Grasping Evil Chapter 1272

Chapter 1266: Xin Yi Wine

After crossing ten mountains and nine rivers, Jiu Xiaojiu finally found the place the little demon said.

There are countless tree cave warehouses built here, and the Ye Xiao family has lived here for generations, and is responsible for guarding the material reserves of Xuanzhen Palace.

Perceiving the intrusion of Jiu Xiaojiu, a little demon of the night owl clan who was patrolling flew over and landed on the ground. He swept the weapon in his hand and asked in a deep voice.


"What's the password?" Jiu Xiaojiu was taken aback.

"If you don't know the password, you are an unidentified person, and you are not allowed to enter the Thousand Tree Treasure House and leave quickly!" The Yexiao Clan Little Demon couldn't refuse.

"Wait, I only came here after listening to the instructions of the mountain patrol little demon. I want to see you in charge..." Jiu Xiaojiu explained.

"Quickly leave!"


"Quickly leave!"

Wine and wine cannot enter the treasure house of the thousand trees.

Looking at the closed door of the Thousand Tree Treasure House and the cold-faced and merciless guards around the door, Jiu Xiaojiu suddenly felt deceived.

The mountain patrol demon clearly said that he could find brewing materials here. Could it be that she lied to her? She clearly can't even enter the gate of this place, so there is no trace of material to be found!

Or, the little demon just forgot to mention that this place is heavily guarded and requires a password...

"Do you want to hide your body and sneak into this place to find materials? Although I am only trying to cultivate my true cultivation base, if I use the methods taught by the master of fish, people who are waiting for leisure will definitely not detect my infiltration..."

Jiu Xiaojiu was moving his brains, and suddenly he saw a demon driving in the distance.

This is a banshee wearing a wooden armor and apricot yellow dress inside. With the eyesight of wine and wine, she can't see the depth of this female cultivation.

"This female cultivation is far superior to me, so it is so. At least it is the Broken Mind Realm, and it may even be higher..." Jiu Xiaojiu secretly said.

The wooden banshee descended outside the gate of the Thousand Trees Treasure House. As soon as Fang landed, a group of guards greeted him, respectfully saluting, "Senior Xinyi!"

"So this female senior is called Xin Yi..." Jiu Xiaojiu secretly said.

"No gift. I'm here today to get some materials. I don't know if it's possible or not." The Xin Yi female explained, turned her head, looked in the direction of Jiu Xiaojiu in the distance, and then retracted her gaze.

Doesn't seem to mind the peeping of wine and wine.

Who is the Xinyi girl?

This woman was the female chariot champion when Ning Fan eliminated hundreds of millions of locust demon.

The body is an ancient alien species of Xinyi wood.

The cultivation base is the realm of the immortal emperor of the six tribulations.

Jiuxiaojiu, who is in the realm of the real world, naturally can't break the depth of her cultivation.

On the other side, when she heard that the Xin Yi girl wanted to come to the Thousand Tree Treasury to use celestial materials, the guards suddenly looked distressed.

"This...I'm only responsible for guarding the treasure house. Whether or not seniors can access the materials, I don't know how to do it. It's up to the leader to decide."

"Then I will see your leader." Xin Yi female.

"This is very good. There is only one thing. I still need to tell my seniors. If you want to enter the treasury of a thousand trees, you must give an order. This is the rule set by Mrs. Luo, and I hope seniors will not embarrass me..."

"Don't worry, I know the password naturally. "I persuade God to show benevolence and justice, and God gives me Ning Zhenjun." Is that true?" Xin Yi said.

"Wrong, wrong, this is the password from last month. The new password this month is'sun, moon and stars, mere gravel, not as good as predecessors'."

"...I didn't know where I changed my password, so I am afraid I am not qualified to enter this place." Xin Yi female said disappointed.

"It's okay. Although Senior didn't say the correct password, when he was compared with Senior Ning, the meaning of respect in his eyes was by no means false. Even if the password is wrong, you can still enter."

"So it can be like this..." Xin Yi female nodded gratefully.

"How could this happen!" Jiu Xiaojiu in the distance didn't know where to complain.

"So, I wait for this to open the door for seniors." The guard said respectfully.

"It's time to work. By the way, the wine demon came here with me, can't you?" Xin Yi female waved to the wine and wine in the distance.

Jiu Xiaojiu was stunned. Although the reason is unknown, she still followed the Xin Yi woman: If she could enter this place effortlessly, she would naturally not have to spend a lot of time to sneak in.

