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  • Tales Of The Rebirth Apocalypse Emperor

  • Author(s): AmateurAuthor
  • Genres : Fantasy -  Reincarnation -  Apocalypse -  Game Elements -  System -  bl -  Second Chance -  R-18 -  rebirth -  Kingdom-Building
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 7.26 K
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    Tales Of The Rebirth Apocalypse Emperor14 votes : 4.82 / 5 1

Tales Of The Rebirth Apocalypse Emperor summary:

A novel situates in a world called Gondola where countless races from numerous worlds and dimensions are poured in. The original world, Blue planet (similar to Earth) goes through an apocalypse period for ten years and has been pulled through this dimension by mysterious force as one of human race worlds. Unfortunately, human race is one of the weakest and most feeble races of all races within the Gondola but their shear amount of number and several allies have helped them escaping the extinction so far.Regrettably, even there are a lot of ants, given a sufficient amount of time, the elephant will eventually be able to destroy them all. After 50 years of pointless struggle, almost all of the last remaining humans have been hunted down by several strongest undead races of the Gondola, the Skeletons, the Vampires, the Werewolves, and the Demons. The few remain hiding humans have been found and annihilated.A novel revolves around our main character, Chen Murong, who is the member of the last humanity group who are able to escape the hunt from undead races for fifty years. He is able to go back in time to redo everything our humankind has done to ensure the survival of human race.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have just begun writing a novel as a hobby. English is not my main language. Please bare with me. Any suggestions are deeply appreciated. :)

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