Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Reversal

Su Youwei was faced with great danger above the plain. Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao, who werent considered weaker than her in any way, had joined forces, and each had brought out a killing move. Even if she possessed a stronger Genesis Qi foundation than both of them, there was no doubt she would have to pay a huge price if they struck her.

As she hovered in the air, her stunning face turned solemn, and she drew in a deep breath. Her eyes flashed, and the Genesis Qi flowing around her body surged. She folded her slender hands together and swiftly formed countless hand seals.

Countless purple stars emerged all over her body, all vaguely connecting to form a gigantic starry painting.

The starry painting protected Su Youwei by forming an extremely powerful defense.

"Little Saint Art: Amethyst Starry Painting!"

Su Youweis little mouth moved slightly, and a soft voice came out.

The starry painting surrounded her in layers, which from a distance it looked as though purple-colored crystals were enveloping her.

In the face of Zhao Mushen and Wu Yaos joint attack, Su Youwei chose to guard with her strongest defense move because Zhao Mushen had locked the surrounding space and she knew it wasnt wise to retreat.


When the layers of the purple starry painting formed, Zhao Mushen was the first to attack. His conjured yellow mottled hand smashed through the void and bombarded the starry painting with devastating power.


A loud sound resounded, and the void shook violently and whipped up a storm of Genesis Qi.

The starry paintings multiple layers flickered violently and showed signs of shattering under the mottle hands repeated bombardment. However, the starry painting could evidently repair itself. When it was on the verge of collapsing, the layers rapidly condensed and strengthened themselves.

The two were in a deadlock for a moment.


It was at this moment that a phoenix cry reverberated in the air. The space behind them shattered as a tremendous black lightning phoenix broke out from the sky. Endless bolts of black lightning shot out from the phoenixs mouth and fiercely bombarded the starry painting.


Under these two terrifying forces, the speed at which the starry painting shattered suddenly accelerated.

The amethysts enveloping Su Youwei's body began to melt like ice surrounded by lava.

Zhao Mushen knew that Su Youweis powerful defense would collapse with one more attack. With one thought, he controlled the ancient hand to form a fist seal.

"The Heavenly Fist Severing Spirit Seal!"


The ancient fist blasted through space and then, wrapped in devastating power, pounded the purple starry painting under countless horrified gazes.


The collision set off thousand-foot waves of Genesis Qi. Only a deafening boom was heard before more than half of the purple starry painting collapsed.

"Wu Yao, now!" Zhao Mushen urged.


A phoenixs cry filled the air as a black lightning phoenix sped forward. Her mouth opened wide and instantly swallowed Su Youwei along with the crumbling starry painting into her stomach, where lightning rumbled endlessly.

Seeing this, Zhao Mushen relaxed a little.

"What an overbearing lightning phoenix," Zhao Mushen remarked with a smile.

But his voice had just faded when his pupils suddenly shrank. He noticed that the lightning phoenix increased her speed rather than slow down after swallowing Su Youwei. The phoenix was charging straight at him.

A loud clap of thunder echoed throughout the skies with violent intent.

Zhao Mushen raised his brows. "Su Youwei has only just been dealt with. Isnt it too soon for you to act?"

But it was obvious that he wasnt surprised. He also hadnt withdrawn the ancient mottled hand, and he was about to launch an attack at Wu Yao.

After all, they had only agreed to eliminate one person in their alliance.

Now that Su Youwei had fallen into the lightning phoenixs stomach, she was no doubt severely wounded, and the threat had been greatly reduced.


With a flick of his sleeve, Zhao Mushens mottled hand again formed a fist wrapped in devastating power. The fist slammed out to meet the lightning phoenix head-on.


The impact caused the black lightning to sputter across the sky and turn into countless lightning sparks. The sparks rained down, blasting thousands of holes into the plain below.


The lightning phoenix let out a long screech in the void, then repeatedly bombarded the giant ancient hand.

Every bombardment caused the world to quake. Many people in the outside world felt their scalp go numb, seeing such earth-shaking movements. In a battle of this level, even top heaven prides such as Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong would be killed instantly.

The combat power of the top two on the Divine Dwelling List was indeed too terrifying.

Wu Yao stood still in the void, analyzing the deadlock. Her phoenixs eyes suddenly glinted fiercely.

A mysterious aura rose from her body, and her body vaguely took the form of a gigantic phoenix shadow. The universe Genesis Qi suddenly pulsed strangely.

At that moment, Wu Yaos body could integrate with the world and borrow the power of heaven and earth.

This was the Heavenly Phoenix Blessing!

There were two parts of Zhou Yuans Sacred Dragon Blessing within Wu Yaos body. She had gradually fused with them over the years and had created a Heavenly Phoenix Blessing that belonged to her.

Of course, the Blessing was ever-changing. If Zhou Yuan could retrieve it, it naturally would be transformed into the Sacred Dragon Blessing that belonged to him.

