Yin Yang Pleasures Of Cultivation Chapter 166

Chapter 165: Teleportation

"Huee~, like most things, the hallway entrance is a lot smaller compared to what's inside." Aniela's sweet voice echoed out in a vastly wide and expansive gray hallway.

About an hour passed since the trio finished resting up. And after a few more kisses and cuddles, Darcel, Aniela, and Masami's were back at full strength thanks to their Darkness Soul link.

Now, they were cautiously walking through this long and wide gray hallway; the three of them were hyper-aware of their surroundings.

Masami had her hands clenched, ready for battle as her eyes trailed all over the place. "No matter the size, there's bound to be something dangerous down here. I'm not sensing anything yet, but for that scientist to somehow find that gray cave, he had to face some sort of trouble."

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