Mokuton Authority Chapter 252

Volume 6: Bleached Soul Chapter 252 Soul: School All Over Again.

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After a loving night spent with Allessa, the next morning quickly came. And that means classes in the shinigami academy started. Unfortunately for the more eager students, the first day is a simple orientation day.

Right now I and allessa are going towards the cafeteria to get some breakfast before the orientation ceremony started.

The moment we entered the cafeteria Elsa who was already there, saw us and keep waving her hand. Rick and Gwen are also sitting at the same table as Elsa. Allessa and I quickly got our breakfast and sat at the table.

"So prepared for some mind numbering hours of orientation?"(Aizen).

"*Groan* don't even remind me about it, even the f.u.c.k.i.n.g library here is way more interesting than these horrifying orientations."(Rick).

"If this can serve as a consolation, you aren't going to suffer through that alone."(Aizen)

My only answer was a loud *Roan* followed by Elsa and Gwen giggling at Rick's suffering. Heh, they laugh now, but I bet the moment that old man who is going to make the orientation starts talking they aren't gonna look any better than Rick.

After breakfast we went towards the orientation hall, Rick already resigned to his fate simply continue walking towards the hall with dead eyes.

Reaching the hall we chose to sit roughly in the middle, I know people normally flock to the backmost and frontmost seats, so if you sit roughly in the middle you have more chances of no one disturbing you.

Not much after people started filling the hall until it was roughly half-filled. Seeing as no one was arriving for quite some time an old man appeared at the podium and started talking.

What he talked about is the normal and standard indoctrination bullshit that I heard during my academy days in the shinobi world. Not surprising seeing as the Central 46 and the Gotei 13 can be said to be close to a military dictatorship.

The only part of the old man's speech that was truly important was when he talked about the Shinigami's disciplines.

"... As shinigami academy students your man classes would be; [Zanjutsu]: The art of the sword, [Hakuda] The close combat art, [Hoho] The art of high-speed movements, [Kido] The magical art of both [Hado] and [Bakudo]. You learn, and you will be tested until you are finally able to join the Gotei 13. Do be sure-"(Old Man).

Most of what he talked about after that was totally unimportant, Allessa even started meditating while she practiced her [Reiatsu] control, seeing her wiser choice I also started doing the same. Of course, we were already doing it all the time while multitasking, but when we meditate while doing it our concentration and focus are better.

after some more Gurelign hours of an old man talking bullshit, Elsa was sleeping like she just heard the perfect lullaby, Gwen looked like she was paying attention but I am pretty sure her mind was elsewhere, and Rick looked like he was close to killing himself.

"... And with this, we come to an end on your orientation. After lunch, you will have your first [Zanjutsu] classes where you will receive your own [Asauchi]. Good luck young shinigami."(Ol Man).

After that, the man disappeared in a burst of speed leaving some of the students impressed at the old man's skill. In my vision, he was moving slower than a snail, so it was quite fun seeing his face of smugness when he saw the surprised students, sadly he didn't look towards us, meaning I didn't have my fun seeing his probable stupid expression when he looked at me.

After that, we simply went towards the cafeteria to have our lunch. Rick seems to look deader than before while Elsa is still trying to fight the desire to simply sleep on top of her food, but apparently, she was hungrier than sleepier so she opted to eat first sleep later.

"Man, I swear if I have to go through another orientation like that I am gonna lose it."(Rick).

"Heh, you lucky this isn't as bad as the shinobi academy... That shit was painful even to remember..."(Aizen).

"*Groan* Stop talking about it... I just want to SLEEP."(Elsa).

"Didn't sleep well last night?"(Gwen).

"Nah, I was too anxious to sleep properly."(Elsa).

"*Blush* I also didn't sleep well..."(Gwen).

"That is exactly what it looks like."(Rick).

"It's you f.u.c.k.i.n.g faul-"(Gwen). Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52076436135141333 for visiting.

"Yeah, it was definitely my F.U.C.K.I.N.G fault *Smug*"(Rick).

"*Blush* Bastard!"(Gwen).

Ignoring Gwen and Rick's shenanigans I went back to eating my lunch. After finishing Allessa started holding my hand lovingly, I smiled at her and closed my eyes basking into her love and proximity. Hah, I really love this woman.

After everyone has eaten to their fills we decided to go towards our class. It's a little bit early but we have nothing better to do right now, so might as well arrive early. We are all using the typical Shinigami Shihakusho, and I gotta admit that I quite like this Shihakusho, I didn't know clothes could be so comfortable and so practical at the same time, the Shihakushod definitely has my seal of approval.

Entering the classroom I observed that the backmost seats are the highest while the frontmost is the lowest, the typical university classroom. But what is different the most is that instead of a teacher podium or something, the front of the classroom is the equivalent of a huge dojo we a lot of people can have sparring matches simultaneously. Guess the class is made for the teacher to give both lectures and practical lessons. The good thing is that the more someone advances on the shinigami academy, the more practical their lessons get. So 5th or 6th years students are rarely hearing lectures, that doesn't mean they don't read their books tho.

