? Zhao Mushen would have completely devoured her Blessing by then. What would be the use in scolding him then?

But from the look on Zhao Xiansuns face, it was obvious that he intended to let Zhao Mushen do what he wanted. In the Fallen Abyss, even Law Domain experts couldnt interfere with what happens in the battle. So, no matter how angry he was, it wouldnt help the situation.

"Well, if your Wanzu Region intends to become enemies with my Wushen Region, I also cant stop you." With nothing else that he could do, Jin Zhong had no choice but to threaten Zhao Xiansun.


Powerful Law Domain experts were competing in the outside world, and the atmosphere under the starry sky was equally solemn.

Countless people fixed their eyes above the stone statue in the depths of the starry sky. They didnt expect Zhao Mushen to be so ruthlesshe intended to devour Wu Yaos Blessing!

All Wushen Regions disciples flushed with anger and angrily rebuked him. Other than this, there was nothing else they could do.

Facing the anger of the Wushen Regions disciples, Liu Qingshu simply snorted. "Wu Yao has fallen into senior brothers hands, so naturally, she should pay the price. Its just a Blessing, not her life!"

She undoubtedly gloated over Wu Yaos situation. After all, Wu Yao and Su Youwei were too remarkable, and she was very envious of them.

Everybody was focused on the changes in the situation between Zhao Mushen and Wu Yu that they had failed to notice that Zhou Yuan had awoken from his training state.

After Zhou Yuan withdrew from his state of cultivation, his mind was obviously immersed in the changes within his own Divine Dwellings.

He stroked his chest with the palm of his hand, a quizzical look on his face.

"To think theres such a thing..."

Zhou Yuan was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. He then looked up to see what was happening above the ancient stone statue in the depths of the starry sky and couldnt help smiling. "It can swallow anothers Blessing. Its indeed a little strange.

"But...the Blessing in Wu Yaos body is mine. I wont allow you, Zhao Mushen, to ruin it."

He sprang up and shook his body. Three muddled-colored halos emerged behind him, and a stream of mighty Genesis Qi surged out like a torrent, bringing earth-shaking pressure to this side of the world.


Zhou Yuan didnt show any sign of reluctance to leave. He flashed away, rushed up and charged through the statues barrier. He headed directly for the depths of the starry sky where the ancient stone statue was located.

Zhou Yuans movements immediately attracted countless eyes.

When the onlookers saw Zhou Yuan leave the statue, they cried out in surprise one after another.

"Zhou Yuan is giving up on his stone statue?!"

"If he leaves now, its the same as giving up, and if he wants to return later, the Genesis Qi barrier will reject him!"

"He is charging towards the first statue! How ambitious!"

"His Genesis Qi has become much stronger! He must have connected to the ninth Divine Dwelling!"

"No wonder his ambition has grown...but that's still not a wise move!"


Yuan Kun, Jiu Gong, Li Tongshen and others all noticed where Zhou Yuan was heading. Yuan Kuns and Jiu Gongs expressions turned somewhat complicated because they could feel an oppressive aura coming from Zhou Yuan's body.

Zhou Yuan had evidently become much stronger than before after connecting all nine Divine Dwellings!

On the other hand, Liu Qingshu smiled coldly. "He really doesnt know the immensity of heaven and earth! Does he think he has the qualification to challenge my senior brother after connecting the ninth Divine Dwelling? So stupid. Even Wu Yao and Su Youwei were defeated. Who does he think he is?!"

Her brows frowned contemptuously.

But no matter what others were saying, Zhou Yuan streaked across the starry sky under countless gazes and finally arrived before the most striking ancient stone statue.
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