The guards naturally did not dare to embarrass the Xinyi girl too much.

Ever since, under the leadership of the Xin Yi woman, wine and wine mixed into the gate of the Thousand Tree Treasure House.

"Thank you senior for taking me into this place." Jiu Xiaojiu thanked him.

"You don't have to thank me, I will help you, because you are the younger nephew of Senior Ning, and you will be treated more favorably." Xin Yi female explained.

"Senior misunderstood, I'm not the younger nephew of that guy..." Jiu Xiaojiu waved his hands and denied.

"If you are not the younger generation of Senior Ning's nephew, why do you have the mark of rain planted by Senior Ning on your body. This mark can be hidden from others, or even from you, but it is absolutely impossible to hide the existence above the broken thoughts. No, Rather, this mark was specially shown to me by Senior Ning, in order to tell me to wait and not to shoot you. This is a kind of potential protection. You are very happy to be cared for by such elders." Xin Yi girl With a look of envy, he looked at Jiu Xiaojiu.

"What? What! That guy planted his mark in my body when I didn't know it? And I didn't notice all of this?" Jiu Xiaojiu was startled.

The more I think about it, the more I am afraid!

The more I think about it, the colder my teeth!

She was actually imprinted by Ning Fan!

What a mark is this!

This is the mark of being able to monitor her and kill her anytime, anywhere!

It's over!

You must be careful in the future, and you must not show the slightest dissatisfaction with that guy, otherwise you will definitely suffer revenge!

"You seem to be scared?" Xin Yi female asked in confusion.

"No, not..."

The Xinyi girl nodded and said no more. The second woman was speechless all the way, and she found the tree cave where the leader of the Ye Xiao clan was located, and said her purpose.

Hearing that the Xin Yi woman wanted to come and use the immortal materials here, Ye Xiao commanded him for a moment, and then rejected the Xin Yi woman's request.

At the turn of cultivation level, Ye Xiao's command is only an early stage of breaking thoughts, far less advanced than Xin Yi female.

But he relied that he was guarded by the treasure house of thousands of trees appointed by the ancestor of Nuluo, and he expected that Xinyi would not dare to make trouble here, so he was not too afraid of Xinyi.

What if the other party is an emperor?

The opponent is not a local monster in Xuanchan Palace!

The old man is the guard of Xuanchan Palace, how could he give his supplies to other palaces for no reason?

If you really do this, it will be a catastrophe. Afterwards, I am afraid that I will be severely punished by the ancestor Nuluo...

"Is the commander really not accommodating?" Xin Yi female asked with a calm expression.

"Hey, I'm not telling you, the ancestor Nuluo had a strict order, the material of this palace is not to be given to the demon of the outer palace, Senior Xinyi should not embarrass the younger generation..." Is it the old ancestor of Ye Xiao?

"The commander must not rush to refuse, please take a closer look, what is so strange about this little friend next to me?" Xin Yi female said with deep meaning.

"Hehe, a real little demon, what can be special..." Ye Xiao commanded Shennian to sweep away the wine and wine.

The initial look despised.

Immediately, he seemed to be aware of something, his complexion changed drastically, he stood up from his seat on the spot, approached the front, held his fists at Xinyi Girl and Jiu Xiaojiu apologizing.

"Disrespectful, disrespectful! It turns out that the two are actually close friends of Senior Ning. They are so negligent. I hope that the two Haihan!"

"The ancestor of Nvluo has an order. If the senior clerk of Ning comes here, he can accept any request."

"What kind of fairy materials you two need, it doesn't matter what you get!"

In the end, Jiu Xiaojiu took a large amount of wine-making things from the treasure house of a thousand trees.

But she was not happy, but rather depressed.

She felt... as if she was being used!

Be used as a tool man!

"Senior Xinyi, have you already known that as long as I follow, the leader of Ye Xiao will give you what you want?" Jiu Xiaojiu said with a faint complaint.

"I did consider that if you follow, the leader of Ye Xiao will be easier to talk about. But unexpectedly, he is ten times, a hundred times more accommodating than imagined. The prestige of the predecessors has shocked the group to this, it is really fascinating." Xin Yi female.

"Senior, your cultivation base is far superior to me, but you came to cheat and use my juniors like this. Is this good? This is not good..." Jiu Xiaojiu complained even more.

"There is a saying in the art of war, good fighters, seek out the situation, do not blame people, so I can choose people and take charge. As a soldier, it is not surprising that I am proficient in this way." Xin Yi female said calmly.