I decided to sit in the topmost left corner, Allessa quickly sat at my side. Gwen and Rick follow my example sat in the chair right below us, Elsa decided to sit close to Allessa and both started to talk amicably about a bunch of random things, Gwen soon followed and started talking with the two. Rick just closed his eyes and opted to calm himself for a bit before the class started, I used my time wisely to help me expand my control over my [Reiatsu].

Students started arriving and filling up the classroom, it didn't take much time for the teacher to arrive.

"Good morning students, my name is Miyamoto and I am your [Zanjutsu] instructor. In my class, you will learn the importance and value of the sword to a Shinigami's life. but before id elve into a rant about how important and precious a sword is I want every one of you to pick up an [Asauchi]."(Miyamoto).

With that Miyamoto pointed at a side room which is filled with [Asauchi] to the brim. The class immediately started making a line to pick up their [Asauchi], of course, I already have my [Zanpakutou] so this procedure is completely useless for me, so I just put on a show. The same can't be said about Elsa, Rick, and Gwen, as they don't have their [Asauchi].

But I decided to intervene at this moment, when Gwen, Rick, and Elsa picked their [Asauchi] I traded them for the [Asauchi] I made with Omni metal... Well, might as well give them the best quality [Asauchi] in the entire Omniverse.

After everyone took their [Asauchi] the teacher continued his rant.

"An [Asauchi] is the precursor to the most important thing in a Shinigami's life, their [Zanpakutou]. A [Zanpakutou] is not only a simple weapon but it's literally part of you, it's the manifestation of your soul given form. From now and henceforth I want you to never separate from your [Asauchi], you will sleep with it, you will take a bath with it, you will eat with it, you will attend class with it, you will f.u.c.k with it, you will do everything with it. And when you [Asauchi] finally becomes your [Zanpakutou] you will thank me profusely. Now to make a connection with your [Asauchi] and start on the path for it to become a [Zanpakutou] you will first enter a meditative position with the [asauchi] on your lab, after that, you will try to pump [Reiatsu] on the best you could, then you will..."(Teacher).

After that, the teacher continues explaining different ways that e can form a connection with our [Asauchi], he gave us tips and some simple training methods that could easily be used to improve our connection with our swords.

"... and don't forget that you own [Zanpakutou] will probably recognize your efforts, so if you always train hard with your [Asauchi] you will probably learn your [Zanpakutou] name much faster. And when-"(Miyamoto).


"*Sigh* It appears that unfortunately, our class time has ended for today. I will see you all in our next class. And good luck with finding you [Zanpakutou] name."(Miyamoto).

We quickly exited the [Zanjutsu] class and went for our next class, which is [Hakuda], the art of close combat quarters; my current speciality. This class might as well be useless to me, but I like to maintain an open mind, I don't believe I am some kind of omnipotent God that knows everything, maybe I can even learn some new things by observing the way the Shinigamis fight in close quarters.

"... So what is the next class?"(Rick).

"It's is [Hakuda] if I am not mistaken..."(Gwen).

"Close quarters huh."(Rick).

"Yup, I am more interested in the [Kido] class, but unfortunately I will need to wait until tomorrow for that."(Allessa).

"Don't worry, as long as we are learning something new the wait is worth it."(Aizen).

"Couldn't you... I don't know... Simply copy every skill that there is and be done with it?"(Rick).

"And be bored for the rest of the next century? As if."(Aizen).

"Ah, I didn't think about that... sometimes I forgot that training can also be something joyful and enjoyable. For most of my life, I trained to survive, not to progress, so I never thought about it that way... I guess the only time I enjoyed training was when you trained us all those years in the past. Don't get me wrong that training was akin to torture in many ways, but I truly did enjoy it and had fun with my friends... Now that is just a memory fo the good times..."(Rick).

"Don't worry demon... you are together with your friends again, no? this world isn't pacific by any means, but it is still way less chaotic than your previous one, so now you can enjoy life a little bit."(Allessa).

"I guess... Thanks Allessa, Aizen is lucky to have you."(Rick).

"Nah, we both are lucky to have found each other."(Allessa).

"Heh, I guess I can say the same about me and Gwen..."(Rick).

We quickly approached the next classroom. Entering the classroom I observed that this is pretty close to what the [Zanjutsu] classroom looked like, a big place for the students to sit and an even bigger dojo were multiple spars can occur. Soon after the classroom was filled the [Hakuda] teacher appeared.

"Hello Students my name is Yasami, and I am your [Hakuda] teacher. Today I will be teaching you the basics of close quarter combat."(Yasami).

"We can start with something simple... hmmm... I guess if I start by giving you all some Katas for everyone to get used to the basic movements is a good start. I will also give everyone some basic conditioning regimens to help you all improve your physique. I can also help you with-"(Yasami).

Yasami continued talking and teaching us bit by bit about [Hakuda], she taught us some basic Katas, gave us some correct exercises to follow, showed us where the practice hall is. she also said if you think your physical regiment is lagging or is inadequate that you can talk to her and she will help you make a personalized regiment. Eventually, everyone will get their own regimen according to her.

She also said that next class we will be doing some sparring and that we should do all Katas at least 5 or more times per day. She also advised us to always be together with our [Asauchi] no matter what we are doing, a Shinigami is always with his [Zanpakutou]so its better if we get used to it, the sooner the better.

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