Godly Choice System Chapter 3457

Chapter 3457: Bones

"There is a saying." Li Yun smiled: "As long as we are not embarrassed, it is the other person who is embarrassed. I think it is also right to use it here.

As long as we don't show any flaws and are calm and composed, the one who is anxious is the other party! "

His confident appearance made Smith calm down quickly. Carefully, your Excellency Li Yun did have some truth in what he said. As long as they were calm, the hidden **** would definitely be anxious, otherwise he would not do something like this. It's coming.

"But you said it all!" Fan Linglong squinted at him.

The pair of masters and disciples, as well as the mother and daughter, now like to look at Li Yun like this, making him a little bit so.


Li Yun spread his hand, "I just showed our hole cards to prove that although we are poor, we will not make a fool of ourselves. This can save us all time. I really have to stay here for ten and a half months. , I can't stand it."

Li Yun had a strange feeling.

The gods here-for the time being called, seem to have a kind of evil taste, including resurrecting his grandfather, Zhao Apo and other birth women from the beginning, as well as restoring Zhao Apo's youth, and finding a welcoming team for Li Yun and knocking the gong Drumming and so on.

In the end, the villagers turned into such a scary appearance, which all showed that the gods behind them have been observing them, and they have always had a special evil taste, wanting to see Li Yun and several people make jokes.

In this way, the **** will let them go after he has had fun.

But Li Yun is not!

Therefore, he expressed his plans and plans, and let the **** who seems to be evil to show up as soon as possible!


Suddenly, the villagers turned into white bones. Almost in an instant, the flesh and blood villagers of Taohua Village who were still alive turned into white bones, and the bones were scattered on the ground.

In an instant, there were thousands of bones piled up on the village road opposite Li Yun.


Smith laughed instead, because he felt that the gods behind the scenes had nothing to do with them!

"Your Excellency Li Yun, you are really amazing!" Smith began to slap Li Yun's flattery.


Li Yun remained silent, his eyes scanned all around, and his spiritual thoughts covered a radius of one kilometer, covering almost half of the village.


Sage Fanqing did the same thing as Li Yun, and said after seeing the changes in the village.

"What? Die?" Smith still didn't understand her.

"The village is dead."

Li Yun stepped out of the house, Fan Linglong and Fan Qingsheng followed him on both sides, and the three of them walked into the white village road together.

"The village is dead? The villagers are dead? Could it be that I heard it wrong...ah, wait for me!"

Smith hurriedly followed. His Excellency Li Yun was next to him before. He didn't think there was anything, but as soon as the most calm His Excellency Li Yun left, he felt that there was a strange and cold horror atmosphere behind him and on the top of his head. Let him dare not stay alone for a while.

This place is too F*ck! F*ck!

After scolding several F*ck in a row, Smith hurriedly followed, walked in the village with His Excellency Li Yun, and observed the changes in the village again.

Smith quickly understood what Li Yun meant.

Taohua Village is indeed dead.

There is no wind or rain.

Everything fell into silence, and nothing changed.

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