I Am Really Not The Son Of Providence Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Full-Automatic Yin Yang Demon-Penetrating Gun

Shen Tian rode his Lotus Shooting Gun to White Lotus Mountain.

Currently, around 100 Foundation Establishment disciples were standing on White Lotus Mountain, their auras quite strong.

These disciples were the top 108 in the Divine Firnaments's Foundation Establishment list. They all had the qualifications to become true disciples of any other grotto-heavens and blessed-lands.

In the future, they could basically become Golden Core Perfected Ones.

Amongst them, those with slightly higher talent might even reach the Nascent Soul stage, becoming Supremacies.

Their talents were all better than Shen Tian's sixth brother, Shen Ao.

Don't think that this number was too smallone had to know that the Primordial Battlefield joint training occurred once every five years, and the disciples that had entered the trail last time had already broken through.

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