I Just Wont Play By The Book Chapter 326

Chapter 298: Heavenly Jade Slip

[Option 1: Save the heaven-level spirit stone. Completion reward: Xihe Mi Gong (earth-level top grade)]

[Option 2: Make a jade slip with earth-level spirit stones. Completion reward: White Light Demon Axis (Earth-level lower grade)

[Option 3: Make a jade slip with a heavenly spirit stone. Completion reward: random basic attribute point +1]

Within a month, Jiang Beiran made seventy-two jade slips from the lower middle-grade spirit stones that were soaked with wood spirits, and when he was considering whether to use earth-level or even heaven-level spirit stones to make a jade slip. , The system prompt popped up suddenly.

Using a heavenly spirit stone to make a jade slip?

Jiang Beiran thought with some confusion for a while, but still couldn't figure out the reason.

But he knew that if he didn't do it, there would be a terribly high-level trouble waiting for him, so he still chose three decisively as always.

It is definitely not an easy task to make jade slips with heavenly spirit stones.

There are two basic abilities in jade slip art, one is formation and the other is carving.

Jiang Beiran is naturally very proficient in these two mysterious arts, but he has no experience in making jade slips with earth-level spirit stones, let alone using heaven-level jade stones.

Picking up an icosahedral sky-level spirit stone, Jiang Beiran looked at it for a while and thought: But if you just make it into a jade slip...it shouldnt be too difficult.

If the spirit stone can determine the quality of the jade slip, then the jade maker can determine the strength of the jade slip.

An excellent jade maker can give full play to all the characteristics of the spirit stone, so that the jade slips produced have unlimited possibilities.

For example, store multiple moves at the same time, store Reiki and moves at the same time, use stored moves multiple times, and so on.

But these are not the top skills...

Most jade slips have a very big disadvantage, that is, when the moves are stored by the jade slips, the power will decrease, and the worse the jade slips are, the more it will decrease. In addition, the longer the storage time, the power of the move will be further reduced.

But the top jade masters can avoid this shortcoming. The jade slips they make will not only weaken the power of the move, but also strengthen it, and the longer it lasts, the stronger the move.

It's just that such jade makers are rare in the entire Xuanlong Continent, and Jiang Beiran also knew from Lin Shiyun that there are such powerful jade makers in the world.

In Jiang Beirans new series of skills, Jiang Beiran believes that the three attributes of [Xuanqi], [Note Ling] and [Qi-cutting] are estimated to be related to the jade maker. When these three skills have all grown up, Jiang Beiran believes I should be able to make such jade slips.

It's just that these three points are not too many now. Jiang Beiran estimated that he had reluctantly made the heaven-level spirit stone into a jade slip. As for the full development of the potential of the heaven-level spirit stone, it should be impossible.

Oh, the truth is a bit violent.

But compared to waste, life is definitely more important.

In order not to waste the heaven-level spirit stones, Jiang Beiran decided to use the earth-level spirit stones to practice his hands first, and randomly selected a piece from the universe ring. Jiang Beiran began to conceive a blueprint in his mind.

On the side, Lin Shiyun is studying a book of "The Book of Changes" given to him by the master. For her who has always been three minutes long, this time she has a strong interest in fortune-telling. Hundred and eighty-four lines, and other mysterious techniques are deeply attracted to her.

Lin Yuyan was holding the white fog sword to admire her brother as before, and the expression on her face changed from time to time, as if the brother was pulling her heartstrings every time he moved his fingers.

She should be the least eager to go out of the three, and even cheer for those Profound Sages when looking at the sky's eye formation, hoping that they will be able to fight for the dead.

With all three of them extremely fulfilled, another month passed quickly.

[Option task has been completed, reward: strength +1]

Huh... finally finished.

Looking at the beautifully made jade slips in his hands, Jiang Beiran breathed a sigh of relief.

The process of making jade slips with heavenly jade is much more difficult than he thought. Without him, this thing is too precious, and if you break a little texture, you may lose all your previous efforts.

But fortunately, Jiang Beiran didnt support it. The system only asked for a jade slip to be made from heaven-grade jade, but there were no other requirements, so he didnt pursue any fancy functions, and made a piece of heaven-grade jade that was very "normal." "The jade slip.