"Senior is actually a soldier repairer? This genre is rare." Jiu Xiaojiu was aroused by Xin Yi's words.

The chagrin of being used as a tool was immediately thrown out of the sky.

"Whether it is military repair or Taoist repair, although the things they do are different, the way they seek is the same." Xin Yi female.

"What a profound remark...Speaking of which, Senior looks dull, but unexpectedly he is quite a city. It is really surprising." Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Soldiers, so are the tricks. If there is no city, you can't cultivate the art of war. Although it is tricky, but without losing the heart, it is considered to be a real soldier repair. Compared with this matter, I am even more surprised. Normal people encounter When you come to a stranger to help, you should consider the motives of others at the first time. You dont seem to realize that I lead you into the treasure house. I want to get together for the benefit of both... I think you know." Xin Yi female said, "I am very "Surprised" eyes, looked at Jiu Xiaojiu.

"..." More resentment!

"Although there is a plan for mutual benefit, but in fact, I also have the heart to save your life. After all, you are the younger nephew of Senior Ning, and it is impossible for you to die." Xin Yi female explained.

"Save me? Am I in danger? Why did senior say this." Jiu Xiaojiu was puzzled.

"If I don't take you into the treasure house, do you plan to sneak into this place?" Xin Yi female.

"Huh? Is my mind so obvious?" Jiu Xiaojiu was surprised.

"Yes, it's all written on your face. As you know, the Thousand Tree Treasury here hides the killing array, which was arranged by the ancestor of Nuluo himself. Although you have the means, it is impossible to sneak into this place without hiding the killing array. The consequences would be unimaginable...So, if I take you along, it will not be the two benefits of cooperation, but the three benefits."

"...Is this place so terrible?" Jiu Xiaojiu was afraid after a while.

"Otherwise, why do you think that Ye Xiao commander despised me? Therefore, the difficulty of killing the formation is even the immortal emperor of my generation is difficult to resist, let alone you." Xin Yi female.

"Eh eh eh? Senior is actually an immortal emperor! I've been talking to an immortal emperor's peer for so long?" The resentment was wiped out! On the contrary, I feel a little proud!

"Thank you, senior, for your life-saving grace!" Of course, Jiuxiaojiu still knows how to be grateful.

"You don't have to say thank you, I said it all. This is a matter of mutual benefit. In general, you don't have to thank me."

"Oh." Jiu Xiaojiu looked at Xin Yi female adoringly.

Although sometimes I don't understand what this senior said, I always feel that this senior is very powerful.

As a female cultivator, if she could be like this predecessor in this life, she would be worthy of her life!

"By the way, have you found all the ingredients for making wine?" Xin Yi female.

"...No." Liquor and wine.

"Before, when you got immortal materials from the Thousand Trees Treasury, you were embarrassed. Is it because you couldn't find all the materials." Xin Yi female.

"Senior is so insightful!" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"How many kinds of materials are still missing?" Xin Yi female.

"It's a lot worse." Wine and wine.

"Then you follow me, it just so happens that I have to go to other places to find materials, maybe you can find what you want in those places." Xin Yi female.

"Thank you Qian...wait, do you want to use me again!" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"In terms of general universality alone, this is a matter of mutual benefit." Xin Yi female.

"Forget it, this Arctic Palace seems to be dangerous everywhere, and if you follow Senior, it shouldn't be lost in confusion..." Jiu Xiaojiu.

Therefore, Jiu Xiaojiu, who was afraid of death by nature, agreed to the fact that he continued to act as a tool man.

"Speaking of which, why do seniors look for immortal materials?" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"My purpose is the same as yours." Xin Yi female.

"Huh? Senior knows my purpose?" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"I know, why are you Senior Ning, but? I want to give Senior Ning a treasure. As for you, I want to make wine and give it to Senior Ning. Our purpose is the same."

Our purpose is to repay the great kindness of Senior Ning! This is the idea of Xin Yi woman.

"It turns out that seniors and I have the same sickness and pity each other..." Jiu Xiaojiu said in the same way.

Our purpose is to make Ning Fan apologize, so as not to be hunted down by Ning Fanqiu! This is the idea of wine and wine.

The second daughter left Xuanchan Palace all the way and entered the Third Palace Luzi Palace, the Fourth Palace Lower Lou Palace, the Fifth Palace Daliang Palace, the first...

There is a living sign of "Liquor and Little Liquor". No matter where the two girls go, they are regarded as guests by the host here, and they should not be allowed to meet their needs.

