Godly Choice System Chapter 3459

Chapter 3459: Ignorant Mortal

"You, are you really a god?" Fan Linglong couldn't help but ask, because she looked at this **** very well, even though she had behaved a little strangely before, as if she was testing them.

But it is also possible that there is some hidden conspiracy.

"you can say so."

The voice of "Xiaomei God" is very soft, like a revelation given by an ethereal **** in a dream, "Everything here is created by me."

The meaning is very simple.

Everything in Taohua Village was created by her. Li Yun had guessed before that the fact that there are only five people in this world has indeed been blinded.

"Ignorant mortal."

As if seeing what Li Yun was thinking, Xiaomei said lightly: "Although I am still asleep, my strength is not what you can imagine. The people you meet are not completely illusory."

Li Yun frowned: "Meaning, my grandfather has indeed been resurrected for a while?"

"No." Xiaomei Shen said: "He hasn't been resurrected, just a trace of the world, he is your grandfather, not your grandfather."


God is indeed omnipotent, and philosophy is no longer a problem.

Li Yun thought for a while and asked, "I wonder what is your purpose for making this Taohua Village?"

"I talk to you like this to make you understand."

The **** Xiaomei answered the wrong question and looked at Li Yun calmly: "You cannot know the language of God, and you have never seen the majesty of God. You can understand my form as the Son of God."

Smith was immediately more excited.

Does this seem to be a **** from the East, but it is actually from the West? !

The so-called Son is not the Son of God. The Son of God is both a son and God himself.

Simply put, it is the Trinity.

Jesus, God, and Jehovah are actually one person, that is, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the trinity, they are one person! !

Xiaomei in front of her, she is both Xiaomei and God.

In a more popular understanding, Xiaomei is the "reincarnation" of God, that is, the coming of the Son!

Therefore, Xiaomei's words are so easy-going, because although she is a god, she is also Xiaomei.

Li Yun touched his nose in embarrassment. He was really complaining in his heart just now. Why this god's way of speaking is not majestic at all. God's speech shouldn't be called "the deity, me, the god" and other messy titles. ?

However, the **** is projected as Xiaomei, so he speaks easily, which is a very reasonable explanation.

"The Xiaomei before that..." Li Yun asked a stupid question.

Xiaomei's contempt was naturally provoked, although he couldn't see it on his face.

"I am everything, and everything is me."

The voice of the **** Xiaomei became a little more majestic, echoing in this world: "I have become all things, and all things belong to me. The people you see, they are not only mortals, but also me!"

The mighty voice echoed in the world, and Smith knelt down piously and excitedly. This kind of power is really too strong!

Li Yun was speechless.

He had been looking for the anomaly in this world, but after finding it, he discovered that this little plum **** was just like the young girl and was inhumane.

"Ding, trigger the option event, please choose the host:

Choice 1: Kill the gods, kill Xiaomei in front of you, reward: a huge gift*1, note that this choice is extremely difficult.

Option 2: Silence, no reward.

Choice 3: Blasphemy, rewards supreme treasure bag*1, spiritual value +10 million, and no superior recovery pill*1. "

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