Imperfect Desires Book 3 Chapter 773

Volume 3: Closure Chapter 773 Prayers

The next morning...

"Mama, when are you going to work?"

Francesca glared at Darren in return, "Son, even at this time you're thinking about work? How am supposed to focus when you're like this?"

"I told you I'm fine," replied Darren. "If you continue to spend all your time around here, you'll make me feel like I'm dying."

Francesca hit his leg because she couldn't hit his head and said, "Don't talk about dying! How many times should I repeat myself?"

Darren sighed out, "If you think I'm healthy enough to take your beating, why can't you just focus on yourself?" He took a moment and held her hand saying, "There must be so many things pending at the office. Trust me, you'd so busy that you'd even forget there is a son waiting for you." He patted the back of her hand with his other as he went on, "So, stop wasting time around here. You can see me in the evening."

Francesca grumbled, "More than your health, you're worried about your company."

"Why should I be worried about my health?" he retorted. "I'm absolutely fine."

Francesca stood up rather reluctantly as she said, "Fine. I'll go."

The screen beside Darren's bed was folded and Xiu asked, "Who is going? And where?"

Darren looked at the doctors beside her who had just finished with their examination and told her, "Mama is going to work."

Xiu nodded her head before saying, "Then Mama do something for me."

"What?" asked Francesca.

"On your way back, go to the cafe near the company."

"Do you want me to get you something from there?"

Xiu shook her head, "Let me finish... Buy a blueberry cheesecake and a black coffee." Francesca frowned in confusion and Xiu continued, "Take a seat near the window and enjoy it alone."

Francesca's lips pressed together before she asked, "And why should I do that?"

"Because you need some 'me time'," replied Xiu. "Don't worry at all. I'll take care of Regan until you come back. You can have faith in me."

Francesca smiled at her before walking to her side and rubbing her head, "Baby, you take care of your own self first." Seeing how Xiu was pouting at her, she added, "Okay, I'll do exactly as you told me to. Happy?" Xiu nodded her head happily. "As long as you're happy."

While Francesca was about to leave, she heard Xiu's voice calling her from behind, "Mama, I won't mind if you brought me a piece of that blueberry cheesecake."

Francesca chuckled at her, "I will bring you some."

"If you wanted to eat it yourself, why did you go so roundabout it?" inquired Darren.

Xiu frowned at her husband, "Originally I just wanted her to relax a bit out of this place. But suddenly, I felt like eating that blueberry cheesecake as well."

"What did the doctor say?"

Xiu suddenly grew excited, "The doctor said that after two days, we might be able to hear the baby's heartbeat."

Darren was visibly happy to hear that. "Why didn't you say it earlier? We could have shared it with mama."

Xiu glared at him in return, "You've already ruined my big surprise, husband. Let's not do it again. Instead of telling her, wouldn't it be more fun to see her reaction when she hears it on her own?"

"You and your plans..." he sighed out.

Xiu turned to the nurse beside her and said, "Can you call my best friend for me? Her name is Nora. Tell her I want to wash my hair."

"I'll do it for you," said the nurse but Xiu shook her head.

"No, thank you!" was her response. "I'd like my best friend to do it instead."

The nurse went to call for Nora while Darren looked at his wife saying, "Are you especially targetting her?"

Xiu shook her head, "I'm giving her a chance to get the best friend of the year award."

However, the person who came with the nurse wasn't Nora but Zhao Huan instead.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/imperfect-desires_14488421705519105/prayers_50905351846946407 for visiting.

"Nora went to spend some time with Ava," told Zhao Huan and Xiu nodded in understanding. "So, I thought I should help my daughter instead."

Xiu's eyes widened and her lips parted slightly but nothing came out. She wanted to tell her she didn't have to bother but then she couldn't bring herself to do it. Seeing the look in Zhao Huan's eyes, she couldn't trust her words at all. So, she ended up nodding her head.

Xiu didn't have any physical injury but she had grown considerably weak over the last couple of days. That's why she was helped onto the wheelchair before Zhao Huan took her to the bathroom.

From her position, Zhao Huan's face was upside down but she could clearly see the huge smile on her face. Xiu could feel how happy she was to do such a menial task for her. So, who was she to deny her of it?

"Mom..." Zhao Huan's movements paused slightly. She seemed just as unused to this word as Xiu was feeling herself.

"Hm?" But she managed to overcome it soon.

"I heard you went somewhere early in the morning." Xiu had heard it from Francesca earlier that Zhao Huan had gone somewhere even before the break of dawn. "Where did you go?"

Zhao Huan didn't hide it as she said, "I went to the Temple to pray for you, Darren, and your unborn child. I prayed for your good health and happiness."

"Do you think praying works?" asked Xiu.

Zhao Huan smiled at her and nodded, "I do believe it works. If it didn't work, how would you come into my life like a miracle?" She tapped Xiu's nose with her shampoo on her hand as she went on, "You're the proof that my prayers were heard by someone. Someone did see my tears and my yearning. That's why my daughter was brought to me."

Xiu contemplated her words and smiled slightly to herself, "I guess those prayers really work then."

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