Now when he heard the system prompt, Jiang Beiran conveniently put the heavenly jade slip aside, stood up and walked towards the boiler.

Hearing the movement, Lin Shiyun, who was reading, immediately raised her head and asked, "Master, are the jade slips ready?"

"Yeah." Jiang Beiran, who was in a good mood, came to the stove, looked at Lin Shiyun and asked, "What do you want to eat?"

Lin Shiyun was taken aback for a moment, and then there was a burst of excitement.

Since entering this cave, Jiang Beiran has not personally cooked once, and Lin Shiyuns own dishes are also good, but compared with Jiang Beirans, its a world, so for more than a year , She misses the dishes Jiang Beiran cooked all the time.

The reason why Jiang Beiran suddenly wanted to cook in person was because he had come to an end in making this piece, and secondly, he was a bit greedy for his craft.

Mapo tofu, kung pao chicken, shredded pork with fish flavor, chickpeas, dried fish...

Red and colorful spicy dishes were served on the table, and Lin Shiyun had long been unable to take care of her restraint. She took a spoon in her left hand and chopsticks in her right hand.

After serving a bowl of rice, Jiang Beiran sat at the table and began to taste his craft.

Chewing the chicken in his mouth, Jiang Beiran thought about what to do next.

Regardless of forging, alchemy, or painting symbols, Jiang Beiran left behind the most precious and highest grade materials.

Originally Jiang Beiran would definitely not practice them, because it would be too wasteful to use these materials before there were sufficiently advanced production tools.

But he found that his pill furnace, hammer, talisman paper and other tools had also undergone transformation after absorbing the wood aura in this cave for a year.

Especially the peacock tripod he brought, after being "soaked" in the wood spirit for so long, it can be used to make healing medicines with half the effort. If it is graded now, it is estimated that it can complete the triple jump.

With the upgrading of the production tools, Jiang Beiran's mind became alive. After all, no matter how precious these materials are, they cannot be more precious than this opportunity. This kind of wood aura space is absolutely impossible to meet, God knows When is the next chance.

And he has the opportunity to get these materials again.

So just after thinking for a while, Jiang Beiran made a decision.

"Fuck it!"

While Jiang Beiran was thinking about it, Lin Shiyun had already wiped out most of the delicacies on the table. Seeing the chopsticks in Jiang Beiran's hand paused, he said with a little embarrassment: "Excuse me, Master... it's so delicious. Up."

"It's fine if you like to eat, don't be polite, I'll just go and make something if it's gone.

"Master is so good." Lin Shiyun said, picking up a piece of fish and putting it into Jiang Beiran's bowl, "Master, this piece of fish belly is specially reserved for you."

"Thank you." Jiang Beiran nodded with a smile, bowed his head and ate.

With a snicker, Lin Shiyun was just about to continue eating, but suddenly he drew his sword and cut it back.


The blocked Baiwu Sword let out a sword sound, and people could hear a feeling of regret.

Seeing her aunt looking at her, Lin Yuyan smiled and said, "Auntie, you know, Bai Wu is just a little bit naughty, it's kidding you."

"Really? Then I'll make a joke with it." Lin Shiyun said that as soon as he was about to get his mind, he saw Jiang Beiran hook his finger at Bai Wujian.

Bai Wujian, who was ready to take a look, immediately flew towards Jiang Beiran, rubbing and rubbing against him.


Lin Yuyan, who felt as if she was rubbing against brother, screamed, and fell softly on the dining table.

Patting the tip of the cloud sword, Jiang Beiran smiled and said, "Don't mess around during meals."

After hearing this, Bai Wujian's sword tip was bent twice, as if nodding.

Magic weapon, its really interesting.

After returning Bai Wujian to Lin Yuyan's arms, Jiang Beiran continued to eat the dishes in his bowl.

After a meal, Lin Shiyun actively picked up the dishes and chopsticks, while Lin Yuyan came to Jiang Beiran and said: "Brother, I have doubts and would like to ask you to answer."


"The monster beast sealed in my body is particularly active these few days. Could it be because the wood spirit has penetrated into the circle?"

Now Lin Yuyan already knows that her senior has known her secrets, so she doesn't have to cover it up.

