Fantasy: Invincible Starts From The Egg Chapter 937

Chapter 937: Refining Blood

"Go!" Ye Chen made a cold voice.

The breath is cold, and everyone around is cold.

But Zhao Manyang didn't care, slowly let go of Ye Chen, and began to wipe his tears.

I kept saying: "Brother Ye, you, you don't know how much I have suffered during this time!"

After speaking, he had tears in his eyes, Ye Chen ignored him, and he said aggrieved:

"Brother Ye, you don't know someone is crazy, you want to move me, brother!"

"More than that, he wanted to accept me as a little brother, and kicked me flying, it was too much."

"I, Zhao Manyang, have been arrogant and arrogant in my life, so I won't bend my knees to be someone else's younger brother. Ye Ge, I am your brother, someone treats me like this, Ye Ge must help me teach that kid. I tell you, that kid is , His surname is Ye, that is... Ye Liangchen!!!"

"That stupid man named Ye Liangchen wants to be his little brother, and he doesn't take a **** to take pictures of himself. Just his junk..." Zhao Manyang wanted to complain, but Because Ye Chen's face slowly darkened, what he said became quieter, getting smaller and smaller, knowing that the word "goods" just blurted out.

Before he finished his words, Zhao Manyang flew up, screamed, and then thundered.

Zhao Manyang was severely smashed on top of the mountain.

At this time, all the soil on the surface of the mountain fell off.

A natural yellow ring flew directly.

The blood arrow that gradually approached the top, the two slowly approached, and the ring in Ye Chen's arms suddenly flew out uncontrollably.

Fly towards another ring that is almost the same! !

The two Na Rings gradually approached, and then the two merged.

The eyes of all four of them are straight, how the two rings so well-fitted, how can the real things merge together and become one.

Now the two pieces suddenly merged into one, the shape is the same as before, there is no change, the color of the ring has changed from the previous yellow to golden and shining.

Even more gorgeous!

Ye Chen was taken aback, what is the connection between these two rings? ? ! !

At this moment, the ring trembled slightly, and the blood arrow above it made the sound of swords.

All of a sudden, blood arrows poured into the ring.

Soon, the long blood bar disappeared, and the ring became **** and gradually became blood red. The reddest ring was completely red, exuding a strange and violent breath.

It's different from the quaint atmosphere before.

Ye Chen frowned, staring at him.

At this moment, the ring made a sizzling sound, and on the top of the cave, a hole was pierced by a blood arrow, and countless blood arrows poured in at this time.

The previous scenes were repeated one by one, all slamming into or being sucked into the ring.

With the absorption of the blood arrow, Na Jie became redder and brighter.

At this time, it seems that the absorption of Najie is saturated, just like a child who has eaten a full meal, Najie shook his body, very satisfied.

With the final violent shaking, the world trembled.

Ye Chen frowned, squinted, and stepped forward to grab the ring every time.

Ye Chen didn't know, so he was waiting for it to change.

And so did the other three. But Zhao Manyang walked up.

He laughed loudly: "Haha! This thing must be a baby!"

With that, Zhao Manyang stretched out one hand and grabbed it into the air.

As soon as Zhao Manyang came into contact with Na Jie, a huge elastic force spread out from Na Jie, directly flying Zhao Manyang away.

At this time, the vibration between heaven and earth suddenly disappeared.

But Ye Chen felt that the pressure and suction outside his body had disappeared.

The white mist radiating in all dimensions also dissipated.

The world is back to normal!

"The evil formation has disappeared!!"

Ye Chen's heart loosened, but his expression also changed.

What was the reason? Ye Chen had to beware of the unknown reason.

Na Jie regained her calm, plunged directly into the ground, and immediately fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Ye Chen picked up Na Jie and probed a trace of Divine Soul into it, and found that the original barrier of Na Jie disappeared!

The prohibition disappeared? ? ! !

Ye Chen was startled, but he also knew that the breaking of the prohibition on abstention was related to the inhaled blood.

Could it be that the way to open the ring is to absorb blood? ?

Ye Chen's heart was shocked, what an evil way, and who set up this evil formation.

What is the conspiracy of all this? ? ? ! ! !

Ye Chen picked up the ring and just felt it lightly, just in case, Ye Chen didn't fully penetrate the ring into the ring.

Ye Chen tentatively entered the ring space. Ye Chen saw an object.

A scroll.

It seems to be a secret book.

Ye Chen didn't open it in a hurry, but put away Na Jie.

Ye Chen looked at the people around, and the people around also looked at Ye Chen. Zhao Manyang just blinked and got up.

"Brother Ye, what's in it?" Zhao Manyang ran up and asked curiously.

"Could it be something baby?!" Zhao Manyang looked forward to it.

Ye Chen smiled bitterly: "There is only one secret book." Ye Chen said casually, without answering.

"Cheats?" Zhao Manyang was puzzled, and surprised: "Is it what star skill?!!!"

Ye Chen shook his head: "I don't know either."

Zhao Manyang didn't think much, but urged: "Brother Ye, take it out and have a look." Zhao Manyang was very excited.

Ye Chen glanced at him, and after a pause, he drew a trace of Divine Sense and took out the secret paper.

Dense rolls are common and are made of animal skins. It seems that there is nothing terrible.

Ye Chen opened it gently. The parchment roll is unrolled.

Refining blood!

"Refining blood and transforming gods!!!"

Zhao Manyang said four words excitedly.

And the two people on the side of the white-clothed woman who looked at the side also changed their faces slightly, muttering in their mouths: "God?"

Except for the four big blood-red characters in it, there is no text, not even a pattern at all, only a yellow background is left.

"Ah? There is nothing! There are only four words, what is it, a waste of expression. Hey!" Zhao Manyang sighed. He shook his head again and again, very disappointed.

Ye Chen slowly gathered the dense volume into the ring.

now. This prohibition on taking the ring has been broken, and there is an extra room for storing items to take the ring. It will be very convenient in the future, and it is a good harvest.

As for this exercise called Refining Blood and Transforming God or what, Ye Chen did not study it in depth.

Ye Chen noticed the performance of the white-clothed woman. The two were obviously surprised just now, and they also murmured in their mouths, obviously knowing the name.

So Ye Chen walked into the two of them, and said: "The two know what it means to refine blood and transform gods?"

The two were stunned, and they couldn't see the cultivation base of the person in front of them, either without cultivation base or extremely high cultivation base.

The two didn't know Ye Chen's identity, and didn't know that Ye Chen was Ye Liangchen, but both of them were shocked in their hearts and dared not be careless.

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