In this way, the two daughters traveled all the way to the eleventh house of the North Pole, but the last Astral Palace has not yet gone.

Searching all the way, the materials needed by the Xin Yi girl have been found, but the materials needed for the small wine are still missing.

"It's a pity that I haven't found the last material after walking so many places." Jiu Xiaojiu was greatly disappointed.

"What is the last thing you need?" Xin Yi female asked.

"It's the Purple Qi of Heaven. This thing is too rare. It's not surprising that you can't find it." Jiu Xiaojiu.

"...If the last thing you need is Tiandao Ziqi, I know where it is."


"The palace we haven't been to yet."

The first house of the Arctic Palace, the Star Palace!

"Huh? Senior didn't say that the Xingji Palace is particularly dangerous, but that the immortal emperor like you dare not enter?" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"It's very dangerous and dangerous. If it is not for the star demon born in the local area, generally only the quasi-sage monks dare to go deep here. If the emperor goes deep, he will die in nine deaths." Xin Yi female.

"It's so dangerous...then we..." Jiu Xiaojiu, who was very afraid of death, didn't want to go to Xingji Palace to take risks.

But she even wanted to brew a good wine and give it to Ning Fan, to settle the cause and effect with Ning Fan, and to change the things she wanted from Ning Fan to give it to Grandpa Fish Master.

"If you are just looking for the Purple Qi of Heaven outside the Xingji Palace, I don't mind to accompany you." Xin Yi female.

"Senior is willing to go with me? But haven't you already found what you need? There is no need to join forces with me, right? Is there any special reason to take this big risk?" Jiu Xiaojiu asked in doubt.

"In terms of general universality, I really have no reason to continue to help you. However, a predecessor taught me one thing with his actions...I cant just ignore fools who want to die. If I dont accompany you Go, should you go alone?"

"Senior, you are so handsome!" Jiu Xiaojiu was moved.

"The senior who taught me this is really handsome..." Xin Yi's cold face showed a trace of fascination.

She is the senior that Jiu Xiaojiu dreams of.

Ning Fan is the senior she longs for.

So the second daughter came all the way to Xingji Palace.

You Jiu Xiaojiu, a person who bears the mark of rain, walked with him, and the Star Demon of the Star Ji Palace, who had always had eyes above the top, did not dare to prevent the two girls from entering this palace.

The Star Palace is the core of the Arctic Zodiac. The environment of this house is completely different from the other eleven houses. Here, there is no earth or sky, and there is only chaos and void around it. In that chaos, there are countless purple and yellow qi.

Ziqi is called Tiandao Ziqi, which is the unformed appearance of Tiandao.

Yellow gas is called the Qi of the Earth Pillar, which is the shape of the Earth Pillar.

Purple and yellow, abnormally tyrannical, untamed wild. If someone approaches, there will be boundless purple and yellow qi attack, extremely dangerous.

If it was only this level of danger, the Xinyi girl would not be so jealous.

By the way, in order to resist the attack of the demons at the top of the Sealed Demons, it was often heard that the old demon detonated the Thunder Pool of the Xingji Palace and released the original Thunder Sea.

That is the real horror!

That's something that even the Great Demon of the Sealed Demon can hit hard!

The original thunder sea, colorless, invisible, and breathless!

It is difficult for you to perceive where the original thunder is dissipating in the emptiness and chaos of the Astral Palace.

It is difficult for you to know when and where there will be an invisible sea of thunder.

It is said that only at the moment of death can you see how beautiful and splendid the original thunder that attacked you is...

"Is this the Xingji Palace? The aura of heaven and earth is so disordered!" Jiu Xiaojiu was shocked, looking at the chaotic void in front of him.

She has never seen such a chaotic and disorderly place!

Reiki is disorderly!

The flow of time and space is disorderly!

Not far ahead, she obviously had the purple qi of heaven floating that she needed, but she didn't dare to reach out and collect it!

The hairs stand!

Don't dare to move!

It's as if there is invisible danger threatening oneself, once you reach out your hand, you will...die.

"You are right not to stretch out your hand indiscriminately. Just three steps ahead of you, there is a ray of original thunder dissipating. Once you move forward, you will be killed instantly. Of course, you have the mark of rain in your body, even if you die here, That mark should also protect you from the demon soul, and give you a chance to reshape yourself. As far as this matter is concerned, Senior Ning is really good to you." Xin Yi female said.

"Is the mark in my body so useful..." Jiu Xiaojiu's eyes were blank for a while.

