Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 715

Chapter 715: This Secretary Is Very Bad

Chapter 715 This secretary is very bad

"Sister Jin, we can't keep swallowing our voices like this, we have to fight back!"

Now all public opinion is biased towards Yang Qing, and Yan Jinyi apologizes to Yang Qing. Some even scolded her for not eating grapes and saying sour grapes, only knowing to make money. Heiyunzhai is a place that violates laws and regulations, and there is behavior that despise ordinary people.

Yang Qing is a senior White Lotus. He specifically posted that he did not blame the second young lady, but that Yan Jinyis behavior affected her company. I hope that Yan Jinyi can apologize, otherwise he can only go through legal procedures.

Yan Jinyi finished reading Weibo, and drank his mouth water calmly, "I will use your Weibo."

Zhao Xinchen hesitated to hand over his mobile phone.

"What are you talking about? I was planning to introduce a girlfriend to you, now think about it, forget it."

"Sister Jin, please use, my phone is your phone!"

Yan Jinyi snorted and began to tap on the screen.

Zhao Xinchen took the phone and took a look, only to feel that his eyes were black and almost fainted.

Young Master Zhao v: Dont be too narcissistic, Mr. Yang. Our boss didnt put you in his eyes at all. Besides, why didnt I know that you came to visit in person? Isn't it your secretary? A sissy thought she was a queen, and she actually ordered this son to serve him tea and water. To be honest, I was the one who refused to apply for your membership card. I was not convinced to come to Zhao's house to find me!

"Sister Jin, then, that assistant didn't tell me to serve tea and pour water, but asked if I could give him a glass of water."

Yan Jinyi glared at Zhao Xinchen's gaze.

Zhao Xinchen shivered all over, "Yes, this secretary is so bad that he actually ordered me to serve him tea and water!"

Zhao Xinchen is a well-known rich second generation in Shengjing. He is arrogant and domineering, but he has disappeared recently. Many people still speculate that he was sent abroad for further study.

It turned out that they were subordinates for the second youngest!

However, as soon as Zhao Xinchen's Weibo was posted, many people who only planned to watch the show spoke out to support him.

Young Master Zhao never lied. He always told the truth. It seems that Yang Qings secretary provoked him. Then the second grandmother cant be blamed.

The second youngest grandma doesnt know who Yan Jinyi is. Besides, our second youngest grandma can make money so much, so what kind of donations are we worth? Please beg some people to do something that people should do, don't get everything involved with our second grandmother.

I finally saw someone speaking for the second grandma, I thought the world had changed! In other words, dont you think the comments under that news look like navy?

Yang Qing originally planned to use Yan Jinyis current reputation to pour dirty water on the'second young grandma', but it was destroyed by Zhao Xinchens Weibo.

The people who eat melon are still discussing the relationship between the second youngest grandmother of the Huo Family and Yan Jinyi. Some people even pull out Shen Yan, saying that Yan Jinyi is the spokesperson of SY, maybe she is the middleman.

The popularity of continued to grow, until at ten o'clock that evening, Yan Jinyi, who had stopped updating Weibo for nearly a month, finally updated his blog.

Bandit leader v: No one wants to buckle me for things that have not been done before. I will reveal the news on my Weibo at 9 o'clock tomorrow, everyone, look forward to it.

All of a sudden, the whole network exploded. Weibo Post Bar and various forums were discussing this matter. Everyone was speculating about what Yan Jinyi was going to reveal, and whether he found evidence to prove his innocence.

However, Yan Jinyis move scared Yang Qing and others.

(End of this chapter)

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