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  • The Emperor’s Daughter

  • Author(s): YUNSUL
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 25.44 K
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    The Emperor’s Daughter18 votes : 4.69 / 5 1

The Emperor’s Daughter summary:

I have come, I have been born, I have gone crazy. This new life of mine with an impossibly long name, Ariadna Rerg Ilestri Frei Agrigent. I was born into royalty but into jealousy and hatred due to the position of my father. My father is a madman? The tyrant who had climbed his way up to the top with blood and bones beneath his feet. Can I survive with him as my father? The Emperor is a very dangerous creature. But he is still my father. Ai... ------ © YUNSUL 2014 / D&C MEDIA

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The Emperor’s Daughter Chapters

Time uploaded
336 A Good Duel2 months ago
329 Reincarnation2 months ago
320 Desires 22 months ago
319 Desires 12 months ago
318 Girl Talk2 months ago
284 On The Road 26 months ago
283 On The Road 16 months ago
282 Departure6 months ago
277 The Map 27 months ago
276 The Map 17 months ago
268 Shopping8 months ago
262 The Escape9 months ago
231 The Next Step11 months ago
226 Naval Battle 212 months ago
225 Naval Battle 112 months ago
206 A High Feverone year ago
193 The Aftermathone year ago
174 The Warone year ago
166 Ambushed 2one year ago
165 Ambushed 1one year ago
159 Sword Fighone year ago
151 A Good Showone year ago
148 Torture 2one year ago
147 Torture 1one year ago
146 Got Caughone year ago
145 Ambushone year ago
130 Afternoon Teaone year ago
87 Mothers Gown2 years ago
86 Very Clever2 years ago
83 Unhappy Ones2 years ago
73 Authors Note2 years ago
67 A Be2 years ago
64 What?2 years ago
63 Ambushed2 years ago
55 Waking Up2 years ago
47 Fireworks2 years ago
42 Familiar2 years ago
29 Loyal Servan2 years ago
27 Frail Body2 years ago
18 First Kiss2 years ago
17 Scars2 years ago
15 Duel2 years ago
3 Stepsisters2 years ago
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