Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 The Hidden One


The Holy Church of Fate.

The Pope’s chambers

A muscular middle-aged man sat on the sofa, slowly drinking wine from a chalice.

The Pope stood waiting by his side like a servant.

This man was clad in a faint grey mist.

As he finished the entire bottle, he stood up and walked towards the balcony of the room. During his walk, a pale pair of horns could be seen between his hair, curving inward along with his head.

——-the Demon Dragon.

He had been revived.

“Lord God, you’ve only just revived, maybe it is better that you don’t drink too much alcohol” the Pope softly suggested.

As she looked at this man in front of her, she had a gleam of fanaticism in her eyes.

She was the one who gathered his body and used the numerous precious regenerative materials as well as spells on it.

She didn’t think that he would actually be able to revive.

What great power.

Noticing the fanaticism in her eyes, Demon Dragon smiled.

It is fine, I need a bit of alcohol. Before this pivotal moment, it can help me calm myself

“Great one, you seem to be a bit anxious?” the Pope hesitantly asked.

The Demon Dragon walked up to the Pope, gently lifting her chin with his hand.

It is about time we get into official business—— what became of the two things I ordered you before I reawakened?

“Lord God, I have done as you asked and drained all of the power from that Angel of Condemnation Card”

The Pope took out a Card and offered it to him.

“Lord God” she smiled flatteringly, “Even if those people had obtained the Angel of Condemnation Card, they would never be able to use it; after all, its power is now completely gone”

The Demon Dragon received the Card from her hand.

The Card depicted boundless light that constantly surged and boiled.

——this was a unique Card made specifically for the purpose of draining power.

The power of the Angel of Condemnation

The Demon Dragon muttered.

He turned his hand over and took out three coins.

They were the Angel of Condemnation, the Demon King of [Order], and the Great Bramble Tree.

The Demon Dragon looked forward.

From the void of space in front of his eyes, a healthy branch of the Bramble Tree and a male corpse that exuded endless dark aura also showed themselves.

It is enough with the current state of the war, I will most likely be sent out

The Demon Dragon muttered.

He stood there with his eyebrows furrowed, then suddenly turned to the Pope.

What of the second matter? he asked.

The Pope frightfully knelt down and reported: “Lord God, I’ve done as you asked and kept Su Xue Er with me at all times, always watching her while making sure she isn’t alarmed. But for some reason, she abruptly went missing yesterday”

The Demon Dragon said nothing, but the grey mist that drifted around his body started boiling.

After a long while, he regained his senses and crouched down in front of the Pope.

It is fine, that woman’s life or death no longer matters—– after all, Gu Qing Shan has the Heaven sword

The Demon Dragon spoke with a calm voice, consoling her.

The mist around his body had also calmed down.

The Pope still didn’t dare to breathe too heavily and kept her head lowered: “Lord God, I am willing to forever pledge my services to you”

The Demon Dragon silently smirked.

He opened his vertical eyes wide, gazed straight into her eyes, and said: I can only retain my clarity for three minutes, after which I will once again enter a state of blankness. More importantly, I am about to lose my Eternal body as well as a certain type of power

This is all the truth; a God does not tell any lies

I ask you, under such circumstances, are you still willing to follow me?

The Pope froze.

He’s about to lose his powers!

Noticing that her reaction was greatly unfitting, she tried to correct her mistake.

—–but she had no such chance.

The Demon Dragon reached his hand out, lightly tapping it on the Pope’s forehead.

The razor-sharp nails abruptly grew long, piercing through the Pope’s head.

The Pope’s body twitched a few times before going completely limp.

Time slowly passed.

The Demon Dragon remained crouched on the ground, muttering a mystical, unrecognizable chant.

The Pope’s body was still being held up by his finger, motionless.

Finally, the Demon Dragon finished his chant.

He ended with a silent shout: Come!

A black figure suddenly appeared from the void and entered the Pope’s body.

The Demon Dragon hurriedly pulled his hand back.

The Pope slowly stood up.

As she did, a mask manifested on her face.

——-it was the face of a female yaksha.

The Pope crossed her arms behind her back as her aura abruptly changed.

Earlier, she was a sincere and devout servant of God, but now, she had become one who was used to standing over others, solemn and imposing.

The Demon Dragon knelt with both knees to the ground and respectfully spoke: Sir

As soon as he uttered this word, all the grey mist around his body abruptly boiled.


The Demon Dragon howled in pain.

While the female yaksha mask silently stared down at him.

The Demon Dragon tossed and turned on the ground, moaning in pain and suffering for a long while before he finally uttered a heavy breath, lying motionless on the ground while soaked in sweat.

He swiftly tried to stand back up, then knelt down in front of the female with the yaksha mask again, still breathing heavily:

Sir, the Abyss had detached from my body and left

A long while later.

A female voice sounded from behind the mask:

“Naturally, as you have appeared in front of me, the Abyss would easily understand the relationship between you and myself. It is reasonable for it to feel anger and discard you from its ranks”

Yes the Demon Dragon respectfully replied.

The female voice continued: “In summary, your work has been decent. Over a million years ago, you managed to enter this Demon Dragon Soul Artifact and continued to summon our divine objects into this reality, finally managed to chase away the refugees that wished to take root in this location——- their collective strength had always been a headache for us”

“Following that, you managed to infiltrate the Eternal Abyss, obtained plenty of data regarding it to mark the foundation before our great war”

“Unfortunately, you failed in the matter of the twin swords”

The Demon Dragon responded in a low voice: Sir, this is nothing but my own fault, please punish me

His attitude seemed to please the female with the yaksha mask.

The female with the yaksha mask continued: “That is fine, I shall not blame you for that matter. In truth, one of the four Pillar Gods of the void was silently observing that matter at the time. Although I do not know which one they were, it was enough to prevent us from even showing ourselves. Under such circumstances, you were already quite decent for being able to achieve this much, however, that Void Pillar God was truly devious, your mind itself was tampered with”

The female with the yaksha mask mused.

The Demon Dragon knew that he couldn’t say anything at this point.

He simply kept his head down and knelt there.

This attitude made the female with the yaksha mask even more pleased.

She then took out another mask.

This was also a yaksha mask, one with a long pair of bloody horns and a half-crying-half-smiling expression.

“Here, you have been promoted” the female yaksha mask told him.

The Demon Dragon turned ecstatic.

He prostrated to the ground, thanking her over and over: Thank you, sir! Thank you, sir!

“No need to thank me, you’ve put in the effort for over a million years, this is what you deserve”

The female yaksha mask slowly continued: “On the other hand, this soul mask has been equipped with the ability to heal the mind, it will make sure that your mental injury is quickly healed”

She abruptly shuddered.

Sir? the Demon Dragon doubtfully asked.

“Hm, someone is calling me, I need to go deal with the war situation” the female yaksha mask helplessly replied.

“Demon Dragon, I will now assign another crucial mission to you”

Please go ahead, sir the Demon Dragon immediately replied.

The female yaksha mask told him: “The Eternal Abyss hasn’t been completely defeated during a pivotal campaign, it suddenly obtained a new portion of its body that increased its strength”

“The current situation is a very strenuous one, even I had to arrive here in a hurry and quickly return as you can see”

“——I know that the era of [Chaos] is currently descending upon the 900 million World Layers that was built into this void”

“I want you to represent us and join hands with [Chaos]”

“As for the content of the allied contract you will aid their Deity, in return, their Deity will send all carriers of [Chaos] within the 900 million World Layers to help us destroy the Eternal Abyss!”

Understood! Sir!

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