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  • I Can Read Unlimited Files

  • Genres : handsome male lead -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Devoted Love Interests -  Strong Love Interests -  Hard-Working Protagonist -  Time Travel -  Urban Life -  Strong From the Start -  Protagonist Strong from the Start
  • Status : Ongoing
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I Can Read Unlimited Files summary:

How many times does a person have to read files in his life to have no regrets?One day, Liu Huaxing discovered that he had the ability to read files infinitely, and he could read a certain period of time in the past.He resolutely returned to the summer of the third day ten years ago, and this time he wanted to live his life without regrets.- Description from MTL

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I Can Read Unlimited Files Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 611: Vent2 months ago
Chapter 596: Jade3 months ago
Chapter 583:3 months ago
Chapter 546: Key3 months ago
Chapter 521: Days3 months ago
Chapter 515: Face3 months ago
Chapter 512:3 months ago
Chapter 497: Open3 months ago
Chapter 485: Hype3 months ago
Chapter 460: Baby3 months ago
Chapter 452: Lead3 months ago
Chapter 437: Ok3 months ago
Chapter 427: Join3 months ago
Chapter 417: Plan3 months ago
Chapter 405: 4063 months ago
Chapter 384: Vip3 months ago
Chapter 371: Just3 months ago
Chapter 339: Road3 months ago
Chapter 332: Bulb3 months ago
Chapter 265:3 months ago
Chapter 246: Fame3 months ago
Chapter 240: We3 months ago
Chapter 174: Mind3 months ago
Chapter 121: Like3 months ago
Chapter 116: June3 months ago
Chapter 74: Data3 months ago
Chapter 63: Wack3 months ago
Chapter 57: Air3 months ago
Chapter 20: Alone3 months ago
Chapter 10: Angry3 months ago
Chapter 9: Campus3 months ago
Chapter 7:3 months ago
Chapter 5: Layout3 months ago
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