Wu Yao stretched out her slender fingers and made a flick in the air.

Universe Genesis Qi rolled in, turned into crystal fragments and landed on the black lightning phoenixs body.

The lightning phoenixs imposing aura soared dramatically as the crystal fragments formed a layer of crystal scales around her body.


She unleashed a long resounding cry before folding her wings together. Her tremendous body turned into a black arrow overflowing with black lightning, and the arrow struck the giant ancient hand.

The many black lightning bolts revolved, and the arrow erupted with extremely destructive and penetrating power.

It pierced right through the ancient hand.

Zhao Mushen narrowed his eyes, and he immediately shot away.

But his speed couldnt match the black lightnings. The lightning phoenix even left faint traces in the void as she passed.

Unable to evade in time, Zhao Mushen immediately stopped what he was doing and rapidly performed a hand seal with both hands. Once again, a golden light formation emerged behind him, and it possessed much more powerful Genesis Qi than before!


The golden light formation swiftly rotated, and two giant ancient hands stretched out to form a towering golden mountain! The mountaintop was marked with multiple ancient and mysterious patterns.


The huge golden mountain flickered, then reappeared above the black phoenix in the sky as though it had teleported. It came crashing down. The void instantly cracked.

As the golden mountain pressed down, the black lightning phoenix let out a shrill cry, causing countless black lightning bolts to block the attack, but it had little effect.

The golden mountain grew larger and larger as it descended, as though it was about to engulf the black lightning phoenix.

Just as the black lightning phoenix was on the verge of being crushed, she suddenly opened her mouth, and a jet-black lightning bolt shot out towards Zhao Mushen.

The black lightning bolt was compressed to a terrifying degree.

Its speed was so fast that even Zhao Mushen couldnt evade it in time. He let out a thunderous roar and manipulated powerful Genesis Qi to gather around his palms. Then, he reached out to grab the black lightning bolt.


The tyrannical force the black lightning bolt released caused blood to seep out from Zhao Mushens hand.

But Zhao Mushen didnt seem to care. He just stared fixedly at the black lightning bolt that was slowly pressing towards the center of his eyebrows. He knew about the black lightnings destructive power. If it managed to pierce through, even he would be severely wounded.

More than 90 million Genesis Qi stars flickered wildly behind Zhao Musan.

The black lightning bolt drilled out little by little, and just as it was only two inches away from Zhao Mu, it finally halted.

Even Zhao Mushen breathed a sigh of relief. But before he had exhaled his breath fully, he saw a flash of purple light within the black lightning bolt.

His pupils shrank rapidly, and his sweat-soaked hair stood on end.

The moment he was about to summon another trump card, a flash of purple light and a beautiful figure appeared before him.

It was Su Youwei!

She isnt in the slightest wounded by the black lightning within the phoenixs body?!

Su Youweis Genesis Qi is still abundant and strong, and it shows no signs of injury!

While various thoughts came to his mind, Zhao Mushens face turned livid!

Wu Yao and Su Youwei had joined forces against him!

"Zixiao Azure Underworld!"

But the counterattack came too late. Su Youweis beautiful hand glowed with azure-purple light, and an azure-purple sword flashed out. The sword looked as if it was forged from starlight, dazzling and mysterious.


It pierced right through Zhao Mushens chest.

The Genesis Qi within his body violently pulsed. He loosened his grip slightly, and the black lightning bolt curved slightly and stabbed down into the top of his shoulder, like a black thorn.

Su Youwei's beautiful figure appeared behind Zhao Mushen.

Farther away, Wu Yao flicked her finger, and the black lightning phoenix lifted her head and let out a loud cry.

She stared at the wide-eyed Zhao Mushen and said indifferently, "Zhao Mushen, you are the most dangerous person, so I think its best that you are eliminated first."

In truth, when Zhao Mushen persuaded Wu Yao to join forces, she had already made an agreement with Su Youwei. Although there had been discord between them in the past, they were well aware of Zhao Mushens danger.

If Su Youwei were the first to be eliminated, Wu Yao would have had to face Zhao Mushen alone, and the difficulty of that would be greater than fighting against Su Youwei.

This must be what Su Youwei was thinking, and so she immediately agreed to join forces with Wu Yao.

Zhao Mushen fixed them with a glare, but Su Youweis and Wu Yao's Genesis Qis were raging and causing havoc in his body, so he couldnt utter a word. He finally collapsed.

Everybody in the outside world was dumbstruck.

Many people blankly watched this scene. The situation should have been Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao joining hands to deal with Su Youwei, but who would have thought that this was only an illusion and that Wu Yao and Su Youwei had reached an agreement first?

Wu Yao had swallowed Su Youwei with the lightning phoenix, and the two women had joined forces to eliminate Zhao Mushen.

Everybody blankly watched Zhao Mushens fall. Is this how the first king on the Divine Dwelling List is going to be eliminated?!
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