She thought that Ning Fan planted a mark on her to chase and kill, to settle accounts after Autumn, so it seemed that it was not the case...

Did she misunderstand Ning Fan?

Is that person not so bad on the surface...

"By the way, didn't the predecessors say that the origin of thunder sea scattered here is not visible, why can you see the origin of thunder scattered here three steps away?" Jiu Xiaojiu asked in doubt.

"Although this sea of mines is not visible, it is possible to infer the layout of the origin of thunder through the flow of spiritual energy." Xin Yi female explained.

"It should be very difficult to infer this from the chaotic flow of spiritual energy." Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Well, it's very difficult. I wait for the soldiers to repair the best way to fight the formations. What I repair is nothing more than formations and positions. But I can only figure out the layout of the minefield around ten steps. No; and every speculation takes a lot of time and mind. You are by my side. Here, you can't take a single step, remember."

"Oh." Jiu Xiaojiu.

"We are in the outer space of the Star Palace, dont want to go deep. Its a pity that many of the Purple Qi Qi in the periphery has been contaminated by the original thunder and cannot be collected. I want to find the one that can be collected from the thousands of dirty purple Qi. It requires countless calculations..." Xin Yi female.

As a result, the two women traveled in the outer area of the Star Palace at a speed countless times slower than the turtle crawling.

Occasionally, chaotic purple and yellow qi hits, all of which are scattered by Xin Yi women.

An hour later, the two women traveled about a hundred steps, and the Xin Yi woman suffered three minor injuries on her body, and the wine and the wine were safe.

Two hours later, the two women walked about seventy steps again, and the Xinyi woman suffered minor injuries in four more places. The wine and the wine were still safe.

Three hours later, the two women marched another fifty steps, and the Xin Yi woman suffered a serious injury.

At this moment, Jiu Xiaojiu felt guilty and blamed himself.

She couldn't see that Senior Xin Yi was already at a loss at this moment, obviously the result of overcalculation. And because of the increasing frequency of attacks from the purple and yellow qi, Senior Xin Yi was already a little hard to resist.

If there is only a Xinyi woman alone, it would not be difficult to resist just traveling such a distance.

But who told Xinyi Girl to enter this place with an oil bottle?

One more person, the danger is not as simple as one plus one, but a geometric skyrocket.

It is countless times more difficult to calculate the safe travel route of two people at the same time.

"I'm sorry..." Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Shhh, don't talk. Did you hear any strange noises?" Xin Yi female.

"Yes? No."

"Is it my illusion... Well, according to my calculations, five steps in this direction, there will be a wisp of unsullied purple gas that can be collected. When you get this, you and I will leave."

"Thank you."

"...You're welcome."

One step, two steps, three steps, four steps, five steps.

The second daughter finally came to a wisp of innocent purple air.

Don't wait for the wine to collect the purple gas, the abnormal change will occur!

The invisible wind pressure suddenly swept from the inside of the Star Palace.

That wind pressure blows the originally chaotic Purple Qi of Heaven into chaos!

The pattern of purple gas has changed dramatically!

"Don't reach out! The layout of the purple gas has changed! Someone didn't want us to take the purple gas here, so they changed the layout of this place!" Xin Yi female was shocked.

Who on earth can do such a terrible thing!

Buzz, buzz!

After the wind pressure, there was endless piercing buzzing sound from the depths of Xingji Palace.

That is... the resonance of the great road beyond the second step!

"There is a terrible thing in the depths of the Xingji Palace! It is it, and we are not allowed to take the purple qi from this place!" The Xinyi girl seemed to feel something, her face was frosty.

"How scary? Is it scarier than Ning Fan?" Jiu Xiaojiu said.

"What kind of metaphor is this..." Xin Yi female was puzzled.

Because she felt that Ning Fan was not terrible at all, but was very amiable and respectable.

It's something in the depths of Xingji Palace...the terrifying degree has exceeded her understanding.

Buzzing, buzzing!

The avenue resonance intensified!

Like urging, like driving away!

"That thing seems to want us to leave soon..." Xin Yi female said with an ugly face.

"Can it be done..." Jiu Xiaojiu wanted to cry.

She shouldn't have come to this place, and shouldn't drag Senior Xin Yi to take risks!

"It's hard... that thing got angry and disrupted the layout of this place. The route you and I entered here is no longer the same way. You must recalculate the way to leave, and this can't be done in a moment. " Xin Yi female.

"What now?"

"I don't know... bad, it's here!"

