My Mr. Gu Is Courting Death Again Chapter 537

Chapter 537 You Cry For Me 1

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Xu Weilai first comforted Mrs. Lin with a gentle voice, then walked over to the bench and sat beside Gu Yu. She turned her head to look at him. His hands were unconsciously clasped together with great force, and the blue veins on the back of his hands could be seen.

At this time, her words were feeble and powerless. Xu Weilai moved her lips, but didn’t say anything in the end. She just quietly waited with him.

She also prayed in her heart. Grandpa Gu was such a good person, and he had always been quite healthy, so he would be fine!

After an unknown amount of time, the red light above the operating room finally went out. The door was pulled open, and the doctor walked out while taking off his mask.

Gu Yu suddenly stood up and took two or three steps forward. Xu Weilai was a few steps behind but also walked in front of the doctor. Mr. Lin, Mrs. Lin, and Assistant Lin also surrounded him.

“Doctor Li, how is grandfather?”

Doctor Li was specially hired by grandfather Gu. He had been taking care of his health all these years so he was already familiar with Gu Yu and the others and didn’t bother to be courteous. He said bluntly, “Mr. Gu, the surgery can be considered a success. Grandfather Gu’s life had been saved, but he fell quite badly. The injuries on his hands and feet are only superficial. The most serious injury is his head injury.”

“When he fell, his head probably hit the ground first, so it suffered most of the impact. That’s why he fell into a coma. After that… it’s possible that he’ll be in a coma forever.”

He’ll be in a coma forever…

These words were like a heavy hammer that struck hard on everyone’s heart. Everyone’s face instantly turned pale.

Mrs. Lin’s eyes widened in disbelief. She grabbed doctor Lin’s hand and ascertained in a trembling voice, “Doctor Li, you… you mean, the old man will… will be in a vegetative state?”

Doctor Li’s expression was also very grave. “We can’t rule out that possibility.”

As he said this, their surroundings became deathly silent. Mrs. Lin couldn’t bear the blow. Her eyes rolled and her body collapsed weakly.

Mr. Lin anxiously shouted, “Wife!”

Assistant Lin hurriedly reached out to catch her. “Mom! ”

His eyes suddenly devoid of any hope, Gu Yu simply stood there. His body was as stiff and motionless as a statue. He didn’t say a word, but his entire body exuded extreme sorrow.

Xu Weilai looked at him and her nose couldn’t help but twitch. However, she knew that there had to be someone who remained calm. If they all panicked, the situation would only become even more chaotic.

She took a deep breath and suppressed the sadness in her heart. She turned her head to look at Assistant Lin, then ordered in a deep voice, “Assistant Lin, you and Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin back to rest first. Calm her down. You don’t have to come over anymore. Just sleep in the villa for the night. Gu Yu and I will guard grandfather. You can come over to replace our shift tomorrow.”

Assistant Lin understood and didn’t refuse. He nodded and said to Gu Yu, “Mr. Gu, we’ll be returning then.”

After saying that, he and Mr. Lin helped Mrs. Lin up and turned to leave.

After they left, Xu Weilai eyes fell on Gu Yu’s face. She pursed her lips and reached out to hold his hand. The moment they touched, she felt extreme coldness. His hand was so cold that it made her heart tremble.

Trying to transfer the warmth of her hands to him, Xu Weilai hands were held together. Then, she opened her mouth and spoke in an extremely soft voice, “Gu Yu, Grandpa has been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Let’s go see him first. Doctor Li’s words aren’t absolute. It’s just that there’s the possibility. Perhaps, Grandpa could wake up tomorrow?”

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