The Glory Of The Godfather Chapter 1124

Chapter 995:

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On May 19, the final round of the 2012/2013 Premier League season.

Aston Villa off-site against Wigan Athletic.

Wigan Athletic currently has 35 points, ranking 18th in the league and four points behind Sunderland, 17th in the league.

With only the last round left in the league, Wigan Athletic has been relegated to the Champions League one round ahead of schedule.

Aston Villa has won the championship early.

Therefore, both sides in this game are desperate.

Aston Villa bid farewell to this season's domestic competition with a big victory.

Ibrahimovic assisted Lewandowski and Mane respectively in the game.

Mane scored twice in the game, and it was Danny Ross who provided an assist for his second goal.

In addition, De Bruyne also assisted Hamei to score a goal to help the team lock the score to four to zero.

At the end of the game, Fang Jue replaced Greno.

In this game, Greno won a rare start, and the Spanish veteran with mixed reputation has decided to retire after the end of this season.

Therefore, today's game is also the last Premier League game for Greno to represent Aston Villa.

The last game of each season is not only the time to cheer the victory and celebrate the harvest of the season, but also the time to say goodbye.

In this Aston Villa team, two Italian veterans, Inzaghi and Nesta, plus Greno, all three veterans will retire after the end of the season.

Aston Villa defeated Wigan Athletic 4-0 at the jjb stadium of Wigan Athletic, with a big victory to draw a successful conclusion to the Premier League for the 2012/2013 season.


At the same time, the games on the other nine venues also ended, and the 2012/2013 Premier League season also came to an end.

In the Hawthorn Stadium of West Bromwich, Ferguson's farewell game, Manchester United and West Bromwich put on a crazy goal performance, the final score of the game was 5 to 5.

After the game, Ferguson gave a farewell speech at the scene.

In the lens, there are many old gray-haired fans in the stands. Because of their age, they rarely go to the scene to watch football.

However, Ferguson retires. This old man who has coached Manchester United for twenty-six years is about to retire. These old fans have to come and say goodbye to Ferguson for whatever they say.

Ferguson likes to chew gum when he directs the game on the sidelines. This is a well-known story.

After the game on that day, a fan happened to get the gum that Ferguson had chewed in this game.

Subsequently, the fans put the piece of gum on the Internet and described: The gum that Ferguson chewed, and its rarity; it was found in the Hawthorn Stadium and is now placed in a plexiglass and wooden box.

The fan expressed his willingness to auction this piece of gum and donate the proceeds to the Manchester United Charity Foundation after the auction.


Aston Villa won the Premier League with 30 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses and 95 points. This is their fourth consecutive Premier League championship.

Manchester United won the runner-up in the Premier League this season with 84 points, 11 points behind Aston Villa.

Manchester City won the third place in the Premier League with 75 points.

Chelsea narrowly beat Everton at home with a score of 2-1 in the final game of the league, and finally led Arsenal by three points with 73 points, securing the fourth place in the Premier League.

Arsenal ranked fifth in the Premier League with 70 points and qualified for the Europa League next season. This is also the second consecutive season that Arsenal missed the Champions League. Outside Arsenals Kearney training base, fans raised Up a banner of protest.

Because the FA Cup champion Aston Villa and the FA Cup runner-up have both qualified for the UEFA Champions League next season, the sixth-placed Tottenham Hotspur also qualified for the UEFA Champions League next season. .

In addition, because the League Cup champion Aston Villa can play in the Champions League, Swansea, who was battered by Aston Villa 7 to 1 in the League Cup final, was instead "a blessing in disguise" and qualified for the UEFA Cup next season Qualifications.

Wigan Athletic, Reading and Queens Park Rangers ranked third from the bottom to the bottom, locked in three relegation places.

On the top scorer list, the Dutch striker Van Persie, who joined Manchester United from Arsenal last summer, won the Premier League Golden Boot with 26 goals.

Also last summer, Polish striker Lewandowski, who joined the new team from Dortmund and joined Aston Villa from Dortmund, scored 22 goals in the Premier League this season and won the Premier League silver boots.

In addition to Lewandowski's silver boots in Aston Villa, Ibrahimovic scored 14 goals in the league, ranking eighth in the scorer list.

In addition, Jamie Vardy's outstanding performance has also won the praise of the media. As a striker substitute, Vardy scored ten goals in the league, which is impressive.

In the Premier League assists list, Chelsea's Mata crowned the Premier League assists leader with 12 assists.

Ibrahimovi ranked second with 11 assists. Like him, Chelsea player Hazard and Arsenal player Cazorla also performed well.

In addition, Hamei and Milner tied for fourth place in the Premier League assists list with nine assists.

Modric and De Bruyne tied for fifth place in the Premier League assists list with 8 assists.

As a young teenager, De Bruyne scored four goals in addition to eight assists in the league, and performed well.


However, the most eye-catching thing is the French teenager Paul Pogba, who was exempted from Manchester United by Aston Villa.

Pogba, as Modric's substitute, surrendered three goals and seven assists in the Premier League.

In addition, in the Champions League, Pogba also scored a goal.

In the English League Cup, Pogba had three goals and four assists.

In the FA Cup, Pogba scored two goals and assisted three times.

Excluding the UEFA Champions League final that has not yet started, the French teenager scored 9 goals for Aston Villa in all competitions and had 14 assists.

For a young man who had a rare chance to play at Manchester United last season, such an outstanding performance shocked many people.

Some media even ran over to ask if Ferguson regretted letting Pogba go. The old Ferguson was still very determined, and he said he would never regret it.


After Ferguson didn't regret it, Fang Jue didn't know.

Fang Jue is now annoying comparing prices.

