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Aston Villas goal was a huge blow to Manchester City.

He didn't score a penalty on his own side, and in a flash, Aston Villa counter-attacked and scored a goal. This is two goals and the situation has been reversed.

It can be said that with such a huge contrast, it can even be said that some of the Manchester City players who have been hit are a bit suspicious of life.

Mane is running to celebrate, he now doesn't worry about how to celebrate the goal.

Mane thought of a little trick. As long as Zlatan is on the court, and Zlatan hugs after a goal, it is absolutely correct.

Watching Mane and Ibrahimovic hug, more Aston Villa players gathered around and cheered for the goal. The Manchester City players felt uncomfortable.

If Tevez's penalty kicked in, they would be celebrating.

Unfortunately, there is no if.

Tevez, hands on hips, watched all this without saying a word.


Three minutes later, Manchester City's interim coach Kidd made a substitution adjustment, Tevez was replaced, and Bosnia-Herzegovina striker Dzeko came on the bench.

Tevez, who was replaced, ignored Kidd's hand extended and walked straight to the player channel.

The reporters in the media booth were all excited when they saw this scene. They had already made up a lot of headlines and stories in their minds.

The morale of the Manchester City team was affected, and there was obviously a brief chaos.

Aston Villa is considered to be one of the best teams in football at present.

Three minutes later, Gareth Barry passed the ball to Nasri in midfield.

The intention of this pass was too obvious. Clemente rushed directly to Nasri and forced the opponent to pass the ball in a hurry. The ball was cut off by Modric, who had long been eyeing him.

Aston Villa immediately fought back quickly.

From the interception to the final shot, only four passes were used.

In the end, Mane crossed the goal, Lewandowski squeezed Kompany away and succeeded with a shovel.



"Lewandowski! Lewandowski! Robert Lewandowski! This may be a goal to seal the victory, three to one!"

"At sixty-five minutes into the game, Aston Villa was ahead of Manchester City three to one. They were two goals ahead of their opponents and they were getting closer and closer to winning the FA Cup."

Fang Jue and Ceballos and Werner and Enke were high-five on the sidelines to celebrate the goal.

Fang Jue was completely relieved when the goal was scored.

Not only is Aston Villa leading by two goals, but also because he can see that Manchester City is obviously a little panicked. Although it cannot be said that it was beaten and defeated, it is indeed a bit chaotic.

Chief Mansour waved his checkbook and spurred on the transfer market. Manchester City has made rapid progress in recent years, and its strength growth has been amazing. Last season, he won the league runner-up, and this season basically locked the league third place Being able to reach the top four consecutively and steadily in the league is a very remarkable achievement.

Fang Jue didn't see the meaning of Manchester City clearly, but the biggest difference between this Manchester City and his Aston Villa is: not good at fighting tough battles!

To put it more bluntly, that is, there is no champion temperament.

Aston Villa has been tested for a long time. With so many champions, it has created an invincible and fearless temperament. Let alone two goals behind, that is, behind three goals, Aston Villa also has the strength to fight. There will be no confusion.

However, this Manchester City team is clearly unable to do this.

This is also the reason why the Manchester City club seniors are so eager for the championship, especially eager to win the championship by defeating Aston Villa.

This kind of temperament needs to be poured with victory and championship!


Kidd kept shouting from the sidelines, hoping that the Manchester City players could summon the courage to fight to the death.

The Manchester City players did not give up the game, but, obviously, they played a bit chaotically and failed to organize an effective offensive.

On Aston Villa's side, Fang Jue also changed frequently.

Ibrahimovic was replaced and De Bruyne came on the bench.

Modric was replaced and Pogba came off the bench.

Kyle Walker was replaced, Thornton was replaced.

Eighty minutes into the game, the score was still three to one, and Aston Villa was two goals ahead of Manchester City.

At this time, Aston Villa's counterattack hit Lewandowski with a shovel behind Nasri.

This very bad flying shovel aroused the anger of Aston Villa players, and the players from both sides formed a group and clashed.

In the end, the referee Kratenberg showed Nasri a second yellow card, and then took out a red card to send off Nasri.

Later, he gave a yellow card to warn Aston Villa's captain Clement and Manchester City's captain Kompany to stop the conflict between the two sides.

Fang Jue was also furious on the sidelines. Aston Villa won the game and won the FA Cup in England. There is almost no suspense. What he worries most is that a player is injured.

Fortunately, after the inspection, he was told that Lewandowski had no problem and could continue the game. Otherwise, Fang Jue would never give up.


Nasris red card directly destroyed the Manchester Citys final comeback hope.

In the ensuing match time, the players on both sides became more and more angry.

In the total of ten minutes of injury time, Kratenberg showed a total of four yellow cards, two for Aston Villa and two for Manchester City.

Among them, Aston Villa's full-back Kyle Walker accumulated two yellow cards and was sent off.

Manchester Citys Nastasic accumulated two yellow cards and was sent off.

"Eleven yellow cards, three red cards and three red cards were sent off in the game. This should be considered the most popular FA Cup final in recent years." Lineker shook his head and said, "Man City wants to win. Aston Villa, we can understand the desire to win the championship, but, obviously, they still need a lot of homework to do and there is still a lot to improve."

A minute later, Pogba shot Yaya Tour and missed the bottom line.

The referee Kratenberg did not give Aston Villa a corner kick, but directly blew the whistle at the end of the game.

In an instant, the new Wembley Stadium was full of cheers and excitement from Aston Villa fans.


"The game is over! The game is over! The game is over! Congratulations to Aston Villa, they beat Manchester City 3-1 at the new Wembley Stadium. They are the English FA Cup champions in the 2012/2013 season!"

