My Super Black Technology Empire Chapter 671

Chapter 640:

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The origin is different from ordinary artificial intelligence. It is a super artificial intelligence that has surpassed this era. At least in the current era, there is no intelligent life comparable to it.

The human neuron control system can control machinery to the extent that the nerve controls the finger to move slightly.

At the same time, the neuron control system can perfectly simulate the way that human neurons transmit signals to achieve the ability to control a large mecha up to more than 80 meters.

It can be said that the humans who control the mecha in this way have truly reached the point of "comparing to gods with mortal bodies".

When standing in the cockpit and looking down at the many beings on the earth, the driver will feel for a moment that he is truly omnipotent.

But then they feel that they are omnipotent. They are also warriors who defend their homes and the country and the frontiers. Alien life dares to step into the territory and attempt to cause damage, so they must use their best to eliminate them all!

"Warriors, attack!"

The holographic projection images of the eight mecha pilots are presented in front of the world like a shock. This is an unprecedented battle.

In the past, people could only use weak artillery fire and tanks that were like cockroaches compared to their size to resist fiercely.

No one thought that Datang Technology could develop such a large-scale fighter armor.

The appearance of this kind of mecha looks not much different from the mecha in the movie "Pacific Rim". Although the outer shell is different, the core parts are basically the same.

"[New Year's Eve Action] begins! We will definitely fulfill our mission!"

After the eight soldiers left such a sentence in front of the holographic projection, they turned off the video and at the same time jumped from the Jade Emperor-class cosmic battleship.

The size of the battleship is very large, even if it is a large steel armor more than 80 meters high, compared with the Jade Emperor-class space battleship, it is only the ratio of humans to destroyers.

In the past few months, Datang Technology has been expanding and strengthening the Jade Emperor-class space battleship in order to install a new generation of ion engines.

At the same time, the Jade Emperor-class space battleship has also been equipped with a large number of weapons, making this battleship completely the pinnacle of the entire northern hemisphere. It will be the absolute overlord for air-to-sky battles, and even the destruction of enemies on the ground.

The eight large steel armors directly activated the ion engine at the bottom of the foot and the palm of the hand, dispersed in all directions, and completely disappeared into the night sky.

New Year's Eve is the last night of the end of the year.

The last day at the end of the year is called "Sai Chu", which means that the old year is removed from here, and the new year is changed. To eliminate means to remove; evening means night. "New Year's Eve" means New Years Eve, also known as New Years Eve, New Years Eve, New Years Eve, etc., which is the last night at the end of the year.

New Year's Eve is a day for ancestor worship, family reunion, Qingming Festival, July and a half, and Double Ninth Festival are traditional Chinese folk ancestor worship festivals.

New Years Eve is of special significance in the hearts of Chinese people. On the most important day at the end of the year, wanderers who wander no matter how far away must rush home to reunite with their families, bid farewell to the old year with the sound of firecrackers, and welcome the New Year with fireworks.

In fairy tales, there was a four-horned and four-legged beast in ancient times, Xi, who was short of food due to heavy snow in winter and often went to nearby villages to find food. Because of its huge body, bad temper, and fierceness, it brought it to the villagers. A great disaster has come.

At the end of the twelfth lunar month, people arrange their clothes to help the old and the young, and go to the nearby bamboo forest to escape the evening. Later, a clever boy taught everyone how to get rid of Xi, and his name was "Nian".

Because "Xi" did not die, so every year on the 30th lunar month, everyone is waiting for the broken bamboo festival, hoping to get rid of "Xi" as soon as possible.

But year after year, no one has seen "Xi" again. What is left are firecrackers and red cloth strips hung in front of the door to prevent the arrival of "Xi". However, it has left us with this legend and New Year. Customs: On the night of the Thirtieth Lunar New Year, everyone gathers together to have a New Years Eve dinner, watching the New Years Eve together and waiting for the bell to ring.

Set off firecrackers and stick door couplets. Wait till dawn to visit each other's neighbors to give greetings and blessings. On the morning of the first day of the new year, the villagers visited each other to see if the neighbors were injured and said some auspicious and kind words, hoping that the twelfth lunar month "Evening" of the coming year would not come.

This is a remote village on the southwest border. The traffic in the whole village is extremely blocked. Even now, it is only at a level that can be energized.

Even so, the hundreds of families in the village still have not given up their knowledge of the outside world. Now the economy is getting better year after year. Many villagers in the village who have gotten rich through poverty alleviation work have bought TVs, and more For those with more money, I replaced Nokia, which I dont know how many years old, and used a smart phone.

They are not so isolated from the outside world. Most of the villagers feel that the outside world is too far away, even if they go to Jiangcheng, which is broadcast every day on TV, to the place where Datang Technology is located. It takes a train for several days and nights.

Some villagers who have stayed in the mountains all their lives can realize that the windows of the outside world are the few TVs in the village.

Basically on the New Years Eve, everyone will finish the reunion dinner early, and finally gather at the homes of the villagers with TV sets to watch the Spring Festival Gala with joy and celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

However, the link was suddenly interrupted in the middle of the Spring Festival Gala. Instead, the news about the headquarters of Datang Technology being attacked was broadcast. At the same time, the whole army of Datang Technology Mecha Corps attacked and wiped out a large number of troops over Jiangcheng. Picture of pterodactyl.

It can be said that the villagers at the beginning even thought that the world was crazy.

In this world, UU reading www.uukanshu. How can com have monsters?

Those iron men flying around in the sky, obviously such a small one, can easily kill monsters of that size.

If there is such a robot to plow the fields for itself, at least there is no need to worry about getting rid of poverty and becoming rich.

The outside world is so far away, relying on their own feet, 90% of the people in the village will never get out of this mountain in their lifetime.

So everything outside is so hazy, but what's on the TV is so real.



Two kilometers away from the village, the earth began to vibrate slightly, and something seemed to have broken out of the ground.

After that, in the next few minutes, the magnitude of the shaking began to gradually increase. At the same time, the few villagers who did not go to watch TV could also hear what seemed to be a huge monster approaching the village in the distance.

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