In the horrified gaze of the Xin Yi woman, a ray of black light rushed from the deepest part of the Xingji Palace all the way, coming at a speed!

Don't be afraid of the original thunder hidden around!

No fear of tyrannical chaos!

It dashed all the way in the direction of the shortest line between the two points. That momentum is unmatched! Even Lei Hai, the origin of the ancient great demon, was shocked by this thing!

After all... what an arrogant and terrifying existence is hidden here!

The Xinyi girl looked at the direction of the thing coming like an enemy. It's near! Getting closer! The closer the thing was, the more calm the expression of Xin Yi girl was. She regarded her as indifferent at the moment of life and death. The only thing she considered was not her own life or death, but how to safely send the wine away from this place.

Jiu Xiaojiu is guarded by Senior Nings mark, so, she should be enough to protect Jiu Xiaojius ghost soul and escape safely...


This wisp of dark shadows getting closer...

It seems a bit familiar.

In the gaze of the Xinyi girl gradually stunned, the mysterious beast that she regarded as a scourge came before her.

Something familiar.

The Xinyi girl had only seen this thing not long ago.

This is... a little black ball that doesn't fall into autumn.

"This is...what..." Jiu Xiaojiu was frightened by the little black ball.

She saw the small black ball coming all the way, smashing countless purple and yellow qi, and hitting the original thunder to make endless buzzing.

It was a... almost indestructible and unstoppable coming!

That kind of momentum is desperate! It is doubtful whether anyone in this world can stop this thing and surrender it!

The grandfather than the fish master's aura when he murdered is more fierce and terrifying ten thousand times, one million times!

"Don't be afraid, we should be fine." Xin Yi female said calmly.

"What does the senior say?" Jiu Xiaojiu asked puzzledly.

"Because... this is Senior Ning's thing, so it shouldn't hurt you or me."

"Senior don't want to laugh, Ning Fan... how could Senior Ning conquer such a terrible magic weapon!" Jiu Xiaojiu expressed his disbelief.

Subconsciously wanted to use some disrespectful names for Ning Fan.

But thinking of the guardian of the mark of rain in the body, he changed his name inadvertently.

"...This is not a magic weapon. I don't know exactly what it is. This thing belongs to a locust demon quasi-saint in the reincarnation stage-or, in fact, the locust demon was owned by this black ball. Then, this The locust died, this ball was tamed by Senior Ning...In short, it should not hurt you or me." Xin Yi female

"Senior said so messy, I don't understand. Anyway, we are safe now, right?" Jiu Xiaojiu.

Tricky, drippy!

The black ball spins around the second woman. Although it can't be said, Jiu Xiaojiu can faintly feel that this black ball has a humane thinking, it seems...as if it is condemning the second woman's unauthorized use of purple energy.

"Is it reprimanding us?" Jiu Xiaojiu asked.

"Perhaps... I don't quite understand its thinking, but Senior Ning seems to understand it. Senior's methods are really very advanced." Xin Yi female praised.

Tricky, drippy!

The little black ball rotated for a long time, and finally stopped spinning around the second girl.

It seemed to calm down.

Or, it finally sensed Ning Fan's imprinted breath from Jiu Xiaojiu's body.

Buzzing, buzzing.

Waves of black avenues came from the small black sphere.

Under the fluctuation of that great road, the chaotic and disorderly purple and yellow two qi and the invisible source of thunder began to spread away.

In the chaotic void, a black road paved with waves appeared.

"It probably wants us to follow this road to the depths of Xingji Palace." Xin Yi female said.

"Want to go, I'm a little scared." Jiu Xiaojiu said.

"I'm not afraid, but I look forward to it very much." Xin Yi female.

"Eh? Looking forward? I heard you right? Are you looking forward to it? What are you looking forward to?" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Since this ball is here, its owner may also be here. What I am looking forward to is that it is naturally possible to see Senior Ning in the depths of Xingji Palace." Xin Yi female.

"Senior Ning will be here? I heard that he has been busy repairing a magic weapon recently. He shouldn't have time to come here, right?" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Or, the predecessors came here just to repair the heavy treasure. Whether it is or not, you will know when you go." Xin Yi female.

"...But I still think it's better not to go deep here. Huh? Senior, wait for me!"

Without waiting for Jiu Xiaojiu's dissuasion, the Xin Yi girl had already flown towards the depths of Xingji Palace along the road paved by the little black ball.

In desperation, Jiu Xiaojiu can only bite the bullet and move forward together...

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