"Aston Villa has won the English League Cup and won the English League Championship before. Now, they will win the FA Cup again. Gui Fang Jue and his team are crowned the triple crown of the season. King!" Zhan Jun exclaimed excitedly, "This is the first time in the history of the Premier League that a team has won three domestic championships and crowned the Triple Crown. And, dont forget, two weeks later, Aston Wei Rafael will return to this stadium. They will fight against the top of Europe at the New Wembley Stadium and Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League final on May 25!"

"If Aston Villa can beat Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League final, they will achieve an unprecedented four crowns in the history of European football!"

"The reporters all rushed into the field. They surrounded the players of Aston Villa. Of course, we saw that Fang Jue was the most popular reporter. So many reporters surrounded him and wanted to interview him. It is the style of European football champion coaches. This is the treatment of the most popular champion coaches in Europe!"

Fang Jue signaled that he would not accept the interview now. He pointed to the Manchester City coaching bench, meaning he was going there.

Fang Jue went straight to Kidd, and he hugged each other. "Man City played very well today. You caused us a lot of trouble in the opening game."

"We still lost." Kidd said helplessly.

Fang Jue patted the other's shoulder, said nothing, turned and left.

Looking at the reporters who were still following him, he smiled and said, "Now, I want to be with them. If I have anything to ask, wait for the press conference."

The reporters, who followed him like a brown sugar, actually gave way, watching him step into the court, walk towards his players, and clap and hug his players one by one.

His players made a surprise attack on the head coach, surrounded Fang Jue, lifted him up, threw him into the air, and then caught him, like three times...


Before Aston Villa won the Premier League title ahead of schedule, the club did not celebrate.

After beating Manchester City at the New Wembley Stadium, winning the FA Cup, and crowning the Triple Crown, the club finally began a large-scale celebration.

On the day of returning from London to Birmingham, Aston Villa began a grand championship celebration and float parade.

This season's England League Cup champion, Premier League champion, England FA Cup champion.

The three championship trophies were lifted by the players one by one. The parade floats slowly moved in the crowd of hundreds of thousands of fans. Every time the trophy was raised, huge cheers were ushered in.

When Nesta and Inzaghi lifted the trophy respectively, the fans on the scene burst into cheers and applause.

Inzaghi and Nesta and Aston Villa signed a one-year contract, which everyone has known for a long time.

For these two veterans, Aston Villa fans responded with respect and gratitude.

Nesta is the defensive pin of Aston Villa's defense. Although Nesta is on the bench most of the time, he saw such a veteran on the bench and experienced the'central defender crisis' of last season. The Aston Villa fans will be inexplicably stable.

And as long as Nesta plays, the Italian veteran will tell everyone with his outstanding performance how reassuring he is.

When the 39-year-old Inzaghi joined Aston Villa last summer, he was ridiculed by many media that the Italian veteran was here to provide for the elderly.

Now, a season is about to pass, the result?

In the FA Cup, Inzaghi scored two goals.

In the English League Cup, Inzaghi scored two goals.

In the 36 Premier League games played so far, Inzaghi has scored three goals.

In the Champions League, Inzaghi scored four goals!

The season is not over yet, Super Pippo handed over 11 goals!

For a veteran who is about to turn forty in three months, this is a nearly perfect answer. You must know that Inzaghi is often on the bench as a substitute, and he doesn't make many starts!

"Gazzetta dello Sport" exclaimed about this. They used non-mainstream titles like "Tearful eyes, I saw Pippo ten years younger."


In the subsequent 37th round of the Premier League make-up, Aston Villa lost to the Blues Chelsea at home stadium St Andrews 1-2.

Chelsea had a two-to-zero lead. Thornton assisted Shinji Kagawa to score and help Aston Villa regain a goal.

The Aston Villa team didn't mind this loss too much. After the Triple Crown, the team had a grand and hilarious championship celebration, and then Fang Jue gave the team a day off.

It can also be seen from the progress of the game that the Aston Villa of this game is clearly out of state.

In addition, Fang Jue discharged half of the bench in the starting lineup. In the second half of the game, he frequently replaced marginal players to experience the game. This is the team's last home game of the season. Player's testimonials.

In order for Chelsea to compete for the fourth place in the league, this game is to do their best. UUwww.uukanshu. com fights fiercely.

It is not unacceptable for Chelsea to win two to one away.

This game was also the last match between Nesta and Inzaghi at Aston Villa's home court. Fang Jue arranged for the two veterans to play for more than 60 minutes.

In the second half of the game, the two veterans were replaced, allowing them to enjoy the courtesy of the fans standing and applauding.

The live broadcast also officially announced to the fans at this time that the Italian veteran Nesta will join Fang Jue's coaching staff as the defensive coach after the end of this season, which also caused cheers from the fans.

As for Inzaghi, Fang Jue also wants to retain him. What he prepared for Inzaghi is the position of head coach of the youth team. Inzaghi is very happy, but he declined. He has decided to return to Milan and coach Milan. Youth echelon, this is his promise to fulfill his one year late.

After the 37th round of the league, Aston Villa, who lost this round, led the way with 92 points.

Manchester United ranked second with 83 points.

Manchester City ranked third with 75 points.

The ranking of these three teams has long been determined.

Chelsea, who beat Aston Villa this round, ranked fourth in the league with 70 points. The Blues led fifth-placed Arsenal by three points and sixth-placed Tottenham by four points.

In the final round of the league, as long as Chelsea do not lose, they will be able to get the fourth place in the league and get tickets for the Champions League next season.

Fifth place Arsenal is only one point ahead of sixth place Tottenham Hotspur, which means that Arsenal not only have to fight for the last hope of fourth place in the league, but also be careful to be snatched by Tottenham Hotspur. UEFA Europa League qualification.

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