The Profligate Madam Of The Family Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840: Like Grass? Satisfy You

Chapter 1840 Like grass? Satisfy you!

"Mo Nan favors, you dare to play with me!" Lu Xingyue stood in front with a cold face.

Sister Huan was buttoned by guns to their necks, all of them pale, afraid to speak, and were extremely nervous.

There are many people who will carry weapons in the auction house. Because of the power of the auction house, no one will check it. Generally, people who come to auction things here will bring some weapons and thugs.

After all, the police outside here are not very good at controlling it, and it is considered a place outside the law. Only the auction house may watch a bit, but they dont care about small things.

Generally walked out of the auction room, that is everyones own business.

Therefore, I often die after auctioning things out.

For self-protection, everyone will naturally bring enough weapons and thugs.

Lu Xingyue obviously brought a group of people here, all of them armed and very fierce.

"My darling, go away and leave us alone!" Lin Jue shouted through gritted teeth, "Lu Xingyue, it's fine if you can't shoot yourself. You dare to do this to us. Do you think there is no law in this world?"

Lu Xingyue turned her head and glanced at Lin Jue, with a hint of amusement on her face, "You are really ignorant, this place is really a place outside the law. If you die in this place, no one will care."

Fifth Qian also glanced at Lin Jue with cold eyes, "I hear it, no one will care if you die. If you want to survive, let Monan Chong take things out, otherwise, your group will have to die."

Mo Nan Chong looked at Lu Xingyue indifferently, but she did not leave, but looked at Lu Xingyue, "You like grass so much?"

"Shencao, I naturally like it." Lu Xingyue squinted her eyes, "Mo Nanping, I heard that you value love and righteousness, I will give you a chance now, give me the brand of Shencao. By the way, return the money to me ."

She has lost so much and must take it back from Menans favor.

This bitch, I dont know why she is so rich, but she cant match her.

She has a powerful uncle, and the thugs she brought out are also more powerful than one. It is impossible for Monan Chong to fight her.

"Let them go first." Monan Chong watched Lu Xingyue still calmly.

"Let them go, are you stupid? I let them go, and you ran away." Lu Xingyue stretched out her hand, "Give me money first and give me the sign, otherwise, I won't let them go."

Monan raised his eyebrows, with a hint of mockery on his face.

"Lu Xingyue."

Lu Xingyue was a little hairy when he was favored by Menan, but she knew that Mo Nan favored her alone, so she was not afraid of Mo Nan favored him.

How could she handle so many of them alone.

What's more, she brought very powerful thugs. Her uncle knew that it was dangerous here, so he gave her first-level thugs.

"What?" Lu Xingyue raised her eyebrows and looked at Monan Chong, with a consistent attitude.

"You like grass, I can give it to you, but I don't like people who touch me the least. I threaten me with my people." Menan looked at Lu Xingyue with cold eyes.

"So? You can't resist, can you? What else can you do? You have the ability to catch me, you are going to catch me, I think you are very powerful."

Lu Xingyue looked arrogant.

"Yes, you have the ability to catch us, do you dare?" Fifth Qian also said with a smile.

The fifth stem is looking at Menan Chong, and he seems to be holding something in his hand to throw it toward Menan Chong.

However, Meng Chong seemed to have seen it a long time ago. She looked at the fifth person and frowned, "If you dare to sprinkle anything messy on me, I will put all these things in your mouth."

Fifth task, "You must have this ability."

Just when everyone was full of confidence that Mo Nan Chong could not help them, Mo Nan Chong suddenly walked towards them.

The things in the fifth hand are ready to spread towards Menan Chong, but before he opens his hand, Menan Chong does not know what kind of terrifying speed it is. It is almost like a ghost, and it flashes fiercely, leaving only a ghost. shadow.

Following, the fifth person felt that his hand was caught.

He didnt have any reaction before he felt something stuck in his mouth.

When he came back to his senses, he realized that he had stuffed something directly into his mouth.


The fifth man let go, rushed to the side and started to vomit crazily.

The thing in his hand is a kind of Ecstasy, but it is actually made of some animal dung...

He did not expect that Monan Chong would really dare to let him eat these things.

The fifth dry vomiting sky is dim and dark.

If you dont know what it is, you will eat it if you eat it, but if you know what it is made of, and thinking that there is something like **** in it, he feels even more nauseous.

Want to vomit out my stomach.

At the stall where Lu Xingyue was still stunned, the patron slammed, she had already clasped her neck with her hand, and she was directly under the control of Menan Pao.

As for the senior thugs around Lu Xingyue, none of them had any chance to make a phone call.

They saw that their master was caught, and they were stunned.

They were high-level thugs, specially trained by Lu Xingyue's uncle, and in the end they did nothing and didn't react. The person they wanted to protect was already captured by a little girl.

This little girl is so good-looking, she can be said to be a fairy.

Originally looking thin and weak, they relaxed their vigilance. Who would have thought that she was so powerful.

"Oh, you let me catch you, don't you think I caught you?" Mo Nan raised his eyebrows, "have you let me go? If you don't let it go?"

Lu Xingyue felt a chill on his face, as if something was moving against his face.


Lu Xingyue is horrified.

"Of course it's the blade." Menan Chong said interestingly, "Don't let it go, I will scratch your face with a knife. If such a beautiful face is scratched, it won't be good, right?

"You, dare you!"

"Why don't I dare? You are going to kill people, am I still afraid to take a few knives? Isn't this a place outside the law?" The father raised his eyebrows.

"You, Monan favors, you lunatic!" Lu Xingyue was already shaking a little.

She didn't dare to move, struggling her neck, extremely nervous.

"Let go, let them go!"

She finally said to her thugs.

The thugs naturally did not dare to neglect, and immediately let them go.

When Lin Jue and the others ran back to Menan Chong, Menan Chong did not let go of Lu Xingyue.

"Mo Nan Chong, you let her go, we are already let go, you should let go!" Fifth Qian was worried about her brother who passed out, while shouting at Mo Nan Chong.

"I said, if you let them go, do I let them go?" Menan raised his eyebrows.

(End of this chapter)

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