Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 1453

Chapter 1453 Mother Ji Brings Ji Chi To Visit Pei Ge.

"Okay. Ill get the hospital cafeteria to prepare it right away." The director immediately went downstairs to the cafeteria designated for their employees.

"Maam, thank you; youre so kind." Du Chunlan hugged her daughter, tears still welling up in her eyes.

Niu Niu blinked and smiled weakly up at her . "Thank you, maam."

"Youre welcome. Your daughter had the same illness as mine. I did this out of a mothers capacity." She patted the girl. The latter was truly lacking in nutrients. Without a balanced diet, the best treatment would mean nothing.

"Then, is maams daughter?" The heart of the girls mother sank as the hope in her eyes dimmed.

"Shes healthy now. She jumps around a lot and is quite a handful." The affection in her voice reignited the womans hopes.

"Thats good; thats good. Theres still hope for my little girl."

"Dont worry. The hospital will get their best doctors to treat your daughter." Her eyes turned. "Anyway, wheres the childs father?"

"He said that hell borrow some money from our relatives back in our hometown, but how could they have such money? In fact, the reason why we came here was to look for relatives who could lend us, but none was willing to do so."

At this point, the girls mother used her sleeve to wipe her tears, and her manner made Pei Ges heart ache.

"Then, where did the money you used to seek treatment for your daughter come from?"

"I asked him, but he refused to say anything."

"Did he tell you anything about his possible whereabouts?"

"I really dont know, maam. I havent heard from him for several days now. Maybe he went somewhere to borrow more money, and theres no reception in the area. It was like that before. His phone was hard to get through too then."

"How long has he been out of contact?"

"Its been almost a month." The woman only realized after a while. "Maam, why are you asking me all these?"

"I just think that your daughter needs her father at this time. Parents concern is what kids with congenital heart diseases need."

"Youre right; unfortunately, I cant locate him right now."

"Is there any way to get in touch with him?"

"No, he only has a phone, but I cant even get through to it presently."

Pei Ge confirmed at once that that person who had turned himself in at the police station was a scapegoat.

On the way back to her ward, she suddenly tugged at the mans sleeve. "Say, Ziming; who do you think will benefit if something happens to me?"

"Qu Jingwan, or someone who has a conflict of interest with your company."

"I think neither."

"Then, who do you think it is?" The man did not get it. If it were that lady, she would get to stay at his familys house once something happened to his woman. If it were people who had a conflict of interest with his womans company, they would take over all her assets.

"I think theres someone behind all this." She looked up at him, her eyes wide. "Believe me; Ill find this person eventually."

"I believe you." He narrowed his eyes as he shifted them onto the wound hidden by the womans sleeve. "Let me take a look at your arm."

"My arms fine; its nothing serious." The latter evaded him.

"Youre my woman." He walked forward and carried her up like a princess. "Ill take you back to your room."

"Whatre you doing?! Put me down! Its no good if someone sees us like this." She tugged at his collar.

"This is a VVIP ward; no one can come in without my orders."

"Who said that I am your woman?" She looked around while denying this. "Does it say anywhere on me that Im your woman?"

He set the woman down and pinned her against the wall. He then gripped her chin, kissing her deeply and willfully. He only let go of her after her face had turned crimson and laughed. "Youre already a mother of three children; why are you still so innocent?"

"Why do you care?" The woman covered her face. He started grumbling about her before she could go pursuing him about the kiss.

"Youre my woman; if I dont care, who will?" Ji Ziming pressed his arms against the wall and pursed his lips in a tight line. His aura was cold, but his voice was warm. "Woman, do you want to continue tonight?"

Pei Ges cheeks turned red at once. "Youre so annoying!"

She swatted his arm away and ran to the bed. The man followed her and pushed her down it, causing her to fall on top. "Woman, you cant get away from me in this life."

As he looked at the woman beneath him, the man felt happy, but just as he was about to kiss her, his phone rang. The caller was his mother.

"Hello, mom; whats up?"There was always someone out there interrupting them in moments like this.

"Jingwan wont be home tonight. How about I bring Baby over to visit Pei Ge?"

He looked at his woman, who was looking at him expectantly.

He nodded. "Okay. Come by earlier."

"Okay. Ill get our cook here to prepare some dishes. Well bring everything over this afternoon."

"Okay. Thanks, mom."

"What is family for? Dont worry about it."

"Why do I feel that this is a blessing in disguise?" Pei Ge spoke after he hung up.

"What do you mean?"

"I just finished the chicken soup, and theres more coming; I think that Im gonna get fat again."

"Whats wrong with gaining some weight? Youll bring prosperity to me." He emphasized the last phrase as he pressed on Pei Ge. "And nows a good time to start."

"Ziming, get off first; I have something to tell you."

The woman was unfazed by the pressure that he was exerting and placed her lips near his ears. "I dont intend to go after the person who turned himself in."

"Why?" He got off his woman. He narrowed his dark eyes, feeling that he was understanding this woman lesser as time went by.

"One, hes not our guy. Two, he has Niu Niu."

"I think youre doing this for that girl."

"Yes and no." Pei Ge sat up and narrowed her eyes. "Its because Im after the person behind him."

"The person who transferred the money to him?"

"Yes." The woman laughed, patting his head. "Thats what Im talking about."

He closed his dark eyes before grabbing his womans hand and pushing her further down the bed as he leaned on her to give her a good taste of him.

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