"Active?" Jiang Beiran stretched out his hand and pinched a few tactics on Lin Yuyan, and said: "The wood spirit can't penetrate into your circle. As for the reason why this monster beast in your body is particularly active, it should be because it wants to absorb the white mist sword. The wood spirit inside."

"So that's the case." Lin Yuyan nodded, "Does that matter?"

"Let's do this first, at present, the monster beast in your body shouldn't take advantage of Baiwujian, otherwise I will feel it."

"Well, since the brothers say so, then I can rest assured."

"Anything else?"

Lin Yuyan shook her head after listening.

Seeing Lin Yuyan was okay, Jiang Beiran turned and walked towards the stove.

Looking at the back of the brother's departure, Lin Yuyan, who was once again filled with a sense of security, couldn't help but scream.

'I have been alone with my brother for 422 days, but I will still be overwhelmed by the charm of my brother. It turns out that this is a lady who loves her husband with all her heart. It's really wonderful. There will definitely be no better than me in this world. A more loving couple with brother, hehe.

Looking at Lin Yuyan's delusion, Lin Shiyun, who was clearing the tableware, couldn't help shook her head, feeling that her niece was hopeless.

Picking up the bowls and chopsticks, Lin Shiyun glanced at Jiang Beiran who was taking off his shirt, and suddenly felt dizzy.

This...this is too foul. Lin Shiyun thought with blurred eyes.


As the last batch of the best products, although the quantity is not large, it took Jiang Beiran more time. After two months, Jiang Beiran finally produced the last batch of best products.

Looking at the two pills that he had practiced with the Soul Infant Fruit in his hand, Jiang Beiran felt a sense of satisfaction.

Because of the wood spirit, the soul infant fruit has also changed once, half black and half white. Jiang Beiran checked it and found that two completely different elements in its body separated by itself. They are usually highly poisonous and generally holy medicine. .

This made Jiang Bei, who had been entangled for two years about whether to make it a poison or a wound medicine, was so refreshed to fly, and instantly he chose his phobia and healed without medicine.

Looking at the two spirit pills in his hand that were refined from the soul infant fruit, Jiang Beiran couldn't help but think of Shi Fenglan.

I promised her to go back in a month, but it has been more than a year now, and I haven't even sent her a good letter.

Im probably calling me a big liar again.

Brain filled with Shi Fenglan lying on the ground rolling, Jiang Beiran couldn't help but smiled knowingly, and put the two elixir into their respective bottles.

After cleaning up other places, Jiang Beiran once again complained about it.

Are these old things going to spend their old years here? Their strengths are equal, and it is really difficult to tell the winner.

In addition, Jiang Beiran didn't think they were really idle, because they would hold a forum together, as if they were discussing with each other.

Seeing the mysterious sages in the sky's eyes once again sitting around the clouds, UU reading www.uukanshu.com Jiang Bei can't help it.

For more than a year, these old monsters let alone give up, refused to even move a step, and kept fighting right above the wood spirit vein.

And you cant even say that they play a "fake match", because whenever Jiang Beiran sees their destructive moves in the eyes of the sky, he is sure that every Xuansheng attack should be rushing to take the others life. It was just that he yawned.

This broken movie is really endless.

Jiang Beiran, who was once again stuck with nothing to do, took out "Simulation Jianghu". After more than a year of hard work, what happened to the enjoyment?

I have to say that Mu Aura can really "moisturize" everything. After Jiang Ziya has bathed in Mu Aura for so long, his aura is getting higher and higher.

Not only knows how to take a few steps, but also knows to draw a card.

Sometimes I feel happy for myself to get new equipment, and show pain when mining the pit.

Seeing Jiang Ziya becoming more and more like a living human, Jiang Beiran also found it very interesting, and he was particularly happy to play.

In addition, the sculptures of Lin Yuyan and Lin Shiyun also showed signs that they were about to "live", and now they feel a little soft.

It's a pity that Jiang Beiran doesn't have enough materials. Otherwise, he wants to make a big sculpture of one's body, and see if it can help him do something after he turns on his spiritual wisdom.

After playing like this for two weeks, Lin Yuyan and Lin Shiyun were already familiar with the rules, that is, they played "Simulation Jianghu" not for collecting resources as the main purpose, but you chased me and played the whole game and killed They make strange laughs when they drop each other.

"Is the Lin family women really not normal..."

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