Pogba's performance is very good, his agent Raiola has also become active.

Last summer, Pogba almost joined Juventus, it was Pogba who Fang Jue grabbed food from Juventus.

Now, seeing Pogba's outstanding performance in Aston Villa, Juventus has moved to introduce this young Frenchman.

Under this circumstance, Raiola, who is Pogba's agent, did not dispel the rumors of Juventus's favor like some agents did, but began to blow the news to the media:

Juventus want Pogba? I am not surprised at all, Pogba's talent and strength are worthy of the favor of any team.

Pogba is very happy at Aston Villa, but none of us can guarantee what will happen in the future.

Faced with Raiola's active behavior, Fang Jue was also a little hot.

At first he thought it was Raiola who was using this method to pressure Aston Villa to get a higher salary for Pogba.

However, Raiola has not requested Aston Villa's salary for Pogba.

In fact, when Ibrahimovic and Pogba were successively signed two players under Raiola, the'old father-in-law' Mendes reminded Fang Jue that Raiola was very Difficult, maybe Aston Villa and Raiola will fall out sooner or later.

Fang Jue is psychologically prepared for Raiola's disposition and difficulty.

This guy has many outstanding players, but his relationship with many giants is relatively rigid.

Take transfer matters as an example. In the turmoil of Raiola, many clubs are actually in a state of restraint in the competition for their players.

In 2010, Balotelli, who attempted to leave Inter Milan, was chased by two Premier League giants, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Facing the secret competition between the two old and new local tyrants in the Premier League, Raiola actively negotiated player transactions with the two clubs, and used the actual employment needs of the two clubs to contain each other and accurately promote the players. price.

After a lengthy tug of war, Manchester City finally signed Balotelli at a price of 28 million euros, which was much higher than the original 20 million offer.

Moreover, when talking about Raiolas famous work, we must also talk about the way he operated Nedved to Juventus 20 years ago, facing the then general manager of Juventus, who was always known for his negotiating ability. In auspicious time, Raiola fully demonstrated his ability to raise prices.

In the direct statement that "if 40 million euros are not given, then Nedved will become Inter Milan's commander", Moggi finally made a concession, and in that era, Nedved 41.5 million The transfer fee in Euros is absolutely huge.

On the other side, Inter Milan was smashed by Raiola. Moratti once really believed that Raiola would take Nedved to the Meazza Stadium.

Let's put it this way, as long as the club that has done business with Raiola, almost no one will not curse.

Looking at the entire football world, it seems that no one is more suitable for the words "greedy" and "cunning" than Raiola.


However, Fang Jue also noticed that both Ibrahimovic and Pogba trusted Raiola very much.

This is the two sides of Raiola's attitude towards life. He is very cunning towards the club and hates many clubs.

However, he is very good to the players.

The main reason why he can remain invincible in player trading for a long time is that he has a good relationship with all his players.

In the transfer of players, Raiola can not only help players raise prices to enhance their market value, but at the same time in contract negotiations, he can always win more lucrative income for the players.

Raiola in life is also very good at actively communicating with players. These reasons also directly make Raiola's team trust him.

Aston Villa club general manager Byron followed Fang Jue's will, calling Raiola, asking the super agent to pay attention to his words and control his mouth.

Raiola shut up.

He stopped talking about Pogba, but started talking about Ibrahimovic.

"Some people say that Zlatan's salary in Vera (260,000) is wrong. It turns out that it is indeed wrong. Zlatan deserves to double his salary!"

What is this guy going to do?

Fang Jue arranged for the club's chief executive Bob Clark to call Raiola.

The fat man then uttered again, "I didn't mean that I was asking for so much salary for Zlatan, but just to make an analogy, although Zlatan is indeed worthy of any treatment."

Just when Fang felt furious.

Raiola shut her mouth suddenly and stopped making any noise.

This is because the Champions League final between Aston Villa and Bayern Munich is about to arrive in two days.

Raiola clearly knew what to do and what not to do, and he didn't disturb Aston Villa's preparations anymore.

This is not how'attentive' he is to Aston Villa, but that he is very careful to his players. Before the war, he didn't want Ibrahimovic and Pogba to be distracted~wuxiaworld.online~not only Only in this way, Raiola made a special trip to London to have a meal with two of his players. He encouraged Ibrahimovic to perform a'unique' performance in the Champions League final.

"Zlatan, you are the best. Win the Champions League and tell the world that you are the best!"

The Champions League has always been Ibrahimovi's shortcomings. Prior to this, this is also the most fundamental reason why many media and fans believe that Ibrahimovic is worse than Ronaldo and Messi.

"Zlatan, you won the Champions League, this year's Golden Globe is yours." Raiola said.

"Zlatan doesn't need the Golden Globes to admit." Ibrahimovic said proudly.

"Of course." Raiola nodded in approval. "You are the unique Zlatan."

Raiola is not a compliment, his tone is casual, because he always thinks so.

Regardless of whether he is sincere or pretending, he is indeed very familiar with his players, players and willing to trust him.

Regarding Pogba, Raiola said, "Paul, try to play in the game. I know you can. In fact, as long as you play in the finals, you will be the best response. Give it to the TV. Take a look at Ferguson."

Soon, Fang Jue noticed that whether it was Ibrahimovic or Pogba, the mental outlook during training was even better.

He knew about Raiola's heart-to-heart talks with Ibrahimovic and Pogba, and Fang Jue appreciated it.

He even called Raiola, and the two talked very happily, and they couldn't see the contradiction between the two before.

At present, the interests of the two people are the same.

Fang Jue is eager to lead the team to the top of Europe for the second time, and Raiola also looks forward to the Champions League trophy to add color to his players and increase the bargaining chip.

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