The Profligate Madam Of The Family Chapter 1842

Chapter 1842: Living Bodhisattva? I Think You Are A Hell

Chapter 1842 Living Bodhisattva? I think you are a hell!

It's getting bright.

Lu Xingyue ate countless grasses, and after eating it, she dozed wildly, and once she dozed off, a crit flew over and landed on her head.

So, Lu Xingyue woke up in shock, shaking all over.

Critical claws can be said to be very sharp, and this guy is extremely fierce.

Although it is a chicken, it has a strong aura, which makes people feel that it is the kind of existence like a nobleman.

"Can't it work, can't we end it? It's dawn! Is there any humanity in Monan Chong?"

Lu Xingyue roared furiously, and the grass in her hand was thrown out.

She sat on the ground, her hair was messy, and her clothes were messy. She changed from a little princess to a crazy woman.

Critically stared at Lu Xingyue, "Slightly"

It screamed, prolonging the ending sound, just watch Lu Xingyue like this.

Although she can't speak human words, it will be full of threats. Lu Xingyue is terrified. She wants to cry without tears, quickly picking up the thrown grass, and then weeping and asking weakly, "Mr. Chicken, we really ... can't it be over?"

Lu Xingyue was almost crazy.

She has never encountered such a thing in her life, being watched by two animals.

Clearly an ordinary animal, but it looks even more powerful than her.

"Huh?" Critically asked the question.

Then, Lu Xingyue's hair was horrified, and those thugs who had been dozing off, did not dare to doze off, and moved quickly and continued to mow the grass.

After tossing for a long time, it was seven or eight.

Critical hit only to shake his leg.

The heavy rain also neighed.

The crit flew to the rainstorm body, and then it seemed to take out a mobile phone from a pocket on the rainstorm body.


Critical Strike followed the call that had been on the phone for a long time.

Fifth Qian, with a muddy face, looked at the direction of the crit and asked: "Is it talking on the phone? It seems to be good at talking on the phone..."

Lu Xingyue gritted his teeth: "Mo Nan favors, I will never let you go."

"Gluck!" After speaking on the phone in the crit, he called Lu Xingyue and the others.

The rainstorm also neighed, and then ran away with hoofs.

"Are we liberated?" Fifth Qian asked dazedly, "They are gone, can we go back, are we all liberated?"

"Should it be?" Lu Xingyue looked at several thugs.

Those thugs, and a few who were scared to pee their pants before, one of them said, "Which one of you will go first, I dare not, I'm afraid they will come back."

Although neither the rainstorm nor the crit was done, the surveillance over the whole night obviously left a strong psychological shadow on everyone.

A group of people squatted for another half an hour.

Seeing that the storm had not come back, only then stood up and fled.

The thugs ran the fastest. Lu Xingyue shouted and asked them where to go. In the end, they all said nothing, and would never be thugs anymore.

"I'm not as good as a chicken, so what a thug!"

Lu Xingyue: "..."

Fifth Qian swallowed, "Xingyue, let's go back, I have to go to the crew!"

On the other side, Fifth Gan, who had been in a coma for the whole night, finally woke up slowly. He opened his eyes, and when he saw Lu Xingyue and Fifth Qian, he thought he was a ghost, "Ghost!"

Lu Xingyue: "...you are a ghost, your whole family is a ghost!"

"Ayue?" Fifth Gan was taken aback, rubbed his eyes, "What happened, what happened to me?"

"You vomited, you are so lucky. You fainted all night and didn't realize anything." Fifth Qian said angrily, "You don't know how devil that Monan favors."

"What's the matter?" The fifth guy grumbled and got up, "What did she do to you, why did you become like this?"

His face was obviously surprised, and he did not expect that these two people who were exquisite like little princesses yesterday, today seem to have crawled out of hell, no different from lunatics.

He wouldn't dare to recognize them if it weren't for the sound.

Fifth Qian angrily told Fifth Gan about yesterdays experience.

The fifth dry brow furrowed, "What? Chicken and horse?"

"Yes, it's almost." Fifth Qian said in disbelief, "She really does everything, so she dares to do this to us."

"It will be a long time in Japan...I will definitely destroy her company, and I will let her work in my hands, and see how I toss her when I do! Let me eat grass? I let her eat the grass for a lifetime!"

Fuqians phone rang, and she answered the phone in a hurry.

Then, she was scolded by the director. Today, her play was very early. As a result, she hasnt been to the crew yet, so she hurriedly rolled over.

The fifth person is the same, he was scolded by the director on a phone call.

Today is a relatively big scene, and it cannot be delayed, especially a scene that burns money. Both of them are late and make the director crazy.

"Sorry, A Yue, I have to go first, the director scolded me!"

"I'm leaving now, Xingyue, be careful!"

The two brothers and sisters left first.


In the field, a farmer took a pesticide backpack out to prepare to weed his field.

He was shocked when he saw the grass in his field disappeared overnight.

In such a large field, there were no weeds, only what he had planted.

"Thank the living Bodhisattva, I really don't know what living Bodhisattva weeded me.

The farmer said excitedly.

Lu Xingyue heard the peasants voice before she went far. She glanced at her angrily, and then said, "If you want to thank me, thank me. If you thank me, send me away from this ghost place!"

"Where is the crazy woman, are you here to steal something!" The farmer saw Lu Xingyue chasing Lu Xingyue in a mess and ran away.

Lu Xingyue was frightened, "I, I am not a crazy woman, I am your living Bodhisattva!"

"You are still a living Bodhisattva! I think you are a **** of a ghost!"


On a bumpy tractor.

Lu Xingyues entire face is green. She has taken a plane, a train, a private car, and a cruise ship all her life...

But she has never taken this kind of transportation. What's more speechless is that there is a pig in this car.

This pig doesn't know what she likes, and keeps approaching her. She is really going crazy.

If it werent because there was no way to go back, there was no money, and the phone was lost, she would never take this car.

"You said that a little girl of yours went to the countryside to do something...and made yourself into this virtue. If you didn't meet me, what if you met a bad guy?"

The farmer drove in front, and while driving, he said angrily.

"Dont be afraid of that boar, I just went to breed someone so that I could send you along the way, otherwise, I wouldnt go this time!"

(End of this chapter)

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